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Dragons of Norrath Cultural Froglok (Guktan) Quests

This is the quest for frogloks (guktans) to acquire the books necessary to make the cultural armor that is available with the Dragons of Norrath expansion. For more information on the general details, see the Dragons of Norrath Cultural Armor Quest Overview.

You start in Rathe Mountains, with Skekta Froreki at -2210, 191. The books do not need to be acquired in any particular order, as Skekta will give you all of the quests at once if you ask. Note that the guktans have been moved from their original home in Gukta (now Grobb) when the trolls retook the city. If any parts of the quest seem mixed up as a result, be sure to /bug it and let us know.


You say, 'Hail, Srekta Froreki'

Srekta Froreki says 'Welcome back to the swamps, Zackdafrog. Cripes! You've been away for awhile; that's the worst case of dry-foot I've ever seen. You should stick around and rehabilitate; there's plenty of interesting [things] to be found right around here.'

You say, 'What things?'

Srekta Froreki says 'A group of us just returned from an expedition into deepest Guk. Turns out that some of our ancestors had learned to create some rather remarkable armor, well, you know, before they were cursed to undeath and all. The designs must have been lost during our years of enslavement but we've recovered a few pieces, enough to make a [pattern book] so we can reproduce their designs. You should see these; the craftsmanship is remarkable! We also found some [cultural symbol patterns] if you were interested in them.'

You, 'I want to make a pattern book.'

Srekta Froreki says 'Well, I only have one pattern book but I can make you a copy. To do this I will need a torn sash for the cover, a low quality cat pelt for the pages, a dune tarantula abdomen for the clasp, and a snake venom sac to grind down and make a salve which will protect and preserve the finished product. I have heard most of these items can be found in the Oasis of Marr. Bring them to me and the pattern book shall be yours.'

Quest Details: Collect and hand in Torn Sash, Low Quality Cat Pelt, Dune Tarantula Abdomen, and A Snake Venom Sac.

Tips: The Torn Sash drops from a young ronin in South Ro. The Low Quality Cat Pelt drops off of pumas in South or North Ro. (You can also make one out of a high or medium quality cat pelt by combining with a skinning knife in a tailoring kit.) Dune Tarantula Abdomens are from dune tarantulas in North or South Ro. A Snake Venom Sac comes from any of the larger snakes in North or South Ro.

Srekta Froreki says 'Well done, Danndak. As promised, here are the armor patterns of our ancestors. May they serve you well.'

Receive: Ancestral Froglok Armor

You say, 'I am interested in cultural symbol patterns'

Srekta Froreki says, 'You're interested in cultural symbol patterns, I see. I can give you the cultural symbol patterns but I will need you to run a few tasks for me before I can give them to you. What do you say, would you like to run a few short [tasks] for me?'

You say, 'I will run tasks'

Srekta Froreki says, 'I have four tasks that need to be completed. The first is an adventure into the desert of [South Ro] where you will gather some charms to replace some broken charms on my necklace. The next you will be tasked with venturing into the heart of [Kithicor] where you will hunt for a few items that I can use to create a new cloak. The third task leads you into [Velketor's Labyrinth] where you will collect a few items to make my old hat appear like a new one. The final task I have for you is an adventure into the [Stillmoon temple] where you will learn about the creatures that inhabit the area.'

Journeyman's Book Task: Srekta's Charms

You say, 'I will go to South Ro'

You have been assigned the task 'Srekta's Charms'.

Task Details
Southern Desert of Ro: Kill 20 dervish cutthroats
Southern Desert of Ro: Loot 4 Cutthroat Golden Tooth
Gukta: Deliver 4 Cutthroat Golden Tooth(unstacked) to Skekta Froreki
Southern Desert of Ro: Explore the merchant camp in the desert
Southern Desert of Ro: Kill 10 crypt mummies
Southern Desert of Ro: Loot 1 Rotting Zombie Skull
Gukta: Deliver 1 Rotting Zombie Skull to Skekta Froreki

Upon handing in the rotting zombie skull...

I'm glad to see you have made it back. Let me look at that skull. Yes that is indeed rare and will go perfect on my necklace. Thank you. You have earned these cultural symbol patterns.

Receive: Journeyman's Book of Froglok Culture

Expert's Book Task: Srekta's Cloak Collection

You say, 'I will go to Kithicor'

You have been assigned the task 'Srekta's Cloak Collection'.

Task Details
Kithicor Forest: Kill 50 zombies
Kithicor Forest: Loot 20 Shriveled Flesh
Gukta: Deliver 4 Shriveled Flesh (unstacked) to Skekta Froreki
Kithicor Forest : Explore the lake in the south east Kithicor Forest: Kill 5 dread wolves
Kithicor Forest: Loot 1 Essence of Moonlight
Gukta: Deliver 1 Essence of Moonlight to Skekta Froreki

Tips: Only zombies with "zombie" in the name will count towards your total killed. Others may also drop the Shriveled Flesh, which will count towards your total looted. Zombies that look like skeletons do not seem to drop the Shriveled Flesh; they must look like mummies which have, well, shriveled flesh. When exploring the lake, you will need to actually swim out into the middle. Any wolf with "dread" in the name, including "dreaded", will count as a killed dread wolf.

Upon handing in the essence of moonlight...

Oh dear what a glorious cloak this will be. Thank you. You have earned these cultural symbol patterns.

Receive: Expert's Book of Froglok Culture

Master's Book Task: Srekta's Hat of Shame

You say, 'I will go to Velketor's Labyrinth'

You have been assigned the task 'Srekta's Hat of Shame'.

Task Details
Velketor's Labyrinth: Kill 80 icepaw kobolds
Velketor's Labyrinth: Loot 20 Icepaw Kobold's Paw
Gukta: Deliver 4 Icepaw Kobold's Paw (unstacked) to Skekta Froreki
Velketor's Labyrinth : Explore the entrance to the labyrinth Velketor's Labyrinth: Kill 5 gargoyles
Velketor's Labyrinth: Loot 1 Block of Velium
Gukta: Deliver 1 Block of Velium to Skekta Froreki

Tips: Icepaw kobolds prophets complete heal themselves, so be ready. Just zoning back into Velketor's satisfied the exploring element when that step was reached. There are gargoyles just past the upper kobold camp that will count towards your gargoyle kills. (The statues near the entrance to the zone do not count.) Just be careful passing through as some kobolds will see invis. If the gargoyles aren't dropping the velium you need, spiders down on the ground floor may drop it more quickly and will still count for the loot.

Upon handing in the block of velium...

What a beautiful piece of velium you have there. It will look wonderful on my hat as I parade around the streets of Gukta. You have earned these cultural symbol patterns.

Receive: Master's Book of Froglok Culture

Grandmaster's Book Task: Scouting the Temple

You say, 'I will go to Stillmoon Temple'

You have been assigned the task 'Scouting the Temple'

Task Details
Stillmoon Temple: Kill 120 Stillmoon creatures
Stillmoon Temple: Recover 80 patches of rough goblin skin from Stillmoon goblins
Gukta: Take 4 samples of the rough goblin skin (unstacked)to Srekta
Stillmoon Temple: Kill 10 stillmoon dirt tenders
Stillmoon Temple: Recover a stone necklace from the stillmoon dirt tenders
Gukta: Deliver the stone necklace to Srekta

Upon handing in ?...

***need completion text***

Receive: Grandmaster's Book of Froglok Culture

The following chart shows what drops are needed to make each tier of armor (made with the Ancestral book). More information about making the various tiers of symbols (with the Books of Culture) is on the Dragons of Norrath Cultural Armor Quest Overview, because the books are the only ingredient that differs between races.

DoN Froglok Cultural Armor Drops
swatch silk crystalline silk ice silk coarse silk
element barbed bone chips gargoyle eye great reptile tooth metallic drake scales

Note that "swatches" are used for making silk armor and "elements" for both chain and plate armor.

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