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Reinforced Jeweler`s Kit

The pale and shimmering nihilite that have been discovered in the Gates of Discord expansion are wonderful, magical, and very molten materials. Apparently, you're going to need to reinforce your old jeweller's kit a bit before you can work with these wonderful new materials.

Never fear, however, for jewelcraft merchant Rilwind Sitnai has come up with a way to work with it!

You say, 'Hail, Rilwind Sitnai'

Rilwind Sitnai says 'Greetings. We are busy here, and I have little time for pleasantries. I can sell you supplies, if you have need. I can even help you fix up that old Jeweler's [Kit] of yours. Or perhaps you are here to [assist] me with my work?'

You say, 'What kit?'

Rilwind Sitnai says 'Ah, well, we've been working on improving our ability to work with liquid precious metals. To do that, we've had to improve our kits. We've made them a bit larger, and added some reinforcements to help them resist the heat. I can make one for you, just find a turepta shell and two shimmering steel threads and hand them to me along with your Jeweler's Kit and I'll make you a new one.'

Items Needed for the quest:

The shimmering steel threads are found on the tailoring vendors in Abysmal Sea. The turepta shell is apparently a drop off the turepta in Natimbi. Hand the threads (unstacked), a turepta shell and a jeweller's kit to Rilwind to receive your very own Reinforced Jeweler's Kit.

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