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GoD Silk Armor Quests

Gates of Discord Silk Armor Quests

These are the silk versions of the Gates of Discord armor quests, covering Enchanters, Magicians, Necromancers, and Wizards.

Step One: Muramite Xxx Armor drops from certain named critters in Qvic and higher zones. (Xxx is the name of the slot for that piece of armor, like Muramite Boot Armor or Muramite Helm Armor. The slot on the muramite xxx armor is the slot that your final piece of quest armor will fit.)

Step Two: Give the Muramite Xxx Armor to your quest npc. They will give you back a Reworked Muramite Xxx.
Enchanters: Lelyen Ieamria in Abysmal Sea @ -204, 13, 98
Magicians: Jennu Mennea in Abysmal Sea @ -142, 101, Large room by bank
Necromancers: Nolaen Tav'Inxya in Abysmal Sea @ -160, 70, Large room by bank
Wizards: Nunkin Coggrinder in Abysmal Sea @ -142, 112, Large room by Bank

Step Three: Make or buy Infused Muramite Thread. The difficult ingredient for these is meldstones, which drop randomly in Kod'Taz and higher zones. You first use the meldstones to make Muramite Silk Thread. You then use those to make Infused Muramite Thread.

Muramite Silk Thread
Components: Meldstone, Spider Silk
In: Loom, Collapsible Sewing Kit
Required Skill Level: 240<x<=241 (Tailoring Trivial 282)
Yield: 1

Infused Muramite Thread
Components: Muramite Silk Thread, Nalasrine's Perfected Silk Strengthener
In: Loom, Tanaan Loom (Tailoring Trivial no fail)
Yield: 1

The spider silks are common off of spiders all over Norrath. The Nalasrine's Perfected Silk Strengthener is only sold by Nalasrine Twinklecoil in the Abysmal Sea and costs 10,500 plat each. (That's ten thousand, five hundred platinum pieces, not ten and a half.)

Note that the meldstones and muramite silk threads are not No Drop, so you can buy them and/or have a tailor make the silk threads. The infused muramite threads ARE no drop (as is the tanning solution), so you will need to tailor them yourself. Happily, that step will never fail.

For robes and pantaloons you will need two infused muramite threads. For all other pieces you only need one.

Step Four: Combine the Reworked Muramite Xxx and the appropriate number of Infused Muramite Threads in a loom or sewing kit to get your new, finished piece of armor.

The silk armor line names are:
Enchanters - Lelyen's armor of Entrancement
Magicians - Jennu's armor of Creation
Necromancers - Nolaen's Lifereaper armor
Wizards - Nunkin's armor of Pure Elements

See the Silk GoD Quest Tailoring recipes for finished armor stats.

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