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Alchemy: A Guide to Mastery

Though there are many paths to mastering any skill and you are always free to choose whichever recipes make the most sense for you and the ingredients you can obtain or afford, many of the tradeskillers over the years have collaborated to provide a suggested path to mastery for those who seek guidance.

Skill Level Suggested Recipe Cost per attempt Comments
0 - 54 Freebie Quest 0 pp Crescent Reach or Absymal Sea
55 - 106 Distillate of Skinspikes IV 1.832 pp Usable or sellable in bazaar
107 - 142 Distillate of Skinspikes V 2.619 pp Usable or sellable in bazaar
143 - 178 Distillate of Skinspikes VI 4.457 pp Usable or sellable in bazaar
179 - 210 Philter of the Wolf V 6.819 pp Usable or sellable in bazaar
211 - 228 Basic Suspension of Slime VII 2.108 pp Requires Pottery Subcombines
229 - 231 Formed Suspension of Slime VII 2.955 pp Requires Pottery Subcombines
232+ From this point, you're farming. Varies See Below

Below are ingredients that can either be farmed in a fairly localized zone or are common drops across many zones and/or can be found on vendors if you're into vendor diving.

Skill Level Ingredient Comments
250 Hearty Goblin Blood Temple of Droga/Mines of Nurga
255 Red Cups DoN Zones: dropped and forage
302 Deepwater Ink Siren's Grotto, Kedge Keep and Plane of Water
348 Nodding Blue Lily Old Sebilis and Crypt of Decay
386 Versluierd Fungus Common drop across many zones and commonly on vendors
388 Lucidem Common drop across many zones and commonly on vendors
426 Sunshard Powder Common drop across many zones and commonly on vendors
428 Curzon Common drop across many zones and commonly on vendors
466 Aderirse Bur Common drop across many zones and commonly on vendors
468 Urticaceae Common drop across many zones and commonly on vendors
500+ Chronal Resonance Dust Seeds of Destruction Zones: Dropped and Foraged and ocassionally found on vendors
500+ Dream Dust House of Thule Zones: Dropped and Foraged

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