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Coldain Prayer Shawl 2.0 #4: Bring him a Brew

Bring Him a Brew!

This is the 4th task in the Coldain Shawl 2.0 series. You must have previously completed 'Sewing it Forward' and have a raw brewing skill of 300 to request this task.

Quest NPC: Chamberlain Thoridain, Brell's Temple

Task Steps:

  • Create 1 Brell's Best using tradeskills - ALL
  • Speak with Thoridain and show him your success making Brell's Best - Brell's Temple
  • Collect 1 Brell's Rest Water Sample - Brell's Rest
  • Collect 1 Cooling Chamber Water Sample - The Cooling Chamber
  • Collect 1 Underquarry Water Sample - The Underquarry
  • Collect 1 Foundation Water Sample - The Foundation
  • Collect 1 Pellucid Grotto Water Sample - Pellucid Grotto
  • Collect 1 Arthicrex Water Sample - Arthicrex
  • Collect 1 Fungal Forest Water Sample - Fungal Forest
  • Create 1 Pure Underfoot Spirits using tradeskills - ALL
  • Collect 1 Jelly of the Cliknar Queen(s) - Arthicrex
  • Inform the Chamberlain that you have acquired the Jelly of the Cliknar Queen - Brell's Temple
  • Loot 1 Sacred Cask of Brell - ALL
  • Create 1 Brell's Mystical Brew using tradeskills - ALL
  • Deliver 1 Magical Water Collection Jar to Chamberlain Thoridain - Brell's Temple
  • Deliver 1 Brell's Mystical Brew to Chamberlain Thoridain - Brell's Temple
  • Wear your Sacred Underfoot Prayer Shawl and speak with Chamberlain Thoridain - Brell's Temple
  • Deliver your Sacred Underfoot Prayer Shawl to Chamberlain Thoridain - Brell's Temple


Item Recipe Trivial
Brell's Best
Charges: 1
Effect: Brell's Best (Casting Time: 1.0)
Required level of 85
WT: 0.8   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Components: Barley, Blessed Water of Brell Serilis, Bottle, Brell's Bounty(2), Cork, Cosgrove Powder(2), Malt, Quinine
In: Brew Barrel, Tanaan Brew Barrel
Pure Underfoot Spirits
WT: 0.1   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Components: Arthicrex Water Sample, Barley, Brell's Rest Water Sample, Cask, Cooling Chamber Water Sample, Foundation Water Sample, Fungal Forest Water Sample, Pellucid Grotto Water Sample, Underquarry Water Sample, Yeast
In: Brew Barrel, Tanaan Brew Barrel, Brewing Barrel (Placeable)
Brell's Mystical Brew
WT: 1.0   Size: LARGE
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Components: Brell's Best, Hops, Jelly of the Cliknar Queen, Malt, Pure Underfoot Spirits, Sacred Cask of Brell, Yeast
In: Brew Barrel, Tanaan Brew Barrel, Brewing Barrel (Placeable)


You say, 'Hail, Chamberlain Thoridain'

Chamberlain Thoridain says 'The craftsmanship of the previous pieces you created was outstanding. Even though nothing has changed with Brell, we will press on. Are you prepared to [accept] the fourth trial?'

You say, 'accept'

You have been assigned the task 'Bring Him a Brew!'

The first step in this task is to create a Brell's Best. This recipe is explained in the book, Brewing Brell's Best, sold on the Useful Automated Vendor in Brell's Rest. Return to Thoridain and hail him,

You say, 'Hail, Chamberlain Thoridain'

Your task 'Bring Him a Brew!' has been updated.

Chamberlain Thoridain says 'I see your talent at brewing is not understated. Hold on to that brew since we'll be using it as a base. Now we will begin your trial in earnest. Here is a magical water sampling jar. Travel to the areas I have indicated and collect a sample of water from each. There is likely only one suitable water supply in each area so you may need to do some searching. Be sure you do not lose the jar as I will want it back when you are done.'

You receive Magical Water Collection Jar. It is an inventory clickable item, 0.5 sec cast time that will collect water samples and duplicate itself, allowing unlimited collecting of samples.

Now you must travel to each of the zones indicated and collect a sample of water.

  • In Brell's Rest, the steaming pool with the elementals is the proper location. Run in/near/there and click the collection jar. You will receive a sample. Clicking the jar does remove invisibility when you receive the water sample. Simply wait for the pather to move away and you can find a spot in the middle near the cooling chamber zone pit.
  • In the Cooling Chamber, the location is the lake all the way at the bottom with the undead. Run with invis/ivu down to the lake and find a spot in the water with no mobs around.
  • In the Underquarry, the location is the small lake in the main quest NPC room near the genari. Stay on the opposite side of the water from them and you can collect the sample without aggro.
  • In the Foundation, you will need to head east from the zone in to the next section and there is a small lake with some autarchians and baelorats around it.
  • In Pellucid Grotto, the lake in the far northwest corner of the zone is where you need to go where the memory crystals spawn around the lake. Move towards the middle of the lake to find a safe spot.
  • In Arthicrex, there is a small puddle in the ravine near the Underquarry zone in. There are 2-3 cliknar and 2-3 oozes that spawn near there that can see invis, be careful.
  • In Fungal Forest, there is a small pond near the east end of the zone with mephits all around it. Rarely will a mephit ganger see through invis so simply approach from a different side from them and can collect the sample near the middle of the lake.

Once you have all of the water samples, you need to create the Pure Underfoot Spirits. To do this, combine the 7 water samples you have collected in a brew barrel with a cask, barley, and yeast. Once you have this, you now must collect the Jelly of the Cliknar Queen. This is a ground spawn in Arthicrex deep in the Hive in the northern end of the zone. Go up the switchbacks to enter the hive area, be careful there are see-invis mobs along this path. Once at the top, go into the hive and down towards the bottom. The very bottom room has 2 tables with colored jars. Going up from the bottom to the 2nd path from the bottom leads to another room where the Hive Nurse spawns there are some additional tables with colored jars stacked on them. The ground spawn is ON one of the tables and it is a large vial that is yellow and sparklie. Several see-invis mobs are in the room as well as other trash mobs. Nothing sees through SoS. Once you have reached the room, either clear the mobs, or use some form of invulnerability to run in and grab the ground spawn is the best suggestion I can give. It was not easy to obtain. After you have the jelly, you need to return to Chamberlain Thoridain and speak to him.

You say, 'Hail, Chamberlain Thoridain'

Your task 'Bring Him a Brew!' has been updated.

Chamberlain Thoridain says 'I am glad to see you were able to procure this jelly. That was no easy task I'm sure. The last thing we will need is a Sacred Cask of Brell. We only use them for the most sacred brews. They are kept in cold storage in Kernagir. You should speak to Brewmeister Stiegl about obtaining one.

Now you need to head to Kernagir and find Brewmeister Stiegl.

You say, 'Hail, Brewmeister Stiegl'

Brewmeister Stiegl says 'What do you want?'

You say, 'sacred cask of brell'

Brewmeister Stiegl says 'Oh yeah? Well I am not in the giving mood today. Get'em!'

When you say the key phrase to him, the normal mobs in his room will despawn and 5 "a coldain brewer" will spawn and attack you. You need to clear these mobs and then Brewmeister Stiegl will become active and attack. Defeat him and he will drop the Sacred Cask of Brell. They hit like normal Kernagir trash mobs. Upon the death of Brewmeister Stiegl, the normal trash mobs in the room respawn.

Now that you have the cask you are ready to create Brell's Mythical Brew. To do this you combine the Sacred Cask of Brell with the Pure Underfoot Spirits, Brell's Best, and Jelly of the Cliknar Queen, as well as Yeast, Malt, and Hops in a brew barrel. Then you take this mythical brew along with the water collection jar back to Chamberlain Thoridain. Hand in the jar, then the brew, and then wear your shawl, hail Chamberlain again and then turn your shawl in to receive the Blessed Sanctified Underfoot Prayer Shawl.

Upon handing in the Water Collection Jar:

Chamberlain Thoridain says 'Thank you for returning this. It's very valuable and we would not want to be without it.'

Upon handing in the Brell's Mythical Brew:

Chamberlain Thoridain says 'This is incredible work! Never have I seen a brew as potent as this. I hope it will have some effect on the creator.'

You say, 'Hail, Chamberlain Thoridain'

Chamberlain Thoridain says 'Great. Give me your Sacred Underfoot Prayer Shawl, and I will give you your next shawl.

Hand your Sacred Underfoot Prayer Shawl to Chamberlain Thoridain.

Chamberlain Thoridain says 'You have done the brewers of Underfoot proud with your accomplishments today. Here is your new shawl with any augments you may have had in it.

At this point you will receive a shawl based upon your class.

Casters: Blessed Sanctified Underfoot Prayer Shawl
Melee: Blessed Sanctified Underfoot Prayer Shawl

You say, 'Hail, Chamberlain Thoridain'

Chamberlain Thoridain says 'Your brew was truly potent. I believe I saw some glimmer of recognition from Brell when I gave it to him. We may be getting through to him after all! We must move forward with the next trial. Are you [prepared]?

You say, 'prepared'

You have been assigned the task 'I Hope You Can Hear This'

Chamberlain Thoridain says 'Good. Given the reaction to your brew, Brell may be receptive to further input. You will attempt to create the sacred prayer runes of Brell. Given the sacred nature of these runes, I am sure it will have some effect. Off you go!

This starts the 5th task in the sequence: 'I Hope You Can Hear This'

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