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Dragons of Norrath Cultural Dwarf Quests

This is the quest for dwarves to acquire the books necessary to make the cultural armor that is available with the Dragons of Norrath expansion. For more information on the general details, see the Dragons of Norrath Cultural Armor Quest Overview.

You start in South Kaladim, with Yar Shiverbrow near the warrior guild at 16, 465. The books do not need to be acquired in any particular order, as Yar will give you all of the quests at once if you ask.

Ancestral Book Quest

You say, 'Hail, Yar Shiverbrow'

Yar Shiverbrow says 'Gaa! Look at that shoddy piece of work yer wearing! You call that [armor]? I've seen finer craftsmanship hanging off the corpse of a rock-pickin' goblin!'

You say, 'what armor?'

Yar Shiverbrow says 'Bah! See how you are?! All sloppy and ragged! Now look at me! A respectable dwarf, standing tall and proud in bright mail. The way Brell intended! To any self-respectin' dwarf, good armor is more important than good ale! Your ale won't last, but your armor is forever! Remember that, Achenar. Now if you [want] to be a self-respecting dwarf, let me know. I've also got a couple kits of [adornments] to be used by someone in decent armor, not someone like you. But if yer interested in them I might tell you about them. Otherwise carry on with your lollygagging!'

You say, 'I want to be a self respecting dwarf'

Yar Shiverbrow says 'Well then, I can make you a pattern book for some decent armor, but first I'll need some zombie skin and a bit of grave mold from the Estate of Unrest. I can use those to create the cover and ink for the book. I'll also need some of the battle beads from Crushbone to help bind the book and a rotting orc tooth to complete the ink. Now get going, ya filthy roustabout!'

Quest Details: Collect and hand in Zombie Skin, Grave Mold, Crushbone Battle Beads, and a Rotting Orc Tooth.

Tips: The Grave Mold and Zombie Skin can be found in Unrest and are both tradeable. The Crushbone Battle Beads and Rotting Orc Tooth can both be found in Crushbone and are both No Drop.

Yar Shiverbrow says, 'Ha Ha! You're well on your way to a respectable suit of armor. Here's your pattern book. Now if you can only do something about that miserable excuse for a beard you've got. Looks like a dead rat on your chin......'

Receive: Ancestral Dwarven Armor

You say, 'what adornments?'

Yar Shiverbrow says 'You see, these adornments aren't just fer lookin at. No, these can work wonders when you combine them with the patterns that I have. You'd surely be a foolish one if you thought that I'd ever be makin somthin fer armor that was just fer looks. Now I'm willing to part with some of these kits but you'd have to [prove your metal] first.'

You say, 'how do I prove my metal?'

Yar Shiverbrow says 'Lets see here. . . I know, since yer an adventurin type, I'll send you on some adventures. I'll even be nice about it. You've got yer choice of goin to the [Estate of Unrest], the slightly damp [Kedge Keep], [The Deep], or to the [Thundercrest Isles].'

Journeyman's Book Task: Undead Extermination

You say, 'I'll go to the Estate of Unrest'

You have been assigned the task 'Undead Extermination'.

Task Details
Estate of Unrest: Kill 20 tormented undead
Estate of Unrest: Loot 4 Amanita Phalloide
North Kaladim: Hand in 4 Amanita Phalloide (unstacked) to Yar Shiverbrow
Estate of Unrest: Kill 10 darkbone
Estate of Unrest: Loot 1 Darkbone Marrow
North Kaldim: Hand in 1 Darkbone Marrow to Yar Shiverbrow

Upon handing in the darkbone marrow...

Yar takes the marrow and examines it closely. 'Well, I guess yer made of tougher stuff than I thought. Here's some instructions on how to make those adornments I was talkin about.

Receive: Journeyman's Book of Dwarven Culture

Expert's Book Task: Journey Beneath the Sea

You say, 'I'll go to Kedge Keep'

You have been assigned the task 'Journey Beneath the Sea'.

Task Details
Kedge Keep: Kill 40 mermaids
Kedge Keep: Loot 15 Ocean Ink
North Kaladim: Hand in 4 Ocean Ink (unstacked) to Yar Shiverbrow
Kedge Keep: Kill 5 cauldron sharks
Kedge Keep: Loot 1 Shark Skin
North Kaldim: Hand in 1 Shark Skin to Yar Shiverbrow

Upon handing in the shark skin...

Yar takes the skin and tosses it in a stew pot. 'I'm not sure how you managed this, but I did say I'd consider helping you out if you did. Here are some patterns for the adornments you were askin about.'

Receive: Expert's Book of Dwarven Culture

Master's Book Task: Expedition to The Deep

You say, 'I'll go to The Deep'

You have been assigned the task 'Expedition to The Deep'.

Task Details
The Deep: Kill 80 thought horrors
The Deep: Loot 20 Thought horror fangs
North Kaladim: Hand in 4 Thought horror fangs (unstacked) to Yar Shiverbrow
The Deep: Kill ? A Deepspore Mushroom
The Deep: Loot 1 A Deepspore
North Kaldim: Hand in 1 A Deepspore to Yar Shiverbrow

Upon handing in the deepspore...

Tip: Only mobs with "thought horror" in their names will count for either the kills or looting the thought horror fangs. Mobs like the "horror guards" will not count. The deepspores off the mushrooms are temporary, and will poof if you camp or crash for more than 30 minutes while they are in your inventory. Take it to Yar right away!

Yar takes the Deepspore and laughs. 'Har har har, good work there. I can't believe someone like you was able to get this. Here's those adornment instructions I promised you.

Receive: Master's Book of Dwarven Culture

Grandmaster's Book Task: Thundercrest Expedition

You say, 'I'll go to the Thundercrest Isle'

You have been assigned the task 'Thundercrest Expedition'.

You must be in a DoN mission to get the drops you need for this task.

Task Details
Thundercrest Isles: Kill 120 thundercrest drakes
Thundercrest Isles: Loot 80 Drake Claw
North Kaladim: Hand in 4 Fractured Drake Claw (unstacked) to Yar Shiverbrow
Thundercrest Isles: Kill 10 Dirtdigger goblins
Thundercrest Isles: Loot 1 Stone Necklace
North Kaldim: Hand in 1 Stone Necklace to Yar Shiverbrow

Upon handing in the stone necklace...

Yar spins the necklace around on his finger before dropping it into his belt pouch, "you sure did surprise me there. I would have bet against you at every step of the way. Here's those instructions I promised. Put them to use and you might even be able to get your armor up to snuff."

Receive: Grandmaster's Book of Dwarven Culture

The following chart shows what drops are needed to make each tier of armor (made with the Ancestral book). More information about making the various tiers of symbols (with the Books of Culture) is on the Dragons of Norrath Cultural Armor Quest Overview, because the books are the only ingredient that differs between races.

DoN Dwarf Cultural Armor Drops
element warbone chips lava rock pile of gravel metallic drake scales

Note that "elements" are used for making both chain and plate armor.

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