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This is one of several new tradeskill quests originating in Abysmal Sea. For general information on these quests, please see the Gates of Discord Progressive Quests description.

The completion of this quest will allow you to progress to tinkering skill 54 (provided that you meet the level requirements. It will also allow you to learn how to process raw dark matter and raw infused dark matter, so that they can be used in the new GoD tinkering recipes.

Quick Summary:
NPC: Skelontorim Orrthemech in Abysmal Sea @ -211, 71, 98, in the hold
Uses: Collapsible Toolbox, Deluxe Toolbox, or Toolbox
Step 1: Simple Spring (trivial 31)
Step 2: Simple Pulley (trivial 38)
Step 3: Simple Animated Lure (trivial 46)
Step 4: Simple Bow Cam (trivial 54)

You say, 'Hail, Skelontorim Orrthemech'

Skelontorim Orrthemech says ''Hail, ____! I can't believe that we've come this far! I've never been much of a traveler, but I'm glad I took these Wayfarers up on their offer to join, even though that means I have to travel on this leaky wooden contraption. I've been teaching these mechanically ignorant folks something about how things should be done. I have to say, they've taken to it well. When they find something useful they use it. So now we're swamped with requests. I could sure use a good [gnome] to lend a hand here.''

You say, 'I am a gnome'

Skelontorim Orrthemech says ''Well, with all the items I need to make, I haven't any time to delve into the properties of this [new matter] that they've brought me. If I could just find someone to [lend a hand] around here . . .' Skelontorim peers at you, then around you, seemingly searching about for someone with hands to lend him.'

You say, 'what new matter'

Skelontorim Orrthemech says ''Ah! Fascinating stuff. Blacker than night, it is. Heavy, too. I've taken to calling it dark matter, though Tial is of a mind to call it Tialonium.' Skelontorim chuckles. 'In any case, it's surprisingly fragile and must be handled carefully. It seems as though it reacts to contact very poorly. It has to be tempered and refined before it is of any use. But with the proper tuning, as I call it, dark matter is an extremely powerful energy source. Unfortunately, it's also unstable. I'm very sure that I can put it to better use eventually. If you find any raw dark matter, bring it to me and I'll treat it for you. I'll keep a little for my research, but I'll give you most of it back.''

Ignore the comments about dark matter for the moment, and proceed to step one.

STEP ONE: Simple Spring

You say, 'I will lend a hand'

Skelontorim Orrthemech says ''Great! I'm almost ashamed to ask you to do such a menial task, but we are in desperate need of springs. Nothing fancy, just small, tight springs of the sort that many gnomes learn to make before they are out of their cradle. Just take this wire and you should have new springs for me in no time. Bring them right to me.' Skelontorim pauses, then speaks again. 'I don't imagine you should go unrewarded for your efforts. If you help me enough, I can teach you the secret for treating dark matter. That's a pretty important secret, so you'll have to do a lot of work, but I think it's well worth it!''

He will give you a stack of 20 wire, each of which has to be combined, by itself, in a toolbox. Hand him the finished springs, tell him "I will lend a hand" again, and continue to loop until you have handed him 100 springs, after which, he will proceed to step two.

STEP TWO: Simple Pulley

You say, 'lend a hand'

Skelontorim Orrthemech says ''Aha! Just in time. I've got some work to do and I need, well, I need a lot of pulleys. You probably shouldn't ask what I need them for, it's a rather long story involving a cat and a wedding ring. Let's just say that I need some pulleys. These should be simple, you'll only need one of each of the items I've given you. Your toolbox, while in need of some repair, should be more than good enough to do the work.''

This is a repeat of step one, only with new ingredients, and a new item made. Continue to help him until you have handed him 100 completed pulleys, at which point he will progress to step three.

STEP THREE: Simple Animated Lure

You say, 'lend a hand'

Skelontorim Orrthemech says 'Hello. I've got just the thing. As you may have noticed, we live mostly off of fish here. I noticed that our fishermen are using simple, boring lures. I'd like to get together a stock of my personal lures for them, but I just don't have time. If you could make some simple animated lures, I can at least upgrade their tools and improve their production. Not as well as using my special lures, but with all this work, what can we do? I apologize for the quality of the parts, I have to take what I can find here and even if that's used wine corks, then that's what I have to use. Bring the lures to me when you have them finished.

This is a repeat of step one, only with new ingredients, and a new item made. Continue to help him until you have handed him 100 completed lures, at which point he will progress to step four.

STEP FOUR: Simple Bow Cam

You say, 'lend a hand'

Skelontorim Orrthemech smiles widely, 'Fantastic! I am trying to provide some more useful tools for our scouts, namely bows. If you could crank out some simple bow cams for me, I'd be grateful. I like to send folks into battle with the best gear, and those plain wooden bows don't have the punch that they should. With a few simple additions and can give them some serious kick! So hurry back to me with those cams.'

This is a repeat of step one, only with new ingredients, and a new item made. Continue to help him until you have handed him 100 completed bow cams, at which point he will inform you how to process the raw dark matter.

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