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This is one of several new tradeskill quests originating in Abysmal Sea. For general information on these quests, please see the Gates of Discord Progressive Quests description.

The completion of this quest will allow you to progress to tailoring skill 54, without spending any money. It will also allow you to learn how to process muramite and aged muramite scales into their etched versions. These etched scales are then needed in many new tailoring recipes.

Speak with Tonlyei Lyhin, one of the tailoring vendors on the Queen of Thorns, to begin this quest.

Each step in her four-step quest requires that you give her 100 of a specific item that you will make in a sewing kit or loom, using materials that she provides for you. Continue looping the proper trigger text, combines and hand-ins until you have given her 400 completed items (100 for each step), and she will teach you the process by which you can convert muramite and aged muramite scales into etched muramite and etched aged muramite scales. These scales are needed for several new tailoring recipes.

Quick Summary:
NPC: Tonlyei Lyhin in Abysmal Sea @ 39, 146, 114
Used: Large Sewing Kit, or Loom
Level 1: Simple Belt (trivial 31)
Level 2: Simple Socks (trivial 38)
Level 3: Simple Pants (trivial 46)
Level 4: Simple Shirt (trivial 54)

Note: various types of sewing kits/looms should be useable for these combines. In fact a Stitching Pack has been used successfully.

STEP ONE: Simple Belt

You say, 'Hail, Tonlyei Lyhin'

Tonlyei Lyhin says 'Greetings, Malathos. I hope this day finds you well. For us, as for many aboard, things are hectic. There are many people in need of new clothing or armor among the Wayfarers, and it is our pleasure to provide them. There are other tasks that we would like to attend to. I have received several samples of skin from the Muramites, and I believe that it can be used in many interesting applications. I would like to work with it if only I had [time].'

You say, 'i have the time'

Tonlyei Lyhin says 'Time is precious for me. I wonder, would you be able to aid me by tackling some of my [chores] while I spend some time working with the [Muramite etched scales]?'

You say, 'i will tackle your chores'

Tonlyei Lyhin says 'Very well then. I appreciate your assistance. I have long suspected that certain Wayfarers have been selling their clothing for drink and that is why they need replacements so frequently. Regardless of the reason, there are several simple items that I need to keep in abundant supply. If you can find the time to help us keep up with those supplies, I would be willing to teach you the method we have discovered for making useful leather out of the scales of those Muramites. There will be a lot of work for you as I won't be handing out this secret easily, but if you think the reward is worth the effort, then let's begin by having you make some simple belts for us. These are not complicated, nor are they meant to last, as there seems to be no point in making durable items for these scallywags. Just take a yard of this cloth and a pattern and place them into your sewing kit and combine them. Please return the belts to me as quickly as you can.'

As with the rest of this group of quests on the ship, you must create 100 combines and return them - unstacked, in batches of four at a time. You can't stockpile the materials as the NPC will refuse to give you any more work until you've finished your last batch and handed the completed items back.

STEP TWO: Simple Socks

You say, 'what chores'

Tonlyei Lyhin smiles and nods approvingly 'Welcome back. Again, I thank you for your efforts. I suppose it wouldn't shock you to know that my fellow Wayfarers use up a large number of socks every day. Many of them refuse to wear shoes as they traipse about the ship. Others just lose them. I suspect that some of the less reputable folks have been using them to filter tea! So, I have resorted to making a large volume of, well, lesser quality socks to give out to those that seem to require replacements more often than others. I would be grateful if you could create a good number of pairs for me to bolster my supplies. These are easy to make. Just take a yard of this cloth and a pattern and combine them in your sewing kit. Bring the socks to me when you are done. Thank you.'

Same as before, process another 100 combines.

STEP THREE: Simple Pants

You say, 'what chores'

Tonlyei Lyhin says 'Greetings to you, Malathos. It appears that our supply of pants has run low again. These are just simple cloth pants meant to be worn around the ship, not to protect anyone from harsh weather or sword cuts. This fabric starts off rough, but when washed it actually becomes rather soft. Sure, it's not silk, and you won't catch me wearing it, but for most that venture about this ship it is more than adequate for their needs. Just take a yard of cloth and a pattern and combine them in your sewing kit. Please bring the pants to me when you are done so that I can get a pair onto one of the halflings, as he is wont to run about without any.'

Again, combine and turn in the 100 sets.

STEP FOUR: Simple Shirt

You say, 'what chores'

Tonlyei Lyhin says 'Wonderful! I must say your enthusiasm has brightened my day. I like to keep a good supply of shirts available for those that need replacements and for use by those that wear heavy armor as undershirts. These do not need to be of the best quality, but they need to be well made. I think you can produce a more than adequate shirt. Take a yard of cloth and a shirt pattern and combine them in your sewing kit. When you have the finished shirts, bring them to me.'

Combine this last batch of 100 and turn 'em in.

You say, 'what chores'

Tonlyei Lyhin smiles and clasps your hand for a moment. 'You have been of such great assistance to us that I can no longer ask you to spend your days working for us. I thank you. Please, allow me to show you the secret to preparing Muramite etched scales. This method will work on the younger and aged scales.' Tonlyei opens her sewing kit and shows you the contents. The kit is old, the tools you see there have been handed down by generations in her family. She points to a clearly marked bottle of liquid, a common substance that you might not have thought to use when working with this material. She explains that if you use it liberally when working with the Muramite scales it will reduce the brittleness that tends to develop over time, and makes it possible to work with them. You know that you can use this method, and you even suspect that you will be able to improve on it if you work with the scales for a while. Tonlyei bows slightly to you 'May Prexus guard the waters of your life, Malathos.'

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