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Basic Brewing Materials

by Niami DenMother (Tunare Server)

You're going to need to locate several things, before you try brewing.

First, you need recipes. While you could scramble around and buy the books that are available, and do various quests to find other recipes, we've made it a bit easier for you. You'll find we've collected what we can find into one spot on the EQTC brewing recipes page for you.

Then, you need a brew barrel. These can be found in pretty much every town. They are that odd things that look like a barrel with a hose leading from it to a white trashcan. Left click on it to open it up when you're ready to brew, but leave it alone until then, so others may use it. (Only one brewer can be brewing in the barrel at a time.)

For most recipes, you'll also need containers for the finished product. Casks, bottles and the like can usually be found in inns and taverns. Again, we've made it easy for you, and you'll find an EQTC brewing supplies listing by zone here on the site.

But wait, there's more. That's right - other ingredients. Some recipes will need ingredients that you can purchase at various shops in Norrath. Other recipes will require foraged goodies, or creature loot (rat ears, snake scales and other such yummy stuff).

Ok, you've located everything and are ready to try. Pop the proper amount of each ingredient into the brew barrel - don't forget to include any container needed AND remember to unstack all ingredients as they go into the barrel.

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