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Learn Brewing 2.0

Brewing has evolved over the years to include some very nice drinks that contain more stats than ever before or provide an interesting effect to incorporate into your gameplay strategies. If you are interested in taking up the trade skill of brewing, it is best to start your journey with one of the freebie quests offered to get your base skill to 54. Unless you have a burning desire to learn how to refine Taelosian Tea Leaves or Taelosian Mountain Tea Leaves into the Gates of Discord ingredients that are specific to the Gates of Discord era recipes, we suggest that you choose the Crescent Reach freebie as it is the easiest.

Once you've achieved a base skill of 54 from one of the above quests, you should check out the Brewing Trophy Quests offered by Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs in West Freeport. The earlier you start one of her quests, the easier they are to complete!

From this point, the path you choose to get from 54 to 300 with a fully evolved trophy can take several paths. Check out the great guides produced by users over the years. Even though some of them look a little "old", they are still very viable paths to mastery. These guides can be found in the EQ Traders Forums.

I personally always look for economical ways to raise my skills and evolve my trophies. With brewing, that means I park a character at the mushroom farm in Kaladim and spend a while picking up the fungus in order to make Kaladim Constitutional for a very long time.

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