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Cost of Fletching Arrows

This page is out of date, with no plans to update it. It is left here for reference, but lacks many good skillup options from more recent expansions.

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Costs listed are using best charisma and faction. They are listed in platinum pieces in decimal form with no currency symbol: 9.524 would mean 9pp 5gp 2sp 4cp.

YieldNameL NockM NockS Nock L Nock EaM Nock EaS Nock Ea
5CLASS 1 Wooden Field Arrows0.0200.0310.057 0.0040.0060.011
5CLASS 1 Wooden Hooked Arrows0.3300.3410.367 0.0660.0680.073
10CLASS 1 Wooden Silver Arrows4.0054.0164.042 0.4010.4020.404
5CLASS 1 Bone Field Arrows0.0940.1050.131 0.0190.0210.026
5CLASS 1 Bone Hooked Arrows0.4040.4150.441 0.0810.0830.088
10CLASS 1 Bone Silver Arrows4.0794.0904.116 0.4080.4090.412
5CLASS 1 Ceramic Field Arrows1.1701.1811.207 0.2340.2360.241
5CLASS 1 Ceramic Hooked Arrows1.4801.4911.517 0.2960.2980.303
10CLASS 1 Ceramic Silver Arrows5.1555.1665.192 0.5160.5170.519
5CLASS 1 Steel Field Arrows2.8502.8612.887 0.5700.5720.577
5CLASS 1 Steel Hooked Arrows3.1603.1713.197 0.6320.6340.639
10CLASS 1 Steel Silver Arrows6.8356.8466.872 0.6840.6850.687
5CLASS 2 Wooden Field Arrows0.0410.0520.078 0.0080.0100.016
5CLASS 2 Wooden Hooked Arrows0.3510.3620.388 0.0700.0720.078
10CLASS 2 Wooden Silver Arrows4.0264.0374.063 0.4030.4040.406
5CLASS 2 Bone Field Arrows0.1150.1260.152 0.0230.0250.030
5CLASS 2 Bone Hooked Arrows0.4250.4360.462 0.0850.0870.092
10CLASS 2 Bone Silver Arrows4.1004.1114.137 0.4100.4110.414
5CLASS 2 Ceramic Field Arrows1.1911.2021.228 0.2380.2400.246
5CLASS 2 Ceramic Hooked Arrows1.5011.5121.538 0.3000.3020.308
10CLASS 2 Ceramic Silver Arrows5.1765.1875.213 0.5180.5190.521
5CLASS 2 Steel Field Arrows2.8712.8822.908 0.5740.5760.582
5CLASS 2 Steel Hooked Arrows3.1813.1923.218 0.6360.6380.644
10CLASS 2 Steel Silver Arrows6.8566.8676.893 0.6860.6870.689
5CLASS 3 Wooden Field Arrows0.2040.2150.241 0.0410.0430.048
5CLASS 3 Wooden Hooked Arrows0.5140.5250.551 0.1030.1050.110
10CLASS 3 Wooden Silver Arrows4.1894.2004.226 0.4190.4200.423
5CLASS 3 Bone Field Arrows0.2780.2890.315 0.0560.0580.063
5CLASS 3 Bone Hooked Arrows0.5880.5990.625 0.1180.1200.125
10CLASS 3 Bone Silver Arrows4.2634.2744.300 0.4260.4270.430
5CLASS 3 Ceramic Field Arrows1.3541.3651.391 0.2710.2730.278
5CLASS 3 Ceramic Hooked Arrows1.6641.6751.701 0.3330.3350.340
10CLASS 3 Ceramic Silver Arrows5.3395.3505.376 0.5340.5350.538
5CLASS 3 Steel Field Arrows3.0343.0453.071 0.6070.6090.614
5CLASS 3 Steel Hooked Arrows3.3443.3553.381 0.6690.6710.676
10CLASS 3 Steel Silver Arrows7.0197.0307.056 0.7020.7030.706
5CLASS 4 Wooden Field Arrows0.6970.7080.734 0.1390.1420.147
5CLASS 4 Wooden Hooked Arrows1.0071.0181.044 0.2010.2040.209
10CLASS 4 Wooden Silver Arrows4.6824.6934.719 0.4680.4690.472
5CLASS 4 Bone Field Arrows0.7710.7820.808 0.1540.1560.162
5CLASS 4 Bone Hooked Arrows1.0811.0921.118 0.2160.2180.224
10CLASS 4 Bone Silver Arrows4.7564.7674.793 0.4760.4770.479
5CLASS 4 Ceramic Field Arrows1.8471.8581.884 0.3690.3720.377
5CLASS 4 Ceramic Hooked Arrows2.1572.1682.194 0.4310.4340.439
10CLASS 4 Ceramic Silver Arrows5.8325.8435.869 0.5830.5840.587
5CLASS 4 Steel Field Arrows3.5273.5383.564 0.7050.7080.713
5CLASS 4 Steel Hooked Arrows3.8373.8483.874 0.7670.7700.775
10CLASS 4 Steel Silver Arrows7.5127.5237.549 0.7510.7520.755
5CLASS 5 Wooden Field Arrows1.3801.3911.417 0.2760.2780.283
5CLASS 5 Wooden Hooked Arrows1.6901.7011.727 0.3380.3400.345
10CLASS 5 Wooden Silver Arrows5.3655.3765.402 0.5370.5380.540
5CLASS 5 Bone Field Arrows1.4541.4651.491 0.2910.2930.298
5CLASS 5 Bone Hooked Arrows1.7641.7751.801 0.3530.3550.360
10CLASS 5 Bone Silver Arrows5.4395.4505.476 0.5440.5450.548
5CLASS 5 Ceramic Field Arrows2.5302.5412.567 0.5060.5080.513
5CLASS 5 Ceramic Hooked Arrows2.8402.8512.877 0.5680.5700.575
10CLASS 5 Ceramic Silver Arrows6.5156.5266.552 0.6520.6530.655
5CLASS 5 Steel Field Arrows4.2104.2214.247 0.8420.8440.849
5CLASS 5 Steel Hooked Arrows4.5204.5314.557 0.9040.9060.911
10CLASS 5 Steel Silver Arrows8.1958.2068.232 0.8200.8210.823
5CLASS 6 Wooden Field Arrows2.7972.8082.834 0.5590.5620.567
5CLASS 6 Wooden Hooked Arrows3.1073.1183.144 0.6210.6240.629
10CLASS 6 Wooden Silver Arrows6.7826.7936.819 0.6780.6790.682
5CLASS 6 Bone Field Arrows2.8712.8822.908 0.5740.5760.582
5CLASS 6 Bone Hooked Arrows3.1813.1923.218 0.6360.6380.644
10CLASS 6 Bone Silver Arrows6.8566.8676.893 0.6860.6870.689
5CLASS 6 Ceramic Field Arrows3.9473.9583.984 0.7890.7920.797
5CLASS 6 Ceramic Hooked Arrows4.2574.2684.294 0.8510.8540.859
10CLASS 6 Ceramic Silver Arrows7.9327.9437.969 0.7930.7940.797
5CLASS 6 Steel Field Arrows5.6275.6385.664 1.1251.1281.133
5CLASS 6 Steel Hooked Arrows5.9375.9485.974 1.1871.1901.195
10CLASS 6 Steel Silver Arrows9.6129.6239.649 0.9610.9620.965
YieldLuclin ArrowsMin CostMax Cost Min Cost EaMax Cost Ea
10Condensed Shadow Acrylia Arrows0.25112.3660.0251.237
10Condensed Flame Acrylia Arrows0.25112.3660.0251.237
10Condensed Ice Acrylia Arrows0.25112.3660.0251.237
YieldDartsMin CostMax Cost Min Cost EaMax Cost Ea
5Fishbone Darts5.2535.2921.0511.058
5Whittled Fishbone Darts5.2535.3021.0511.060

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