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A Non-Tailor's Guide to Getting Tailored Velious Armors

by Starcryst (Seventh Hammer)

For those non-tailors who are interested in Velious items, some advice - some of the components needed are relatively easy to get and others represent the real gating factor in getting that super item you want. Having 25 Tigeraptor hides doesn't help a tailor when the holdup is gathering 300 small pieces of velium (and buying the 200 coldain tempers at 27 pp each) for the 25 studded Tigeraptor hide cloaks you'd like attempted.

Here is a list of velious armors and the relative difficulties in acquiring components for them. If you are intent upon collecting components so that your local tailor can make attempts at a specific piece of armor, focus on getting the tough stuff first.

  1. Tigeraptor Armor: Tigeraptor Hides (easy), Drake Eggs (hard), Velium Studs(hard)
  2. Wyvern Hide: Wyvern Hides (easy), Codfish Oil (easy), Velium Studs (hard)
  3. Cobalt Drake Armor: Cobalt Drake Hides (hard), Drake Eggs (hard), Velium Boning (easy)
  4. Black Panther Armor: Panther Skins (easy), Yew Leaves (VERY hard), Velium Boning (easy)
  5. Haze Panther Armor: Haze Panther Skins (very hard), Yew Leaves (VERY hard), Velium Boning (easy)
  6. Othmir Fur Items: Othmir Fur (hard), Clear Vials of Mana (Easy), Silver Thread (Very Easy)
  7. Holgresh Fur Items: Holgresh Pelts (hard), Distilled Vials of Mana (hard), Gold Thread (easy)
  8. Velium Hound Items: Velium Hound Furs (hard), Purified mana (hard), Platinum Thread (easy - but expensive!)
  9. Ice Silk Armor: Ice Burrower Silk (very hard), Purified mana (hard), Platinum Thread (easy - but expensive!)

Velium Boning is easy because small velium bricks drop fairly frequently off of miners in Crystal Caverns and each brick makes one boning and requires only one coldain temper.

Velium Studs are hard because small velium pieces drop slightly less frequently than the bricks do and it take 6 pieces and four coldain tempers to make two studs. (They can only be made two at a time.) Therefore they are more than three times harder to acquire than boning and cost twice as much.

Othmir pelts should be easier to get, but few people choose to hunt the cute little fez wearing bipeds, seeing as they are the only merchants in Cobalt Scar and they give out nice quests to people friendly to them

If you focus on gathering, buying or stealing the hard components for your friendly high level tailor, they will be able to make more attempts at the armor you're after. If you collect the easy components, then you're just asking to have your bank, mule and friends characters all filled with hides for months while said tailor scrounges for the hard items they need to use your pelts...

More information on the spawn drops for the above items can be found here.

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