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Dragons of Norrath Cultural Halfling Quests

This is the quest for halflings to acquire the books necessary to make the cultural armor that is available with the Dragons of Norrath expansion. For more information on the general details, see the Dragons of Norrath Cultural Armor Quest Overview.

You start in Rivervale, with Bill Whistletop at -280, -136. The books do not need to be acquired in any particular order, as Bill will give you all of the quests at once if you ask.

Ancestral Book Quest

You say, 'Hail Bill Whistletop'

Bill Whistletop says, 'Hi-ho there, Maisie. You startled me. I'm busy compiling notes for my compendium, it'll be a complete [history] of Rivervale for an entire century. Imagine that!'

You say, 'What history?'

Bill Whistletop says, 'Well, it's not really a history book, not exactly. It's more like I just sit around and write about whatever's [going on] in Rivervale at the moment. I've been doing this for thirty-seven years now, so ,um, hey, I'm almost half done!'

You say, 'What has been going on?'

Bill Whistletop says, 'Yeah, I write down everything: fishing trips, crop yields, new card games I pick up. Hmm , I guess it is more of a journal than a history book... Oh well, it's still chalk (sic) full of historical [significance].'

You say, 'What significance?'

Bill Whistletop says, 'Heck yes, I write down everything so some of it has got to be important. For example, I copied down all those [armor patterns] and [cultural symbol patterns] that were displayed during that spring festival eleven years ago. You know the one where we had that competition to see who could make the best suit of armor! Boy, that was a great festival. The apple tarts were amazing. I'm glad I wrote down the recipe for those too!'

You say, 'What armor patterns?'

Bill Whistletop says, 'Oh, you're interested in the armor huh? I guess you do look like the adventuring sort. Well, heck, I can make you an armor pattern book if you want? I have all the designs written down and recorded somewhere in one of my journals; all I'll need is the materials for the pattern book itself. Just bring me a cat skull cap for the cover, a fractured femur for the spine, a minotaur horn for the clasp, and a bunch of optic nerves to grind down and make a salve, which will protect and preserve the finished product. I hear these items can be found in the Runnyeye Goblin territory and the Beholder's Maze, but I'm not really sure? Anyway, once I have those, I can make you a pattern book. Then we can go fishing!'

Quest Details: Collect and hand in Fractured Femur, A Bunch of Optic Nerves, Minotaur Horn, and Cat Skull Cap.

Tips: The Cat Skull Cap and Fractured Femur both drop off of pickclaw goblins in Runnyeye. A goblin who is carrying a femur will have in equipped in its hand. A Bunch of Optic Nerves drops off of evil eyes in either Runnyeye or Beholder (The Gorge of King Xorbb). The Minotaur Horn drops off minotaurs in Beholder (and Steamfont Mountains, if you want to make that hike). When a minotaur has a horn on it, you will see it holding something horn-like.

Bill Whistletop says, '"Oh hey there, Maisie. I'm still working on my history book. In fact, I just wrote down the part where we first met. Here let me read it for you!" Bill clears his throat. "Ahem, so I was writing in my history book when Maisie comes up to me and says Hail. And so I reply..." Bill continues to ramble on for many minutes. Finally, he gets to the end of his journal and looks up. He blinks as though surprised that you are still here. " Oh, yeah, the armor pattern book. Sorry I forgot about that. Here you go!"'

Receive: Ancestral Halfling Armor

Cultural Symbol Tasks

You say, 'what cultural symbol patterns?'

Bill Whistletop says 'You're interested in the cultural symbol patterns I see. I can give you a book of cultural symbol patterns but I will need you to run a few tasks for me before I can give them to you. What do you say; would you like to run a few short [tasks] for me?'

You say, 'what tasks?

At this point you will be presented with the standard task window and will be offered the following tasks: Blessed Impressions, Revered Impressions, Sacred Impressions, Eminent Impressions, Exalted Impressions, Sublime Impressions, Venerable Impressions, Illustrious Impressions and Darkhollow Geode. Upon choosing the task or tasks that you want, you will be given a book in which to make the impressions. This book needs to be in your inventory while you're killing the targeted mobs for the task. You will periodically receive both a credit for the kill and a credit for the impression. It is random and you may have to kill more than the number of mobs indicated to obtain all the impressions.

Blessed Impressions

Task Details
Kill 20 Pickclaw Goblins 0/20 (Clan Runnyeye)
Make impressions of the pickclaw anklets 0/5 (Clan Runnyeye)
Kill 10 Crag Spiders 0/10 (East Karana)
Make impressions of the crag spider's carapaces 0/2 (East Karana)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Bill Whistletop 0/1 (Rivervale)

Receive: Blessed Book of Halfling Culture

Revered Impressions

Task Details
Kill 20 Bloodgill goblins 0/20 (Lake of Ill Omen)
Make Impressions of the goblins gills 0/5 (Lake of Ill Omen)
Kill 10 petrifier cockatrices 0/10 (Dreadlands)
Make Impressions of the cockatrice tail feathers. 0/2 (Dreadlands)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Bill Whistletop 0/1 (Rivervale)

Receive: Revered Book of Halfling Culture

Sacred Impressions

Task Details
Kill 20 Chetari Warriors 0/20 (Dragon Necropolis)
Make impressions of the teeth of the Chetari Warriors 0/5 (Dragon Necropolis)
Kill 10 Lictors of the Heart 0/10 (Sanctus Seru)
Make impressions of the symbols on the Lictor's breastplates. 0/2 (Sanctus Seru)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Bill Whistletop 0/1 (Rivervale)

Receive: Sacred Book of Halfling Culture

Eminent Impressions

Task Details
Kill 20 strong sentinels 0/20 (Thundercrest Isles)
Make impressions of the chest engravings on strong sentinels 0/5 (Thundercrest isles)
Kill 10 Flameweave Menders 0/10 (The Accursed Nest) Make impressions of the bracer engravings of the flameweave menders 0/2 (The Accursed Nest)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Bill Whistletop 0/1 (Rivervale)

Receive: Eminent Book of Halfling Culture

Exalted Impressions

Task Details
Kill 40 Darkroot Shaman 0/40 (Direwind Cliffs)
Make impressions of the totems the darkroot shaman carry 0/6 (Direwind Cliffs)
Kill 20 adult mammoth 0/20 (Icefall Glacier)
Make impressions of the molars of the adult mammoths. 0/4 (Icefall Glacier)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Bill Whistletop 0/1 (Rivervale)

Receive: Exalted Book of Halfling Culture

Sublime Impressions

Task Details
Kill 40 Reavers 0/40 (Fortress Mechanotus)
Make impressions of some of the meldrath symbols on gnome reaver's armor. 0/6 (Fortress Mechanotus)
Kill 20 foundry workers 0/20 (The Steam Factory)
Make impressions of the designs the foundry workers are making. 0/4 (The Steam Factory)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Bill Whistletop 0/1 (Rivervale)

Receive: Sublime Book of Halfling Culture

Venerable Impressions

Task Details
Kill 40 Lavakin 0/40 (Brell's Rest)
Make impressions of some of the patterns in the lavakin's cracked skin 0/6 (Brell's Rest)
Kill 20 gold golems 0/20 (The Underquarry)
Make impressions of some of the patterns in the gold golem's silky skin. 0/6 (The Underquarry)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Bill Whistletop 0/1 (Rivervale)

Receive: Venerable Book of Halfling Culture

Illustrious Impressions

Task Details
Kill 60 tae ew lizardmen 0/60 (The Ferrott)
Make impressions of some of the patterns in the tae ew lizardmen's scaly skin. 0/6 (The Ferrott)
Kill 30 Turmoil Toads 0/30 (Fear Itself)
Make Impressions of some of the patterns in the turmoil toad's rubbery skin. 0/6 (Fear Itself)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Bill Whistletop 0/1 (Rivervale)

Receive: Illustrious Book of Halfling Culture

Darkhollow Geode

Task Details
Loot 1 Large Darkhollow Geode 0/1
Deliver 1 Large Darkhollow Geode to Artisan Bill Whistletop 0/1 (Rivervale)

Receive: Seals of Darkhollow

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