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Dragons of Norrath Cultural Iksar Quests

This is the quest for iksar to acquire the books necessary to make the cultural armor that is available with the Dragons of Norrath expansion. For more information on the general details, see the Dragons of Norrath Cultural Armor Quest Overview.

You start in East Cabilis, with Sieeva Koan at 850, -430, at the corner of a broken building in the northeast area of the zone. The books do not need to be acquired in any particular order, as Sieeva will give you all of the quests at once if you ask.


You say, 'Hail, Sieeva Koan'

Sieeva Koan says 'Hello, Menious. Returning home from conquests abroad, I hope. It fills me with pride to see there are still Iksar willing to venture out into Norrath and crusade for our empire once again. Too many of us have holed up in this city, dreaming of the [glory] days of the Iksar empire.'

You say, 'glory'

Sieeva Koan says 'From what I have heard things were much different then, our military more refined, our craftsmanship more detailed. I have been studying the writings in the ruins of old Cabilis. They are helping me piece together the [techniques] of our ancestors.'

You say, 'techniques'

Sieeva Koan says 'From what I have learned, our craftsmanship has regressed over the years. In fact, I've uncovered some armor patterns and symbol patterns within the ruins that put our current designs to shame. Would you be interested in learning the [cultural armor patterns] and [cultural symbol patterns]? They will take time to master, but if you are patient, they will serve you well.'

You say, 'cultural armor patterns'

Sieeva Koan says 'Excellent. To make you a pattern book I will need a patch of bloodgill scales for the cover, a scroll for the pages, a bloodstone ring for the clasp, and a cat's eye agate to grind down and make a salve which will protect and preserve the finished product. I have heard these items can be found in the Swamp of No Hope and the Lake of Ill Omen. Bring them to me and the pattern book shall be yours.'

Quest Details: Collect and hand in Bloodstone Ring, Bloodgill Scales, Cat's Eye Agate, and A Scroll.

Tips: Bloodstone rings drop from random low level mobs throughout Norrath, including random goblins. Bloodgill scales drops from bloodgills in the Lake of Ill Omen, near the zone to Veksar (underwater in the lake). Cat's Eye Agate drop from low level mobs around Norrath or can be bought from jewelcraft vendors. A scroll drops off sarnak adherents in Lake of Ill Omen but is both no trade and temporary, so it must be taken to the Sieeva after looting and before camping.

Sieeva Koan says 'Excellent work, Shasriz. Here is your pattern book. May you use this to restore glory to our kind!'

Receive: Ancestral Iksar Armor

Cultural Symbol Tasks

You say, 'cultural symbol patterns'

Sieeva Koan says 'You're interested in the cultural symbol patterns I see. I can give you the symbol patterns but I will need you to run a few tasks for me before I can give them to you. What do you say; would you like to run a few short [tasks] for me?'

You say, 'tasks'

Artisan Sieeva Koan says 'You're interested in the cultural symbol patterns I see. Though there is a certain consistency to them, there is also a level of on the spot inspiration needed when making the symbols. I will give you a book that you can use as a basis for the symbol patterns if you can prove your ability to seek inspiration. Take as many of the tasks I offer you as you wish too. During these tasks you will make impressions of certain things that you find in the impression book I will give you. This magical book can make impressions of objects with depth to them or just of the pattern on the surface of an object. What do you say; would you like to run a few short tasks for me?'

At this point you will be presented with the standard task window and will be offered the following tasks: Blessed Impressions, Revered Impressions, Sacred Impressions, Eminent Impressions, Exalted Impressions, Sublime Impressions, Venerable Impressions, Illustrious Impressions and Darkhollow Geode. Upon choosing the task or tasks that you want, you will be given a book in which to make the impressions. This book needs to be in your inventory while you're killing the targeted mobs for the task. You will periodically receive both a credit for the kill and a credit for the impression. It is random and you may have to kill more than the number of mobs indicated to obtain all the impressions.

Blessed Impressions

Task Details
Kill 20 Adult Elephants 0/20 (South Karana)
Make impressions of elephant's tusks rings 0/5 (South Karana)
Kill 10 Ton Warriors 0/10 (Upper Guk)
Make impressions of the Froglok Ton Warrior's head patterns 0/2 (Upper Guk)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Sieeva 0/1 (Cabilis)

Receive: Blessed Book of Iksar Culture

Revered Impressions

Task Details
Kill 20 soulsippers 0/20 (The Emerald Jungle)
Make Impressions of soulsipper wing vein patterns 0/5 (The Emerald Jungle)
Kill 10 sarnak Champions 0/10 (Burning Woods)
Make Impressions of symbols on Sarnak Champion breastplates. 0/2 (Burning Woods)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Sieeva 0/1 (Cabilis)

Receive: Revered Book of Iksar Culture

Sacred Impressions

Task Details
Kill 20 Chetari Warriors 0/20 (Dragon Necropolis)
Make impressions of the teeth of the Chetari Warriors 0/5 (Dragon Necropolis)
Kill 10 Lictors of the Heart 0/10 (Sanctus Seru)
Make impressions of the symbols on the Lictor's breastplates. 0/2 (Sanctus Seru)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Sieeva 0/1 (Cabilis)

Receive: Sacred Book of Iksar Culture

Eminent Impressions

Task Details
Kill 20 strong sentinels 0/20 (Thundercrest Isles)
Make impressions of the chest engravings on strong sentinels 0/5 (Thundercrest isles)
Kill 10 Flameweave Menders 0/10 (The Accursed Nest) Make impressions of the bracer engravings of the flameweave menders 0/2 (The Accursed Nest)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Sieeva 0/1 (Cabilis)

Receive: Eminent Book of Iksar Culture

Exalted Impressions

Task Details
Kill 40 Darkroot Shaman 0/40 (Direwind Cliffs)
Make impressions of the totems the darkroot shaman carry 0/6 (Direwind Cliffs)
Kill 20 adult mammoth 0/20 (Icefall Glacier)
Make impressions of the molars of the adult mammoths. 0/4 (Icefall Glacier)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Sieeva 0/1 (Cabilis)

Receive: Exalted Book of Iksar Culture

Sublime Impressions

Task Details
Kill 40 Reavers 0/40 (Fortress Mechanotus)
Make impressions of some of the meldrath symbols on gnome reaver's armor. 0/6 (Fortress Mechanotus)
Kill 20 foundry workers 0/20 (The Steam Factory)
Make impressions of the designs the foundry workers are making. 0/4 (The Steam Factory)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Sieeva 0/1 (Cabilis)

Receive: Sublime Book of Iksar Culture

Venerable Impressions

Task Details
Kill 40 Lavakin 0/40 (Brell's Rest)
Make impressions of some of the patterns in the lavakin's cracked skin 0/6 (Brell's Rest)
Kill 20 gold golems 0/20 (The Underquarry)
Make impressions of some of the patterns in the gold golem's silky skin. 0/6 (The Underquarry)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Sieeva 0/1 (Cabilis)

Receive: Venerable Book of Iksar Culture

Illustrious Impressions

Task Details
Kill 60 tae ew lizardmen 0/60 (The Ferrott)
Make impressions of some of the patterns in the tae ew lizardmen's scaly skin. 0/6 (The Ferrott)
Kill 30 Turmoil Toads 0/30 (Fear Itself)
Make Impressions of some of the patterns in the turmoil toad's rubbery skin. 0/6 (Fear Itself)
Deliver the impression book to Artisan Sieeva 0/1 (Cabilis)

Receive: Illustrious Book of Iksar Culture

Darkhollow Geode

Task Details
Loot 1 Large Darkhollow Geode 0/1
Deliver 1 Large Darkhollow Geode to Artisan Sieeva Silverlake 0/1 (Kelethin)

Receive: Seals of Darkhollow

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