A Brief Guide to The Darkened Sea Tradeskills

The Darkened Sea: Tradeskill Books

There appear to be many new books to help guide tradeskillers along the path of finding recipes for the new trade skilled wonders from The Darkened Sea. Below you'll find a summary of what's been discovered so far:

Books that can be/must be scribed to learn recipes:

In addition there is new cultural armor *see the "august" books above, seals, augments, weapons, non-visible, food, drink, etc.

The new tradeskill ingredients so far seem to be:

Raid Auguments for Cultural Armor

One very notable item for RAIDERS: to make the cultural raid seals, AoAAs appear no longer to be needed. They are an OPTION to make the raid seals, but apparently raid seals can also just be made in a KILN with a trivial of 15.

So it would appear that any of us that were still making AoAAs or Mechanoinstructions for profit have lost this avenue for the TDS Raid Augs. The AoAAs do still appear to be required for lower raid augs.

Make Poison

With regard to Make Poison: Based on the recipes available in Peaceful Seas, and no apparent drops for things like caladium, privit, etc., it does not appear that as of now they've added a level XIX for the poisons (or for the alchemy potions either). Maybe this will get added later?

Turn your discoveries into the Database Update Forum and I'll get them added! Thanks!

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