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A Brief Guide for Tradeskills in Torment of Velious

A Brief Guide for Tradeskills in Torment of Velious

The books for investigating the crafted items in this expansion are available in the Dwarf Village in Crystal Caverns. Specifically, they are found on Nala Gemheart who is on find, but is located at 387.03, 261.00, -398.50. Each book costs 104p9g9s8c and they cannot be scribed.

The available books are:

  • Angler's Guide to Fishing Where You Shouldn't Be
  • Baking and the art of Resteat(tm)
  • Bulwark of the Tundra
  • Cold Crocks
  • Eyesh Cold Drinksh
  • Frost Belts and How to Make Them
  • Happiness is a Warm Potion
  • Revenge and Cold Side Dishes
  • Shiny Cold Roks!
  • TitleGoesHere Making Jewelry
  • Velium Manipulation For Weapons of War

It appears that the approach to armor/gear is similar in this expansion as it was in The Burning Lands. You will craft a "faded" piece first that is a container and then combine in that "faded" piece either a Crystalized Velium Ore to make "group" gear OR Diamondized Velium Ore Nugget and Velium Powder to make "raid" gear.

There is one note I've gleaned from the Daybreak Formus thus far regarding some of the ToV gear - upgraded versions of Amice of Security, Fleet Earring and Fleet Ring were intentionally not included. The AC on all amices and all rings were raised per threads/posts in their forums.

To make the visible armor pieces, you will need to first craft the faded velium armor item:

Then, to craft "Velium Infused" items or group gear, you simply place an emblem for your class (sold on vendors), Velium Infusion Medium and Crystallized Velium Ore in the Faded Velium Armor piece to empower it.

Alternatively, to craft "Velium Empowered" items or raid gear, you simply place an emblem for your class, three Velium Powder, Velium Empowerment Medium and a Diamondized Velium Ore Nugget within this item to enhance it even further.

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