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Recipes - Smithing - Rain of Fear

Rain of Fear is following the pattern of previous releases. There are some nice new Regal Weapons available, a new set of cultural armor available and the templates to go with those. Of course there are also Transcendent Symbols for your armor that can be smithed too. It may take a while to collect all the cultural recipes, please post your discoveries in our forums and we'll add the items and recipes for everyone.

Remember there are lots of books and scrolls available in Shard's Landing that can help you (some are actually required) learn recipes without having to experiment to learn them. Visit Craftkeeper Bobus Tindlefoot to find:

  • Regal [race] Cultural Smithing - this one is required to make Regal Armor
  • Smithing Transcedent Cultural Symbols - this will give you all the recipes to smith cultural symbols for the Regal Armor
  • Regal Weapon Smithing - This one will give you all the smithed weapon recipes
  • Smithed Armor Step XVII - This one gives you all the template recipes without experimenting

Happy Smithing!

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