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This is one of several tradeskill quests originating in Abysmal Sea. For general information on these quests, please see the main Gates of Discord Quests writeup.

The completion of this quest allows you to progress to a fletching skill as high as 54 without spending any money. Each step requires that you hand in enough completed items to progress to the next step. When you complete step four, you will be taught how to process chunks of taelosian rock and chunks of discordian rock into useful ingredients for other recipes.

This version of the GoD fletching conversion quest does not require you to provide anything. If you would prefer to provide chunks of taelosian rock and/or chunks of discordian rock in exchange for doing a lot less combines per step, try the Fletching Collect quest.

You start with Imildu Woodstreak, a fletching vendor. As you begin the first step, he will also give you a book containing instructions on making some other Gates of Discord recipes.

Quick Summary:
NPC: Imildu Woodstreak in Abysmal Sea @ -99, 242, 98
Uses: any standard kit for fletching (Bansama offers the vendor-bought Fletching Kit)
Book: The Beauty of a Simple Stone
Step 1: Wayfarer Arrow (trivial 31)
Step 2: Wayfarer Bow (trivial 38)
Step 3: Wayfarer Bowstave (trivial 46)
Step 4: Wayfarer Arrowhead (trivial 54)

You say, 'Hail, Imildu Woodstreak'

Imildu Woodstreak says 'Welcome Niami, Tunare smiles upon us all. I don't want to impose, I know that we are all very busy, but if you have the time and inclination, I could use your help finishing some [tasks] that have been overwhelming me.'

You say, 'what tasks?'

Imildu Woodstreak says 'As you may know, many of our scouts have been lost. That has not kept us from trying to explore, but to do so we need supplies. We also must keep those that stay behind stocked with weapons to use in our defense. This has kept me in here working on those supplies and has prevented me from getting out to see the new lands. A dwarf brought me back some strange stone from Taelosia and it's made me want to go out and explore with all my heart. The stone has magical properties too. If treated properly, it can be used much like flint to make some of the sharpest arrowheads I've ever come across. If you could [aid] me with some of the simple tasks, I might be able to do more work with the [Taelosian Stone].'

You say, 'what taelosian stone?'

Imildu Woodstreak says 'Truly unusual material. I suspect that there has been some long-term unnatural stress on it. If handled one way, it can be ground to powder relatively easily, but with some clever manipulation it can be sheared to make very fine edges. It also seems to hold some magical potential, though. I just haven't had time to explore that possibility. If you come across a Chunk of Taelosian Rock, please bring it to me. I'll treat it for you at the cost of keeping a small portion of the treated stone for myself.'

STEP ONE: Wayfarer Arrow

You say, 'what aid?'

Imildu Woodstreak nods to you. 'You are as welcome here as a shade tree in the Desert of Ro, friend. I and others have created the components needed to make arrows for the Wayfarers. I would be grateful if you could do the final assembly for me. Just take a Wayfarer Arrowhead, a Wayfarer Shaft, and a Wayfarer Fletching and combine them in your fletching kit. There are many chores that need to be completed. If you assist me with them, I might be willing to share with you the secret for treating the Chunks of Taelosian Rock to create the useful Taelosian Stones. When you have those arrows finished, please bring the right back to me and I will make certain that they get to those that need them.'

Imildu gives you enough materials to make 20 Wayfarer Arrows. Combine them in a fletching kit and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 100 Wayfarers Arrows, when he will move to step two.

STEP TWO: Wayfarer Bow

You say, 'what aid?'

Imildu Woodstreak says 'Hail, traveler. Thank you for taking the time to help me. I have several bow staves and strings that need to be assembled. A simple enough task, but time consuming. All you need to do is place the Wayfarer Bow Staff and the Wayfarer Bow String into your fletching hit and combine them. These bows will be needed soon, so please bring them directly to me when you have them assembled.'

Imildu gives you enough materials to make 20 Wayfarer Bows. Combine them in a fletching kit and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 100 Wayfarers Bows, when he will move to step three.

STEP THREE: Wayfarer Bowstave

You say, 'what aid?'

Imildu Woodstreak says 'Like warm fire on a chill northern eve, you are welcome. We have run low on bow staves. New wood has been hard to find, but we have several staves that can be repaired with some careful work. Place a Scavenged Bow Staff and a Wayfarer Honing Stone into your fletching kit and combine them. The stones are not of the best quality, and will be worthless by the time you fix a single staff, but stone is not difficult to find. When you have repaired the staves, bring them to me so I can get someone to assemble them into bows for use.'

Imildu gives you enough materials to make 20 Wayfarer Bow Staffs. Combine them in a fletching kit and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 100 Wayfarer Bow Staffs, when he will move to step four.

STEP FOUR: Wayfarer Arrowhead

You say, 'what aid?'

Imildu Woodstreak smiles at you. 'You are the stars on a clear night. I am grateful to you for your assistance. We have several ill-prepared or damaged arrowheads that we would like to repair and put into service. All resources must be watched carefully. Please take a Salvaged Arrowhead and a Wayfarer Honing Stone and combine them in your fletching kit. Some of these are badly damaged, but I think you have the skill to repair them. Bring them to me when you are done.'

Imildu gives you enough materials to make 20 Wayfarer Arrowheads. Combine them in a fletching kit and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 100 Wayfarer Arrowheads.

You say, 'what aid?'

Imildu Woodstreak beams a bright smile at you, one that softens his usually dour face dramatically. 'May Tunare bless you, friend. I can no longer keep you here. Certainly you too wish to get back out under the sun and see the new land. Your help has allowed me much freedom, and for that I thank you. Look at this compound. Using it when you work with the Chunks of Taelosian Rock and the Chunks of Discordian Rock will allow you to work them into the shapes you desire.' The smell of the liquid leads you to understand what he has given you. You will be able to incorporate that material into all of your fletching kits and work with this new stone easily. In fact, you believe that in time you can improve on the compound and get better results.

You now have the ability to turn Chunk of Taelosian Rock into Taelosian Stone, as well as Chunk of Discordian Rock into Discord Stone. For more information on the conversion process see the Gates of Discord Progressive Quests writeup.

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