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A Brief Guide for Tradeskills in The Burning Lands

A Brief Guide for Tradeskills in The Burning Lands

The Burning Lands expansion contains a few new foods and drinks, a little fishing and lots of wearable items that are crafted with the traditional trade skills, but apply a completely new approach for making them into the final product. There does not appear to be any new Alchemy or Make Poison recipes in this expansion.

The crafted gear in this expansion focuses on a few critical dropped items. Primordial Dynastic Radiance is key for all wearables/augments and Diminished Inhabited Muhbis is required for all group wearables/augments. For raid versions of the wearables, Exultant Inhabited Muhbis is required. There are also some purchased items that are obtained from Sagacious Great Jade, though some of the ingredients are also reused from the past couple of expansions.

So what's new in the Burning Lands expansion?

Daybreak has introduced a new concept for crafting wearable gear and augments. This applies to visible armors, non-visible pieces, augmentations, weapons and shields. Each item requires two "muhbis": one that is a crafted container and the other which is a dropped, no trade item. This basically requires you to have the TBL expansion in order to obtain the dropped, no trade item in order to obtain gear from this expansion.

The crafted container "muhbis" rely on Primordial Dynastic Radiance to make, but these containers can be traded. So, if you aren't a master trade skiller, you might be able to obtain these with the help of friends, guild mates or from the bazaar. To make group level items, you'll need to obtain a Diminished Inhabited Muhbis for each piece. You place the Diminished Inhabited Muhbis in the crafted muhbis container to make the final item. For visible gear, you'll need to add a few additional ingredients. Raid level items are similar, you'll need a new muhbis container and an Exultant Inhabited Muhbis. You do not upgrade the existing group piece directly in this expansion.

The basic idea for visible group gear is to create the generic container muhbis that is specific to the slot you’re trying to craft. Then, you place a Diminished Inhabited Muhbis and two vendor obtained items IN the crafted muhbis container to create the final piece of gear. The container muhbis can be made either through tailoring or smithing, regardless of what type of armor your class wears. The resulting generic container muhbis can be used ANY class. There aren’t different muhbis recipes for silk, chain, leather or plate as we’ve done before.

Generic container muhbis for group gear are:

For the muhbis to make raid level visible gear, you take the above Adamant Trimuphant Cloud muhbis and combine it again in a forge or a loom with five more Primordial Dynastic Radiance. Then you place the Exultant Inhabited Muhbis and two vendor purchased items IN the crafted muhbis container to create the final piece of gear.

Generic container muhbis for raid gear are:

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