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Dragons of Norrath Cultural Dark Elf Quests

This is the quest for dark elves to acquire the books necessary to make the cultural armor that is available with the Dragons of Norrath expansion. For more information on the general details, see the Dragons of Norrath Cultural Armor Quest Overview.

You start in Neriak Commons, with Dosan Vis`Moor, at 88, -888, -38, inside the Blue Flame (coming from Neriak Foreign Quarter, once through the city wall it is the leftmost shop on the left). The books do not need to be acquired in any particular order, as Dosan will give you all of the quests at once if you ask.

Ancestral Book Quest:

You say, 'Hail, Dosan Vis`moor'

Dosan Vis`moor says 'So Lilandraa, the harsh light of the surface has finally driven you back to Neriak? Or have you returned to replace that pitiful [armor] that hangs from your sunburned frame?'

You say, 'what armor?'

Dosan Vis`moor says 'That's what I thought. Your current set looks like it fell from one of Innoruuk's zombies. If you are interested in some more eloquent designs, I have acquired some armor patterns designed by one of Lanys T'Vyl personal artisans. Never mind how I acquired them, what's important is that they can be yours, for a [price], of course. Then again, if you're interested in something even more [valuable] I might be able to help you there as well.'

You say, 'what price?'

Dosan Vis`moor says 'Well, the patterns are all in my head. If I had the actual pattern book, I'd be a hunted elf right now. So if you bring me the ingredients to make two pattern books, I'll give the extra one to you. I will need a raw-hide belt for the covers, a low quality cat pelt for the pages, a cutthroat insignia ring for the book clasps, and a snake venom sac to grind down and make a salve which will protect and preserve the finished products. I have heard these items can be found in the Oasis of Marr. South Ro and the Commonlands. Bring them to me and the extra book shall be yours.'

Quest Details: Collect and hand in a Raw-hide Belt, Cutthroat Insignia Ring, a Low Quality Cat Pelt, and A Snake Venom Sac.

Tips: Cutthroat insignia rings drop off of Dervish Cutthroats in West Commonlands, North and South Ro, and Oasis. Raw-hide belts drops off of various orcs in the same zones plus East Commonlands. Snake venom sacs are from cistern asps in North and South Ro and Oasis. Low quality cat pelt are from a variety of places, including plains cats and pumas in East and West Commonlands, North and South Ro, and Oasis. If you get a medium or high quality cat pelt first, it can be turned into a low quality pelt by combining with a skinning knife in a tailoring kit.

Dosan Vis`moor says 'Well done, Lilandraa. Here's your copy of the pattern book. Now let's keep this little arrangement between us. If Lanys gets wind that we have these designs, we'll find ourselves on the wrong end of a few too many swords. If you require some [valuable] patterns for those armor designs, I can provide them. . . for a price, of course. Otherwise, let's just forget we ever met. Do we have an understanding?'

Receive: Ancestral Dark Elven Armor

You say, 'valuable?'

Dosan Vis`moor says 'It's my understanding that this armor can be adorned with symbols to increase its potential. If you'd be willing to do me a few favors, I might consider parting with the plans for these symbols. The more dangerous my errand, the more rewarding the symbol shall be. I've got tasks that need your attention in [Najena], [Solusek's Eye], [Sebilis], and the [valley] beyond the lavastorm mountains.'

Journeyman's Book Task: Relics of Najena

You say, 'Najena'

You have been assigned the task 'Relics of Najena'.

Dosan Vis`moor says 'Some of our brethren have been less than hospitable to associates of mine. I wish for you to go and teach them a lesson. Travel to Najena and slay twenty ogre guards. Return to me with their whore's bane as proof of your kills'

Task Details
Najena: Kill 20 ogre guards
Najena: Loot 4 Whore's Bane
Neriak Commons: Deliver 4 Whore's Bane (unstacked) to Dosan Vis`Moor
Najena: Kill 10 magicians
Najena: Loot 1 Reagent pouch
Neriak Commons: Deliver 1 Reagent pouch to Dosan Vis`Moor

Upon handing in the reagent pouch...

Dosan Vis`moor says 'There. That wasn't so hard now, was it? If you're interested in more difficult jobs, I might have something else when you're up to it.'

Receive: Journeyman's Book of Dark Elven Culture

Expert's Book Task: Looking into Solusek's Eye

You say, 'Solusek's Eye'

You have been assigned the task 'Looking into Solusek's Eye'.

Dosan Vis`moor says 'I'm running low on some resources. Carry your pathetic hide over to Solusek's Eye and slay some gnomes. Return with some gnomish meat. My war dogs are hungry and I'm training them to attack gnomes on sight. I hate those detestable creatures.'

Task Details
Solusek's Eye: Kill 50 gnome miners
Solusek's Eye: Loot 10 Gnome Meat
Neriak Commons: Deliver 10 Gnome Meat (unstacked) to Dosan Vis`Moor
Solusek's Eye: Kill 5 CWGs clockworks
Solusek's Eye: Loot 1 Broken Frost Module
Neriak Commons: Deliver 1 Broken Frost Module to Dosan Vis`Moor

Upon handing in the broken frost module...

osan Vis`moor says 'That's it for now. Come back to be when your feeble mind has figured out how to follow the directions on this sheet.'

Receive: Expert's Book of Dark Elven Culture

Master's Book Task: Denizens of Old Sebilis

You say, 'Sebilis'

You have been assigned the task 'Denizens of Old Sebilis'.

Dosan Vis`moor says 'I require a rare poisonous extract from wax-colored flowers. Unfortunately for you, these flowers are found only in the ruins of old Sebilis, a dangerous and vile place if you ask me. Get over there and wrest the flowers from the froglok krup. Only they carry the rarest strain.'

Task Details
Sebilis: Kill 80 froglok krups
Sebilis: Loot 40 Wax Flowers
Neriak Commons: Deliver 40 Wax Flowers (unstacked) to Dosan Vis`Moor
Sebilis: Kill 5 froglok ilis shaman
Sebilis: Loot 1 Nodding Blue Lily
Neriak Commons: Deliver 1 Nodding Blue Lily to Dosan Vis`Moor

Upon handing in the nodding blue lily...

Dosan Vis`moor says 'So you are good for something after all. Here. Take this.'

Receive: Master's Book of Dark Elven Culture

Grandmaster's Book Task: Lair of the Lavaspinner

You say, 'valley'

You have been assigned the task 'Lair of the Lavaspinner'.

Dosan Vis`moor says 'I require a vary dangerous mission to be completed if you intend to glimpse the most powerful dark elf armor symbols ever created. I need to venture into the Lavaspinners Lair and recover eighty arachnid eye clusters. Bring me the finest four for my alchemy experiments. You may wish to seek out some operatives in Lavastorm to aid you in tracking down these rare items.'

You must be in a DoN mission to get the drops you need for this task.

Task Details
Lavaspinner's Lair: Kill 120 lavaspinners
Lavaspinner's Lair: Loot 80 Arachnid Eye Clusters
Neriak Commons: Deliver 4 Arachnid Eye Clusters (unstacked) to Dosan Vis`Moor
Lavaspinner's Lair: Kill 10 lavaspinners
Lavaspinner's Lair: Loot 1 Deadly Arachnid Mandible
Neriak Commons: Deliver 1 Deadly Arachnid Mandible to Dosan Vis`Moor

Upon handing in the deadly arachnid mandible...

***need completion text***

Receive: Grandmaster's Book of Dark Elven Culture

The following chart shows what drops are needed to make each tier of armor (made with the Ancestral book). More information about making the various tiers of symbols (with the Books of Culture) is on the Dragons of Norrath Cultural Armor Quest Overview, because the books are the only ingredient that differs between races.

DoN Dark Elf Cultural Armor Drops
swatch silk drachnid silk nightmare arachnid silk coarse silk
element russet oxide small piece of acrylia midnight stone metallic drake scales

Note that "swatches" are used for making silk armor and "elements" for both chain and plate armor.

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