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Recipes - Pottery - Veil of Alaris

Veil of Alaris brings us quite a few recipes for pottery. There are two new sets of ornaments to change the look of your weapons that are waiting for the fashion concious. There's a new set of Soloist Ascension Seals to help add focus to your cultural armor for those of us who do not raid. Let's also not forget a pretty new set of Glorious Charms to compliment your new set of Glorious Armor. Lastly, there's a new set of molds available that are required for the new Glorious Weapons.

There are several scrolls available for purchase that can help with at least some of these recipes. Most of these can be found on Bookseller Shoden in Argath, Bastion of Alara and some can be found in other places around Norrath as well.

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