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Basic bowcraft information

by Kiatha Kittenpaw (Nameless server)

Each bow consists of:

  • Bow Staff (Hickory, Elm, Ashwood, Oak, Darkwood)
  • String (Hemp, Twine, Silk)


  • Tool (Whittling Knife or Planing Tool)
    - Whittling knives can only be used on Elm or better bows
    - Planing tools can only be used on Ashwood or better bows
    - Tools are returned to you on combine failure, but not on success.
  • One or more Bow Cams
    - One cam may be used on Oak or better bows
    - Two cams may be used on Darkwood bows

The base statistics on a Rough bow using hemp string of each type are:
Hickory: 10/50/50 (trivial ~35)
Elm: 13/51/75 (trivial ~80)
Ashwood: 16/58/100 (trivial 126)
Oak: 21/65/125 (trivial ~185)
Darkwood: 25/68/150 (trivial >202)

-Component effects-

Each possible component included is additional modifier to the bow, reducing
the damage and delay (but not affecting range, which is only determined by
which staff you use)

Hemp: -0 / -0
Twine: -1 / -4
Silk: -2 / -8
Strings do not seem to affect bow difficulty

Whittling Knife: -1 / -4
Planing Tool: -2 / -9
These seem to only affect bow difficulty on elm and ashwood bows
respectively; I believe it works similar to arrows in that the most
difficult staff/tool determines the difficulty of the combine attempt. So
making a shaped oak is no more difficult than making a rough oak. I haven't
fully tested this however, so I could be wrong.

Cams are -1 / -5
Cams give the best bonus but are also the most expensive and add
significantly to the difficulty of the bow. I recommend finding a tinker
you like and having them supply you with cams, as you can get them
significantly cheaper than store-bought in this way. These seem to always
add to bow difficulty, however, again, I haven't fully tested this.


A bow is named " Bow"

Tool types:
None: Rough
Whittling Knife: Carved
Planing Tool: Shaped

Staff types:
Hickory, Elm, Ashwood, Oak, Darkwood

Cam types:
None: Recurve
One: 1-Cam
Two: Compound

The string used has no effect on the bow name.


I find I usually am only able to sell the most damaging and the best bow of
each type--nobody seems to want one in between. These are listed here:

Hickory + Hemp: 10/50 range 50
Hickory is an exception in that nobody wants fast hickory; the ratio is
actually worse than the slower one. I usually keep a couple of these in the
bank to give away/sell cheap to newbies.

Elm + Hemp: 13/51 range 75
Elm + Silk + Whittling Knife: 10/39 range 75 - these sell well to people
looking to improve their archery skill as they are very fast and relatively
inexpensive. I usually keep 2-4 of these in the bank.

Ashwood + Hemp: 16/58 range 100 - these seem to be somewhat popular, and I
keep 2 in the bank on the chance someone wants one.
Ashwood + Silk + Planing Tool: 12/41 range 100

Oak + Hemp: 21/65 range 125
Oak + Silk + Planing Tool + Cam: 16/43 range 125

Darkwood + Hemp: 25/68 range 150
Darkwood + Silk + Planing Tool + Cam + Cam: 19/41 range 150

Kiatha Kittenpaw
Feir`Dal Ranger
The Nameless

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