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The Cannibal's Guide to People Part Drops

by Verdandi Snowblood

Well, they say you are what you eat. This is a list of folks belonging to playable races throughout Norrath and Luclin that drop parts you can either bake for a tasty treat, or alchemize into a potion granting you the ability to look like that race.

This is not a complete list of every single being who drops racial meat. With plenty of easy sources for most of them, I don't think anyone really wants to go after the guildmasters deep in their respective cities. Keep in mind that some of the named folk listed here are not necessarily up all the time. There are some inconsistencies in the name of the parts - some will be called meat, the rest will be called parts. If you find anything called "flesh" it will not work. (Chunks of ogre flesh and high elf flesh do not have any known use in tradeskills at this time.)

If you have corrections or know of additional drop locations, please report them in the General Forum. Please only report drops that you can personally confirm because not every creature of a given race will drop parts. For example, the halflings in Nektulos Forest do NOT drop halfling parts. Also, this list does not include brownie parts (or frost giant or siren, etc.) because they are not playable races. You can still discuss how to find them in the forums. Be sure to run a search first, as you're probably not the first person who wants to know.

As a last tip, just because they taste good or look appealing doesn't mean that they might not be good neighbors, right? So if you want to stay in the good graces of the race in question, it is important to be selective about which of their kin you pursue. You can often find rebels and bandits who have been outcast by their home city, or monsters in the area that prey upon that race. Sometimes you will even become better liked in their home city for having taken out these enemies. Likewise, if you have no desire to enter the city but would like to be able to associate freely with the outcasts, center your hunting efforts on the more respectable members of that race. I recommend considering the people in question before you attack. If they hate you while their brethren back home love you, or vice versa, chances are the folks back home won't get too upset to have them gone. Just remember that cities with larger and more, ah, ethically diverse populations may have more complex faction systems. And of course, don't forget to check vendors in the area of the creatures that drop the meat you want in case another hunter sold some. For example, vendors in East Karana almost always have some halfling parts off of the spiders, while wood elf vendors in Kelethin often have wood elf parts from the bandits nearby.

Barbarian Meat (alchemy)

  • Gigantic wooly spiders in Everfrost

Dark Elf Parts (alchemy, baking)

  • Dark elf casters in Najena
  • Kizdean Gix in West Commons
  • Dragoon Zytl in West Commons
  • Coerced dark elves in Dalnir
  • Dark elf pirates in Ocean of Tears
  • Tempus in Upper Guk
  • Giz Dintree in East Freeport
  • Lockjaw the crocodile in Oasis
  • Ambassador Dvinn in Crushbone
  • Dark elves in Befallen
  • Dark elves in Gunthak and Dulak

Dwarf Meat (alchemy, baking)

  • Butcherblock bandits
  • Crushbone dwarven slaves
  • Dwarven bandit in Highpass
  • Bunk Odun in Innothule Swamp
  • Coerced dwarves in Dalnir
  • Dwarves on Sister Island in Ocean of Tears
  • Dwarven pirate in Firiona Vie

Erudite Meat (alchemy)

  • Erudites in Gunthak and Togiran Mines

Froglok Meat (baking only - NO alchemy use)

  • Frogloks in Upper Guk

Gnome Parts (alchemy, baking)

  • Retlon Brenclog in Crushbone
  • Gnome gnecromancer camp in Rathe Mountains
  • Coerced gnomes in Dalnir
  • Gnome pirates in the Ocean of Tears
  • Lockjaw the crocodile in Oasis
  • Gnomes in their Solusek A fortress
  • Gnomish spelunker in Unrest
  • Gnomes in Befallen
  • Gnomes in Gunthak

Half Elf Meat (alchemy)

  • Half elves in Togiran Mines

Halfling Parts (alchemy, baking)

  • Carrion Spiders in East Karana
  • Halfling pirates in Ocean of Tears
  • Lockjaw the crocodile in Oasis

High Elf Parts (alchemy)
(not to be confused with high elf flesh, which cannot be used to make illusion potions)

  • High elf slaves in Crushbone

Human Parts (alchemy)

  • Human paladins in Innothule (still there?)
  • Human pirates in Ocean of Tears
  • Humans on shipwreck in Timorous Deep
  • Humans in Dulak, Togiran Mines and Gunthak

Iksar Meat (alchemy)

  • Iksar broken skull mercenaries in Dulak
  • Iksar windscorn buccaneers in Dulak

Ogre Meat (alchemy)
(not to be confused with chunks of ogre flesh, which cannot be used to make illusion potions)

  • Ogres in Dulak, Togiran Mines, and in the caves in Gunthak

Troll Parts (alchemy, baking)

  • Troll prisoners in Upper Guk
  • Rungupp in Toxxulia Forest
  • Lockjaw the crocodile in Oasis
  • Bugglegupp in Steamfont Mountains
  • Nerbilik in Ocean of Tears
  • Trolls in Dulak, Togiran Mines, and the caves in Gunthak

Vah Shir Meat (alchemy)

  • Firefall Saureks - Shadeweavers Thicket

Wood Elf Parts (alchemy, baking)

  • Wood Elf bandits in Greater and Lesser Faydarks
  • Wood Elf slaves in Crushbone
  • Rangers at station in Lesser Faydark
  • Wood Elves on Sister Island in Ocean of Tears
  • Lockjaw the crocodile in Oasis
  • Wood elves in Timorous Deep

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