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Dragons of Norrath Cultural Gnome Quests

This is the quest for gnomes to acquire the books necessary to make the cultural armor that is available with the Dragons of Norrath expansion. For more information on the general details, see the Dragons of Norrath Cultural Armor Quest Overview.

You start in Ak'Anon, with Vidi Cogsworthy at 830, -128, on top of the palace. The books do not need to be acquired in any particular order, as Vidi will give you all of the quests at once if you ask.

Ancestral Book Quest

You say, 'Hail, Vidi Cogsworthy'

Vidi Cogsworthy says 'Wha? Who are you? Go away! You're breaking my [concentration].'

You say, 'concentration?'

Vidi Cogsworthy says 'Yes, I'm trying to concentrate on my calculations! You see, I discovered yesterday that based upon the gnomish arm-torso aspect ratio our current [armor] designs are actually patterned with suboptimal. . . Sub. . . Uh. . .. Blast! You've broken my concentration!'

You say, 'armor?'

Vidi Cogsworthy says 'Yes, well, before you interrupted me I was trying to redesign Ak'Anon's armor patterns. I believe with my newest calculations, I can increase the efficiency of our designs by a significant margin. Assuming, of course, I can finish my calculations. It's hard to work with strangers running up and hailing me all day!' Vidi sighs and then continues, 'Tell you what, if you leave me alone, I'll make you a pattern book with my new designs. Would you be [interested] in that, or perhaps you're more interested in [symbols] I've been studying?'

You say, 'interested'

Vidi Cogsworthy says 'Great. To make you a pattern book, I'll need some zombie skin and darkbone marrow from the Estate of Unrest. I can use those to create the parchment and ink for the book. I'll also need some of the battle beads from Crushbone to help bind the book and a preserved orc hide to create the cover. While you're out gathering these things, I can finish my calculations. Hopefully in peace.'

Quest Details: Collect and hand in a Zombie Skin, Darkbone Marrow, Crushbone Battle Beads, and Preserved Orc Hide.

Tips: The zombie skin drops off of zombies in Unrest. The darkbone marrow drops off of darkbone skeletons in Unrest. The Crushbone battle beads and preserved orc hide are both no drop and are both off of orcs in Crushbone.

Vidi Cogsworthy says 'Hey, it's you! Here's your book. Turns out my protractor was broken and I miscalculated the average angle of incidence of the gnomish shoulder blade. So, uh, you may feel some tightness in your left shoulder when wearing armor made by this pattern book. Just don't do any jumping jacks and you should be fine. Otherwise my design was a huge improvement! Best of luck, Sherei!'

Receive: Ancestral Gnomish Armor

You say 'What symbols?'

Vidi Cogsworthy says 'These symbols when used in conjunction with my improved armor can improve them even more! If you're interested in them I have some [work] that you could do to earn some patterns'

You say 'What work?'

Vidi Cogsworthy says "I need you to do a bit of exploration and gathering for me. My inventions always require new components and I just don;t hav ethe time to get them myself. There are several different places I need things from so you have your pick. You could head to [Crushbone], [The Hole] in Paineel, [Skyfire Mountains], or to the [Lavaspinner's Lair].'

Journeyman's Book Task: Orcish Expedition

You say, 'in Crushbone?'

You have been assigned the task 'Orcish Expedition'.

Vidi Cogsworthy says 'Crushbone as you probably know is filled with orcs. I need you to head there and take care of their legionnaires as they've always caused problems for me when I went there to research. While you're doing that bring back some of their teeth to show me what you've accomplished.'

Task Details
Crushbone: Kill 20 legionnaires
Crushbone: Loot 2 Rotting Orc Tooth
Ak'Anon: Deliver 2 Rotting Orc Tooth (unstacked) to Vidi Cogsworthy
Crushbone: Kill 10 orc emissaries
Crushbone: Loot 1 Orc Ribcage
Ak'Anon: Deliver 1 Orc Ribcage to Vidi Cogsworthy

Upon handing in the orc ribcage...

Vidi takes the rib cage from you and throws it into the water. "Nasty thing, I just wanted to make sure you'd really killed them. Maube now they'll think twice before interfering with the great Vidi Cogsworthy! And of course here are the patterns I mentioned."

Receive: Journeyman's Book of Gnomish Culture

Expert's Book Task: Mercury Recovery

You say, 'in the Hole?'

You have been assigned the task 'Mercury Recovery'.

Vidi Cogsworthy says 'The Hole can be a very dangerous place, you'll need to be careful out there. One of the bigger hazards are the elemental warriors. I require the mercury that flows through their veins for my latest invention, the mercury drip clock.'

Task Details
Ruins of Old Paineel: Kill 50 elemental warriors
Ruins of Old Paineel: Loot 10 Drop of Mercury
Ak'Anon: Deliver 4 Drop of Mercury (unstacked) to Vidi Cogsworthy
Ruins of Old Paineel: Kill 5 elemental monstrosities
Ruins of Old Paineel: Loot 1 Drop of Mercury
Ak'Anon: Deliver 1 Drop of Mercury to Vidi Cogsworthy

Upon handing in the drop of mercury...

***need completion text***

Receive: Expert's Book of Gnomish Culture

Master's Book Task: Scales of Skyfire

You say, 'in Skyfire Mountains?'

You have been assigned the task 'Scales of Skyfire'.

Vidi Cogsworthy says 'Watch out when you're in Skyfire, there's all sorts of nasty things there, but some wonderful components for my inventions. I need you to go hunt some old wurms for me. I've run out of my supply of wurm meat.'

Note: The quest has been changed to accept any wurms, not just old wurms. Vidi still asks for old wurms but the task will update with any wurms in Skyfire.

Task Details
Skyfire Mountains: Kill 80 wurms
Skyfire Mountains: Loot 40 Wurm Meat
Ak'Anon: Deliver 4 Wurm Meat (unstacked) to Vidi Cogsworthy
Skyfire Mountains: Kill 5 Skyfire drakes
Skyfire Mountains: Loot 1 Skyash Bile
Ak'Anon: Deliver 1 Skyash Bile to Vidi Cogsworthy

Tips: Skyfire drakes are more common in the northern end of the zone or "around the base of the lava pool near +1320, -1900".

Upon handing in the skyash bile...

Vidi Cogsworthy says 'Ah ha! This is perfect I must get to work on it right away. Before I forget here's those patterns you wanted.'

Receive: Master's Book of Gnomish Culture

Grandmaster's Book Task: The latest in clockworks!

You say, 'in Lavaspinner's Lair?'

You have been assigned the task 'The latest in clockworks!'.

Vidi Cogsworthy says 'You'll never guess what new creation I'm working on now. A clockwork animal! No, no, no not one of those that have been made before, an entirely new type of animal. But I seem running low on claws for it The poor thing has to be able to defend itself after all. I need you to go get me some claws from the drakes in the lair. Those claws are highly resistant to heat and so will be perfect for my Felostiporaus.'

Vidi Cogsworthy says 'The claws I'm after can only be found on the elder drakes. You may need to talks with the operatives in the Lavastorm Mountains for some help finding them.'

You must be in a DoN mission to get the drops you need for this task.

Task Details
Lavaspinner's Lair: Kill 120 delve drakes
Lavaspinner's Lair: Loot 80 Fractured Drake Claw
Ak'Anon: Deliver 4 Fractured Drake Claw (unstacked) to Vidi Cogsworthy
Lavaspinner's Lair: Kill 10 Lavaspinner Spiders
Lavaspinner's Lair: Loot 1 Deadly Arachnid Mandibles
Ak'Anon: Deliver 1 Deadly Arachnid Mandibles to Vidi Cogsworthy

Upon handing in the deadly arachnid mandibles...

Vidi snatches the mandibles from you and dances gleefully in a circle, 'Hahahaha! I can finish the Felostiporaus now! No one will ever regard clockworks the same again. Here are the diagrams I promised you. Now leave me be to get my work finished.'

Receive: Grandmaster's Book of Gnomish Culture

The following chart shows what drops are needed to make each tier of armor (made with the Ancestral book). More information about making the various tiers of symbols (with the Books of Culture) is on the Dragons of Norrath Cultural Armor Quest Overview, because the books are the only ingredient that differs between races.

DoN Gnome Cultural Armor Drops
swatch silk crystalline silk nightmare arachnid silk coarse silk
element warbone chips chunk of condensed flame small brick of yttrium ore metallic drake scales

Note that "swatches" are used for making silk armor and "elements" for both chain and plate armor.

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