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Recipes - Pottery - Rain of Fear

New Soloist Planar Seals are part of Rain of Fear for players looking to add focus effects to their new Regal Cultural Armor. There's also a brand new set of ornaments available to customize your look. There is also some new items in pottery with Rain of Fear. Rumors of Energized Clay Pots and and Planar Clay Seals are being whispered around Norrath.

Remember there are lots of books and scrolls available in Shard's Landing that can help you (some are actually required) learn recipes without having to experiment to learn them. Visit Craftkeeper Bobus Tindlefoot to find:

  • Soloist Planar Seals - Book One - this one will have some of the soloist planar seal recipes you can scribe to learn immediately
  • Solost Planar Seals - Book Two - this one has the rest of the soloist planar seal recipes to scribe
  • Relic Replica II Weapon Ornament Sketches - this one has all the ornament recipes in it ready to be scribed
  • Planar Pottery - this one just has a few more recipes for Rain of Fear pottery, but it cannot be scribed to learn recipes

Craftkeeper Bobus Tindlefoot in Shard's Landing also carries the sketches to make the new weapon ornaments.

Happy Potting!

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