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Prices listed are using best charisma.

Recipe Costs

Removed all the obsolete information. Providing the cost for a few common utility potions for reference.

Recipe Cost
Philter Of Major Translocation (Gate) 143p 8g 4s 5c
Philter Of Unlife Awareness (Invis to Undead) 3p 9g 3s 3c
Philter Of Shadows (Invis) 6p 8g 1s 9c
Philter Of The Wolf V (Run Speed) 6p 8g 1s 9c
Philter Of The Ant (Shrink) 2p 6g 1s 9c
Philter Of Gulon's Impunity (Levitate) 1p 8g 3s 2c
Vial Of Prismatic Dye (Change Color of your armor) 29p 4g 1s 8c

Ingredients Costs

These prices are up to date as of 11/27/2010

Ingredient Price
Acaana 5g 2s 4c
Acaana Leaf 5c
Adorned Potion Vial 17p 8g 4s 9c
Adorning Gem Powder 10p 5g 6s 5c
Agrimony 5g 2s 4c
Agrimony Leaf 5c
Allspice 5g 2s 4c
Aloe 5g 2s 4c
Aloe Thorn 5c
Aloe Tip 1g 4c
Angelica 10p 4g 9s 9c
Angurth 5g 2s 4c
Angurth Leaf 5c
Anise 5g 2s 5c
Arnworth 1p 6g 7s 9c
Arroweed 5g 2s 4c
Arroweed Leaf 5c
Balm Leaves 4p 1g 9s 9c
Belan 8s 3c
Benzoin 5g 2s 4c
Berterine 2p 8g 8s 7c
Betherium Bark 6g 2s 9c
Birthwort 5g 2s 4c
Birthwort Leaf 5c
Bistort 10p 4g 9s 9c
Bitterwood 5g 2s 4c
Bitterwood Twig 5c
Black Gold Ingot 6299p 9g 9s 9c
Bladderwrack 83p 9g 9s 9c
Blade Leaf 5p 2g 4s 9c
Blue Nightwort Petal 1g 4c
Blue Vervain Bulb 3g 6s 7c
Boneset 13p 4s 7c
Boneset Leaf 5c
Bongo's Hot Chili Spice 6p 2g 9s 9c
Briar Thistle 5g 2s 4c
Briar Thistle Thorn 1g 4c
Briar Thistle Tip 5c
Bruisewort 19p 9g 4s 9c
Buffing Sheets 3p 1g 4s 9c
Bugbane 7g 8s 7c
Bulb Lotus 5g 2s 4c
Bulb Lotus Petal 1g 4c
Bundle of Acaana 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Agrimony 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Aloe 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Angurth 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Arroweed 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Birthwort 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Bitterwood 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Bitterwood Twigs 1g 4c
Bundle of Blue Nightwort 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Boneset 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Briar Thistle 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Bulb Lotus 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Burdock Roots 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Cententialspore 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Clover 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Comfrey 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Curuloth 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Damiana 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Duskglow Vine 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Elderberry 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Eyebright 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Fenugreek 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Feverfew 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Figwort 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Fire Spore 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Flamewort 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Horehound 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Icicle Ivy 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Lucerne 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Maidenhair Fern 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Mandrake Roots 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Marsh Algae 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Mullein 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Nettle Creeper 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Night Shade 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Sage Leaves 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Seathorn 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Sickle Leaves 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Star Reach Clover 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Storm Cloud 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Sumbul 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Suranie 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Tri-Fern Leaves 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Woundwart 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Yellow Rheum 1p 4s 9c
Bundle of Yerbhimba 1p 4s 9c
Burdock Root 5g 2s 4c
Celandine Herb 5p 2g 4s 9c
Centella 45p 4s 4c
Cententialspore 5g 2s 4c
Chip of Katuka Bark 5c
Chronal Infused Potion Vial 16p 7g 9s 9c
Cicino 3c
Cinquefoil 2p 4g 1s 4c
Clivers 2g 9c
Clover 5g 2s 4c
Clover Leaf 1g 4c
Clubmoss 5p 2g 4s 9c
Comfrey 5g 2s 4c
Comfrey Leaf 5c
Cresson 3p 6g 7s 4c
Crude Potion Vial 4s 1c
Curuloth 5g 2s 4c
Curuloth Leaf 5c
Damiana 5g 2s 4c
Damiana Leaf 5c
Dash of Wolf Blood 1g 4c
Dhea 5g 2s 4c
Dhea Concentrate 1p 4s 9c
Dihedral Burin 31p 4g 9s 9c
Dinfuin 157p 4g 9s 9c
Dragon Runed Potion Vial 14p 1g 7s 4c
Dragonwart 2p 9s 9c
Drop of Dhea 5c
Drop of Pickleberry Extract 5c
Drop of Wolf Blood 5c
Duskglow Vine 5g 2s 4c
Echinacea 4p 1g 9s 9c
Elderberry 5g 2s 4c
Elderberry Leaf 5c
Erudition Vine 41p 9g 9s 9c
Eucalyptus Leaf 4p 1g 9s 9c
Eyebright 5g 2s 4c
Eyebright Leaf 5c
Fangorth 46p 1g 9s 9c
Fennel 2p 9s 9c
Fenugreek 5g 2s 4c
Fenugreek Leaf 5c
Feverfew 5g 2s 4c
Feverfew Leaf 5c
Figwort 5g 2s 4c
Figwort Leaf 5c
Fine Hydroabrasive 52p 4g 9s 9c
Fine Potion Vial 3p 6g 7s 4c
Fire Spore 5g 2s 4c
Fire Spore Leaf 5c
Flamewort 5g 2s 4c
Flamewort Leaf 5c
Fragment of Acaana 1c
Fragment of Angurth 1c
Fragment of Arroweed 1c
Fragment of Fire Spore 1c
Fragment of Flamewort 1c
Fragment of Icicle Ivy 1c
Fragment of Seathorn 1c
Fragment of Sickle Leaf 5c
Fragment of Suranie 1c
Fragment of Tri-Fern Leaf 5c
Fragment of Yellow Rheum 1c
Gemmed Potion Vial 4p 7g 2s 4c
Gerti Blossom 2g 9c
Gold Embossed Potion Vial 8p 9g 2s 4c
Goldenseal 3p 4s 4c
Grain of Bulb Lotus Pollen 1c
Grain of Cententialspore 5c
Grain of Hemlock Powder 5c
Grain of Star Reach Clover Pollen 5c
Grande Wormwood 5p 2g 4s 9c
Ground Figwort 5g 2s 4c
Handful of Allspice 1p 4s 9c
Handful of Benzoin 1p 4s 9c
Handful of Ground Figwort 1p 4s 9c
Handful of Hemlock Powder 1p 4s 9c
Handful of Katuka Bark 1p 4s 9c
Handful of Prism Grains 1p 4s 9c
Heliotrope 41p 4g 7s 5c
Hemlock Powder 5g 2s 4c
Horehound 5g 2s 4c
Horehound Leaf 5c
Hydrangea 7p 3g 4s 9c
Hydroabrasive 31p 4g 9s 9c
Hypericum 16p 7g 9s 9c
Hyssop 4p 1g 9s 9c
Icicle Ivy 5g 2s 4c
Icicle Ivy Leaf 5c
Infused Belan 4p 8g 3c
Infused Cicino 4p 1s 6c
Infused Fangorth 94p 4g 9s 9c
Infused Larkspur 139p 1g 2s 4c
Infused Leaves of Vox's Dust 18p 3g 7s 4c
Infused Pollen of Vox's Dust 27p 2g 9s 9c
Infused Red Hellebore 57p 6g 4s 4c
Infused Sticklewort Leaves 15p 7g 4s 9c
Infused Sticklewort Pollen 25p 7g 2s 4c
Infused Thorny Ergot 49p 2g 4s 4c
Infused Vinuk 143p 3g 2s 4c
Jatamasi 4p 1g 9s 9c
Kaktu 241p 4g 9s 9c
Katuka Bark 5g 2s 4c
Lady's Mantle 2p 9s 9c
Large Stinging Crystal 1p 4s 9c
Larkspur 3g 6s 7c
Lucerne 5g 2s 4c
Lucerne Leaf 5c
Maidenhair Fern 5g 2s 4c
Maidenhair Fern Leaf 5c
Makeshift Potion Vial 1p 4s 9c
Maliak Leaf 4p 1g 9s 9c
Mandrake Root 5g 2s 4c
Mark of Aggression 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Alacrity 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Battle 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Celerity 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Dexterity 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Efficiency 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Extension 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Ferocity 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Haste 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Healing 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Potency 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Quickness 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Sight 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Sundering 1p 4s 9c
Mark of Virility 1p 4s 9c
Marsh Algae Leaf 1g 4c
Mastic 314p 9g 9s 9c
Measure of Allspice 1g 4c
Measure of Benzoin 1g 4c
Measure of Dhea 1g 4c
Measure of Hemlock Powder 1g 4c
Measure of Pickleberry Extract 1g 4c
Measure of Prism Grains 1g 4c
Measure of Wolf Blood 5g 2s 4c
Mercury 6p 2g 9s 9c
Methysticum 2g 9c
Mugwart 7p 3g 4s 9c
Mullein 5g 2s 4c
Mullein Leaf 5c
Mystic Ash 12p 5g 9s 9c
Nettle Creeper Leaf 5c
Night Shade 5g 2s 4c
Night Shade Leaf 5c
Oakmoss 83p 9g 9s 9c
Pickleberry Extract 5g 2s 4c
Pickleberry Extract Concentrate 1p 4s 9c
Piece of Ground Figwort 5c
Piece of Katuka Bark 1g 4c
Piece of Sickle Leaf 1g 4c
Piece of Tri-Fern Leaf 1g 4c
Pinch of Allspice 5c
Pinch of Benzoin 5c
Pinch of Blue Nightwort Pollen 5c
Pinch of Bulb Lotus Pollen 5c
Pinch of Burdock Root 5c
Pinch of Cententialspore 1g 4c
Pinch of Clover Pollen 5c
Pinch of Ground Figwort 1g 4c
Pinch of Mandrake Root 5c
Pinch of Prism Grains 5c
Pinkroot 78p 7g 4s 9c
Plain Potion Vial 1p 5g 7s 4c
Platinum Embossed Potion Vial 11p 5g 4s 9c
Primitive Potion Vial 2s
Prism Grains 5g 2s 4c
Prism Shard 10p 4g 4s 9c
Rosin 209p 9g 9s 9c
Rough Potion Vial 2g 6s 2c
Runed Potion Vial 6p 2g 9s 9c
Sage Leaf 5g 2s 4c
Sandalwood 83p 9g 9s 9c
Sea Spirit 17p 5g 6s 5c
Seathorn 5g 2s 4c
Seathorn Leaf 5c
Section of Burdock Root 1g 4c
Section of Mandrake Root 1g 4c
Segment of Marsh Algae 5c
Shard of Stinging Crystal 1g 4c
Sickle Leaf 5g 2s 4c
Simple Potion Vial 1p 5g 7s 4c
Single Prism Grain 1c
Single Sage Leaf 5c
Skullcap 21p 5g 2s 4c
Sliver of Stinging Crystal 5c
Small Vial 1s
Smooth Potion Vial 2p 6g 2s 4c
Sour Clover 32p 5g 2s 2c
Splinter of Bitterwood 1c
Sprig of Acaana 1g 4c
Sprig of Agrimony 1g 4c
Sprig of Angurth 1g 4c
Sprig of Arroweed 1g 4c
Sprig of Birthwort 1g 4c
Sprig of Boneset 1g 4c
Sprig of Comfrey 1g 4c
Sprig of Curuloth 1g 4c
Sprig of Damiana 1g 4c
Sprig of Duskglow Vine 1g 4c
Sprig of Elderberry 1g 4c
Sprig of Eyebright 1g 4c
Sprig of Fenugreek 1g 4c
Sprig of Feverfew 1g 4c
Sprig of Figwort 1g 4c
Sprig of Fire Spore 1g 4c
Sprig of Flamewort 1g 4c
Sprig of Horehound 1g 4c
Sprig of Icicle Ivy 1g 4c
Sprig of Lucerne 1g 4c
Sprig of Maidenhair Fern 1g 4c
Sprig of Mullein 1g 4c
Sprig of Nettle Creeper 1g 4c
Sprig of Night Shade 1g 4c
Sprig of Sage Leaves 1g 4c
Sprig of Seathorn 1g 4c
Sprig of Storm Cloud 1g 4c
Sprig of Sumbul 1g 4c
Sprig of Suranie 1g 4c
Sprig of Woundwart 1g 4c
Sprig of Yellow Rheum 1g 4c
Sprig of Yerbhimba 1g 4c
Star Reach Clover 5g 2s 4c
Star Reach Clover Pollen 1g 4c
Sticklewort 1s
Stinging Crystal 5g 2s 4c
Stinging Crystal Dust 1c
Stinging Nettle 13p 6g 4s 9c
Storm Cloud Leaf 5c
Sumac 38p 7g 7s
Sumbul 4p 1g 9s 9c
Sumbul Leaf 5c
Suranie 5g 2s 4c
Suranie Leaf 5c
Tanaan Ginko 62p 9g 9s 9c
Thrayniis 14p 6g 9s 9c
Tregrum 2g 9c
Tri-Fern Leaf 5g 2s 4c
Trillium 7p 8g 7s 4c
Usneq 18p 3g 7s 4c
Valerian Root 3p 1g 4s 9c
Vervian 13p 1g 2s 4c
Vetiver Root 24p 7s 9c
Vinuk 1p 5g 7s 4c
Violet Tri-Tube Sap 2g 6s 2c
Vox's Dust 4s 1c
White Gold Ingot 1049p 9g 9s 9c
Wolf Blood 1p 4s 9c
Wormwood 20p 9g 9s 9c
Woundwart 5g 2s 4c
Woundwart Leaf 5c
Yarrow 26p 2g 4s 9c
Yebamante 52p 4g 9s 9c
Yellow Rheum 5g 2s 4c
Yellow Rheum Leaf 5c
Yerbhimba 5g 2s 4c
Yerbhimba Leaf 5c
Yyamilin 107p 6g 2s 4c

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