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Kutin's Key

If you spend some time fishing in the Abysmal Sea you will eventually catch an item called Kutin's Key. It is No Drop but is not lore. You can take this key to Kutin Pyskar inside the building at the top level of the boat, at -60, -50. He is inside the room on the right before the stairs.

When you give him the key:

Kutin Pyskar says, 'You found my key! Where was it? Now how did it get there? No matter, you have returned it.'

Kutin opens the chest with the key you just found for him. 'Take this. I found it while adventurin' somewhere. It isn't much, but take it as a reward for findin' my key.'

Kutin will hand you a no drop Potion of Transfiguration, with one charge of Illusion: Troll. You also receive experience, although it has been described as neglible at level 51.

Fisherpersons with high skill report that this is a fairly common item, perhaps 1 in 20 casts or so. Those with skill under 100 or 150 report that it is much less common.

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