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Baking is the art of creating food and some of that food may be enhanced with statistics to contribute to the base stats of your character. While baking, you will need to use one of several different kinds of trade skill containers. In addition to different containers, baking also has the largest number of different implements that sometimes need to also be included in the recipe. These implements are usually returned upon success or failure, so you likely only need one of them if you're using a recipe that calls for them.

Containers Implements
The easiest way to get started in baking is to pick one of the beginner tradeskill quests in either Crescent Reach or Abymsal Sea. The Crescent Reach quests are easier to complete, but the Absymal Sea freebies offer some variety. There is a secondary path in the Abysmal Sea that will also allow you to learn how to refine Taelosian Wheat and Taelosian Mountain Wheat from the Gates of Discord expansion should you want to acquire those skills just in case you might want them at some point in the future.

Any of these quests will get you to a basic skill level of 54.

Once you’ve completed one of the freebies, you should immediately take the time to complete the Beginner Baking Trophy quest with Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs in West Freeport. She offers a series of Trophy quests for each tradeskill. Which one you're given depends on what your level your skill is at the time you request the task. The lower your skill level when you request the task, the easier the task is to complete. If you wait until your skill is higher before you request the task, you’re going to have to farm rarer, dropped ingredients. If you just get the trophy at the beginner level, the ingredients are very easy to acquire.

From this point, how you choose to get from 54 to 300 with a fully evolved trophy can take several paths. There have been many users over the years that have published some really great guides. These guides live in the EQ Traders Forums. All of them are good options. Be advised that after about 200, all paths will be dependent on drops, foraging or ground spawns. Start collecting your ingredients early.

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