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Dragons of Norrath Cultural Troll Quests

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This is the quest for trolls to acquire the books necessary to make the cultural armor that is available with the Dragons of Norrath expansion. For more information on the general details, see the Dragons of Norrath Cultural Armor Quest Overview.

You start in Grobb, with Zermak at 102 -344, in the room behind Gunthak's Beltch. The books do not need to be acquired in any particular order, as Zermak will give you all of the quests at once if you ask.

Ancestral Book Quest

You say, 'Hail, Zermak'

Zermak says 'Yer looking a might bit uncomfortable dere, Remmadee. Whadda matter? Your [armor] chafing you?'

You say, 'What armor?'

Zermak says 'Tell me 'bout it. Da only armor we trolls ever get is whats we can pull from our victims. Nothing fits and we're always clatt'ring around. Tell ye what though, the last stint I did was a job for dem dark elves, marching with the armies of Lanys T'Vyl. Vile, that woman is, but I'll say dis for 'er -- she fixed us up with some pretty good battle mail. It's easier to wear dan da trash you're wearin' and it's lighter dan anything one of us could craft. You should fix yourself up with some of dis [design].'

You say, 'What design?'

Zermak says 'Heh heh. Before I left Lany's army, I stole da armor patterns made fo' us troll troops. Had to bash dat dark elf artisan good to get him to let go, but I got 'em! Tell you what -- I can't give away my only copy, but if you bring me da [ingredients] to make another pattern book, I can fix you up with a book of yer own. Or mebbe you already got a book and you need sometin [more].'

You say, 'What ingredients?'

Zermak says 'Good. Good. First I need a fire beetle carapace for the cover, den a patch of zombie skin for the pages, a golden bandit tooth for the clasp, and a lion tail for the spine. I hear dese ting can be found in the Western Karanas so bring dem to me and I make a pattern book for you, ya?'

Quest Details: Collect and hand in Fire Beetle Carapace, Zombie Skin, Golden Bandit Tooth, Lion Tail

Tip: Lion Tail is no drop; the rest are tradeable. The fire beetle carapace drops uncommonly off of ordinary, small fire beetles.

Zermak says, 'Remmadee, you are one smarts troll to come up with dese tings so quick. It too bad we can't fight together under Lanys no more. Me and you could have bashed some elf heads in good, no? Heh, heh, here's your pattern book.'

Receive: Ancestral Troll Armor

You say, 'More?'

Zermak says 'Da armor in dat book is nice an' all, but dey could be better. Mebbe I give you patterns for reinforcements if you do some tings to prove yerself. I got some other patterns, but you prolly not ready for all of dem yet. I give you patterns dependin on what you can do in [Highpass], [Lower Guk], [Old Sebilis] an' da [valley] beyond Lavastorm.'

Journeyman's Book Task: Hotly Contested

You say, 'Highpass?'

You have been assigned the task 'Hotly Contested'.

Zermak says 'Pesky lil gnolls need to be taught a lessin. Dey always chargin' Highpass Keep yelling about the glory of Zek. Den dey get wasted by dem hoomanz and bring shame to the big Zek war face. Wait by the gate and kill dem gnolls before the humans do. . . den bring me back dere rain water.'

Task Details
Highpass Hold: Kill 20 gnolls
Highpass Hold: Loot 2 Rain Water
Grobb: Hand in 4 Rain Water (unstacked) to Zermak
Highpass Hold: Kill 5 smugglers
Highpass Hold: Loot 1 Human Blood
Grobb: Hand in 1 Human Blood to Zermak

Tips: One good spot for gnolls is the crossroad by the succor point. the smugglers are hidden in caves.

Upon handing in the human blood...

Zermak says, 'Good. Dat work nicely. You earned yerself some reinforcement patterns.'

Receive: Journeyman's Book of Troll Culture

Expert's Book Task: Takin's da Fight to da Froggie

You say, 'What about Lower Guk?'

You have been assigned the task 'Takin's da Fight to da Froggie'.

Zermak says 'I tink you ready to get some revenge on dem froggies. Dey can't kick us out da Grobb and not pay da price! Go to der old city and scout tings out a bit! Sneak in dere amongst de undead ghoul froggies and rip 'em apart. Bring me dey phos-frus. Mebbe when you get back we see if you up for some warrin' with de real live froggies.'

Task Details
Lower Guk: Kill 50 froglok ghouls
Lower Guk: Loot 20 Phosphorous Powder
Grobb: Hand in 20 Phosphorous Powder (unstacked) to Zermak
Lower Guk: Kill 5 froglok wan knights
Lower Guk: Loot 1 Froglok Meat
Grobb: Hand in 1 Froglok Meat to Zermak

Tips: The froglok ghouls are on the dead side; the wan knights are on the live side. Froglok Zol Knights near the Frenzied Ghoul are a good source of phosphorous powders.

Upon handing in the froglok meat...

Ya! Dem froggies never knew what hit dem! Take dese patterns, dey make yer armer better.

Receive: Expert's Book of Troll Culture

Master's Book Task: Squishin' da Froggies

You say, 'What about Old Sebilis?'

You have been assigned the task 'Squishin' da Froggies'.

Zermak says 'De tuffest froggies are da sebilis froggies. Once you can handle dem, you can handle just bout any kind o froggy. Go deep into da ruins and flatten dem krup froglok good. Bring me back soma dose wax flowers day carry. Day look real pret. . . Um, I mean, day good for luring frogloks into me club. Har Har! Ya know wat I mean. . . Right?'

Task Details
Old Sebilis: Kill 80 froglok krups
Old Sebilis: Loot 40 Wax Flower
Grobb: Hand in 40 Wax Flower (unstacked) to Zermak
Old Sebilis: Kill 5 froglok ilis shaman
Old Sebilis: Loot 1 Nodding Blue Lily
Grobb: Hand in 1 Nodding Blue Lily to Zermak

Upon handing in the nodding blue lily...

***need completion text***

Receive: Master's Book of Troll Culture

Grandmaster's Book Task: Warrin with da Spider

***need continuing quest text***

You must be in a DoN mission to get the drops you need for this task.

Task Details
Lavaspinner's Lair: Kill 120 lavaspinners in Lavaspinner's Lair
Lavaspinner's Lair: Loot 80 Arachnid Eye Cluster
Grobb: Deliver 4 Arachnid Eye Cluster (unstacked) to Zermak
Lavaspinner's Lair: Kill 10 lavaspinners in Lavaspinner's Lair
Lavaspinner's Lair: Loot 1 Deadly Arachnid Mandibles
Grobb: Deliver one Deadly Arachnid Mandible to Zermak

Upon handing in the deadly arachnid mandible...

***need completion text***

Receive: Grandmaster's Book of Troll Culture

The following chart shows what drops are needed to make each tier of armor (made with the Ancestral book). More information about making the various tiers of symbols (with the Books of Culture) is on the Dragons of Norrath Cultural Armor Quest Overview, because the books are the only ingredient that differs between races.

DoN Troll Cultural Armor Drops
hide medium quality bear skin high quality bear skin shimmering ukun hide glossy drake hide
element barbed bone chips globe of fear great reptile tooth metallic drake scales

Note that "hides" are used for making leather armor and "elements" for both chain and plate armor.

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