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So you want to be a Master Smith

There are certainly lots of different ways that people choose to pursue mastering any particular tradeskill. It will depend upon many factors: the amount of time you have to farm materials, the amount of platinum you have at your disposal, how much you care about recovering your costs, whether you like to mine vendors, etc. If you're an independent sort, then simply using the quick trivial list and figuring out what you want to make might work for you. If you want to leverage the expertise of those who have come before you, then there has been much collaboration over in the forums and collectively we've put together several possible paths that you could possibly follow.

Two points that lead off pursuing mastery in any skill: take advantage of the freebie quests that will take you to 54 and get your tradeskill trophy immediately after completing those freebie tasks. The Beginner Trophies typically require fewer rare/uncommon components which makes them easy to complete. As long as you equip the trophy while you're doing combines to skill up, the trophy will evolve with you. You don't have to repeat the quest every time you reach a new skill level.

There are two places where one can take advantage of "freebie" quests. They were originally offered in Abysmal Sea, but new ones were introduced with Crescent Reach. I personally recommend that you pursue the freebie quests in Crescent Reach. They have a better mechanism in place than the versions in place in Abysmal Sea. The only exception is if you expect to be doing any smithing with materials from the Gates of Discord expansion (Aligned Ore and Shimmering Aligned Ore). If you do the "collect" version of the Absymal Sea task, you'll be able to turn the raw ore into bars on your own, if you don't, you'll always have to go to Abysmal Sea to have the NPC do the conversion for you.

Step ONE: do the Crescent Reach Smithing Freebie tasks. This will take you to 54 for free.

Step TWO: do the Beginner Smith Trophy Task

Step THREE: Pick your poison from the options below

Option 1: Hunt through the Quick Trivial List and decide for yourself what you might want to do.

Option 2: Ore barbs can get you to 282.

Trivial Finished Name
62 Thalium Barbs
112 Fulginate Barbs
184 Rhenium Barbs
222 Cobalt Barbs
242 Titanium Barbs
255 Tantalum Barbs
268 Vanadium Barbs
282 Osmium Barbs

Option 3: Chain glove templates (gloves only use one ore, have a higher trivial than bracers and chain stacks higher than plate)

Trivial Finished Name Coal Type
67 Silvril Chain Gloves Template Sulfurous Coal
92 Thalium Chain Gloves Template Brown Coal
127 Iridium Chain Gloves Template Nitrous Coal
160 Fulginate Chain Gloves Template Dull Black Coal
198 Rubicite Chain Gloves Template Brown Nitrous Coal
236 Indium Chain Gloves Template Dark Brown Coal
274 Rhenium Chain Gloves Template Black Nitrous Coal
312 Tungsten Chain Gloves Template Lustrous Black Coal
350 Cobalt Chain Gloves Template Toluene Coal
388 Titanium Chain Gloves Template Anthracite Coal
426 Tantalum Chain Gloves Template Bituminous Coal

Option 4: Cultural Armor (these require the completion of a task to get the pattern book)

Trivial Finished Name Ore Type
92 Simple Thalium
160 Ornate Fulginate
280 Intricate Rhenium
360 Elaborate Cobalt
440 Elegant Tantalum

Option 5: Cultural Augments (these require the completion of quests in order to get the pattern books)

Trivial Finished Name Ore Type
100 Blessed Thalium
170 Revered Fulginate
290 Sacred Rhenium
370 Eminent Cobalt
410 Exalted Titanium
450 Sublime Tantalum

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