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***The entire Prices section of the site is no longer getting updated, and is rapidly getting further and further out of date. It is left here in case anyone might have a use for it, but is incomplete and often incorrect. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.***

This section is intended to be used for finding out how to meet your trade skill needs from the vendors for the least amount of platinum. It is not meant to become a reference to how much you might sell a player produced item for, although it might be used to figure the cost to make it, which might be a basis for a starting price.

Note that, throughout this section, prices are given at the rate given with best charisma and faction. To keep things simple, we ignore the rounding that is often revealed when buying things by the stack. For more about these details, see the About Merchant Pricing page. Also, we may occasionally list item prices for items that are never found in a vendor's standard stock, but are so often sold to vendors by players that it was felt the information was worth including (for instance, almost everything in the Spell Research page, or some of the drop-only gems).

In tables, to keep things short, prices will be given in platinum pieces in decimal form preceded by a dollar sign: $9.524 would mean 9pp 5gp 2sp 4cp.

In price lists for combines, all prices are listed in order of increasing trivial, and increasing cost, to make it easy to spot the good stuff to skill up on. Some recipes have been left out because the trivial isn't known precisely enough to include.

About Vendor Pricing

Tradeskill Prices by Trade Skill

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