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  • Trivial listings, new recipes, additions, corrections - please post them to the message boards. This way others can see the information while it's waiting to be added to the web pages, and I don't get email-spammed with several copies of the same information. ;)
  • Tradeskill guides: Yes, we need them, especially for smithing. However, we're having problems getting a mailbox set up. Please post to the message boards, and the DenMom will get back to you with contact information.
  • Locations for trade materials in each city and zone: If your favorite merchant is missing from the Trade Supplies list, or they've started offering a trade skill item for sale that's not on the list, please post merchant information to the message boards. Make sure that you a) are looking in the proper zone listing before you say they are missing (for example a merchant in East Commons is listed in the East Commons listing, not in Freeport), b) you mention in the post the zone name, merchant name, location, and item sold. Vague "someone in WK is selling some fishing stuff" means a lot of extra work by others, chasing needles in haystacks. Additionally, we're looking to add locations to vendors on the trade supplies listings, so if you want to adopt a zone and get data on the vendors with no locs, please post your findings to the message boards.
  • Merchants wanted! You want to make money, I want to help you hook up with players who need your goods. If you've got tradeskill items to sell, or a skill to offer (i.e., wedding services, weapon sharpening, guide services) go to the Marketplace forums on the message boards with your ad. Please be sure to post under the proper server forum and include all important information, specifically what you are offering (i.e., not just "I'm a tailor", but what types of tailored items you can/will make), and your in-game name. And if you wish, include your contact information in the post. Make sure you are NOT selling phat l00t, selling/trading accounts, etc. The Marketplace is for tradeskills only, please.

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