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This is one of several tradeskill quests originating in Abysmal Sea. For general information on these quests, please see the Gates of Discord Progressive Quests description.

The completion of this quest will allow you to progress to make poison skill 54, without spending any money. It will also allow you to learn how to process muramite bile. Please note, however, that there are currently no recipes that use the muramite bile, so the main goal of this quest is to gain skillups to skill 54

You must speak with poisonmaking vendor Uiyaniv Tu'Vrozix, in the hold of the Queen of Thorns.

This version of the GoD poison make poison conversion quest does not require you to provide anything. If you would prefer to provide muramite blood and/or muramite bile sacks in exchange for doing a lot less combines per step, try the XXX CollectMake Poison Collect quest.

Quick Summary:
NPC: Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix in Abysmal Sea @ -190, 227, 98, in the hold
Uses: any standard mortar and pestle for poison making (Uiyaniv offers the vendor-bought Mortar And Pestle)
Step 1: Simple Universal Suspension (trivial 31)
Step 2: Simple Solvent (trivial 38)
Step 3: Simple Contact Poison (trivial 46)
Step 4: Simple Injected Poison (trivial 54)

You say, 'Hail, Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix'

Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix says 'Hello,' Uiyaniv drawls as he appraises you. 'You may be of use to me. If you are wise enough to handle a few simple tasks, you will free me up to do more important things. Are you [willing] in making yourself useful?''

You say, 'I am willing'

Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix nods. 'Good start. Being useful is a good talent to cultivate. I am busy working on some interesting uses for the blood of the creatures they have dubbed Muramites. You can please me by doing some of the bothersome tasks that I have been given so that I can apply my talents to this research. Do you want to make yourself [useful] so that I can study the [Muramite blood]?'

You say, 'muramite blood?'

Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix says 'I've never seen one of these Muramites, but I've seen samples of their blood -- though calling it blood somewhat extends the usual meaning of that word. There is little resemblance to our blood and and it certainly interacts with it in a very negative way. It's almost like these creatures are antithetical to us. Maybe that's a little extreme, but their blood carries things in it that are first-class poisons to us. The stuff is a little difficult to work with and will certainly make you break out in a rash if you spill it on yourself. The issue is that the blood spoils easily and must be treated properly. I've figured out how to work with it. If you bring me a sample of Muramite blood, I'll distill if for you into something useful and keep a bit of it for my own use.'

STEP ONE: Simple Universal Suspension

You say, 'useful?'

Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix says 'Tolerable. At least you are willing to try to prove yourself. Here is what I propose. I will have you complete many tedious and -- if I can manage it -- painful tasks. The result will mean that I have more free time to work on my own projects. In exchange, if you work hard enough, I will teach you the secret for distillation of the Muramite blood. Don't expect this to happen quickly. Your first task will be to create some simple universal suspension. Just take the simple thickener and a vial of Abysmal Sea water and combine them in you mortar and pestle. Return the suspension to me when you are done.'

He will hand you a stack of each of the needed supplies, for you to combine in your mortar and pestle. Combine, hand the completed suspension to him, and make yourself "useful" again. Once you have handed him 100 completed suspensions, he will continue on to step two.

STEP TWO: Simple Solvent

You say, 'useful?'

Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix looks you over with a critical glance, 'I have plenty for you to do. We need some solvent. We use a lot of it around here. Just put one ounce of mild acid and a vial of Abysmal Sea water into you mortar and pestle and mix them. Go do that and leave me to my work. Only come back to give me the solvent.'

This is a repeat of step one, only with new ingredients and a new result. Once you've given him 100 completed solvent, he'll progress on to step three.

STEP THREE: Simple Contact Poison

You say, 'useful?'

Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix says 'You are skilled enough to do something more challenging. We have some need of simple poison, though I cannot tell you exactly why. Just take a vial of simple suspension and one ounce of weak spider venom and combine them in your mortar and pestle. Bring me the resultant poison and you will earn a little more respect.'

This is a repeat of step one, only with new ingredients and a new result. Once you've given him 100 completed poison, he'll progress on to step four.

STEP FOUR: Simple Injected Poison

You say, 'useful?'

Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix says 'Good. Now, get to work making some injected poison for me. It's not hard to do. Just take a vial of simple solvent and an ounce of weak snake venom and combine them in your mortar and pestle. Bring me the poison when you are done.'

This is a repeat of step one, only with new ingredients and a new result. Once you've given him 100 completed injected poison, he'll teach you how to process the muramite blood.


You say, 'useful?'

Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix smiles and nods to you. 'You have proven your worth. You need do no more tasks for us. You have done enough and your skills will be more useful elsewhere. Here is the secret we promised you.' Uiyaniv retrieves a thin piece of paper from his pocket. He tells you that it is a bit of the filter that he uses for distilling Muramite blood. He waves it suddenly under your nose. You can't help but flinch at the stench, which causes him to chuckle. You recognize the smell and are able to figure out exactly what he uses to distill the poison from the blood. Figuring out the process is easy now. You also know that you can teach yourself a more effective process with enough practice. Uiyaniv then continues, 'The same method will work for the material we have been calling Muramite bile, though that probably has less in common with what we know as bile.'

As mentioned above, there's no real use for the muramite blood or muramite bile at this time.

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