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Alchemy Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ originated on the now-closed Belgar's Alchemy site. It has been updated and adapted here with permission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can make potions with alchemy?

Alchemy is a shaman-only skill.

When can I start working on alchemy?

You can start once your shaman is level 25.

Is there a skill cap on alchemy?

No, but there used to be. As of the Dragons of Norrath expansion, you can take alchemy all the way to 300 skill at level 25. Given the cost of ingredients, this would be extremely hard without considerable help; still, it is possible.

Where can I buy herbs?

See our Herb Vendors guide for a complete list of known herb vendors throughout Norrath.

Where do I find the recipes for known alchemy potions?

See our Alchemy Recipes pages for detailed recipes and effects.

What are the best potions to make in order to increase my alchemy skill?

We're working on revising this answer, as it's changed considerably since the last edit.

What attribute has the greatest effect on alchemy success rates and skill increases?


See our guide on Beginning Alchemy for more information.

Where do I find the various dropped ingredients used for certain alchemy potions?

Search for the item or click on it in a recipe. Part of the item detail is the known sources, including what can drop it and where it is foraged. If you cannot yet kill the kind of creature that drops an ingredient, or cannot easily get to them, try checking vendors near those creatures to see if players have sold some off.

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

An intriguing and age-old question that is highly dependent upon whether one is speaking of the African swallow, or the European swallow. See Monty Python's "The Search for the Holy Grail" for further details.

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