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Skilling up 301 to 350: The Basics

Skilling up 301 to 350

In 2016 a new Tradeskill Related Quest was released: The Artisan's Prize.

This quest brought with it ability to raise tradeskills from the then current cap of 300 to 350 (250 for fishing) through levels, Alternate Advancement and learning unique recipes.

It is completely different than the approach for raising your skills to 300.

Alternative Advancement Points

You will need to purchase extended levels of the different Tradeskill Mastery AA in order to raise your skill above 300.

These AA are also tied to levels. You can start purchasing the high ranks in the different Tradeskill Mastery categories at level 60. An additional rank can be purchased every 5 levels, finally maxing the ranks at level 105.

Here are a list of articles that contain Tradeskill Alternate Advancement details:

Learning Recipes

The next step in raising your skill past 300 is learning unique recipes in each tradeskill.

Not all recipes count!

For a recipe to count towards advancing your skill past 300, it must meet the following criteria:

- The recipe must not be “no fail”
This includes items with a trivial under 16
- The recipe must not be “auto-learned”
There are a subset of recipes for which you can search in the TS container interface regardless of whether you’ve made it before or not, these do not count
- The recipe must “learn”
This means it will appear in the Tradeskill container interface via search after you’ve made it successfully, if it does not learn, it does not count
- If the recipe REQUIRES the scribing of a book to perform the combine, it does not count.
If scribing the book is OPTIONAL, the recipes count. This is a huge time saver on some of the tradeskills
- The recipe must be made in a standard container for the skill, it cannot require a special container.
NOTE: For Baking: a mixing bowl, an oven and an ice cream churn are all considered standard containers.
  • No cultural recipes that are made in a racial sewing kit, racial forge or assembly kit count
  • No recipes that only combine in the Reinforced Jewelers Kit count
  • No recipes that combine in a glaze mortar, any size jar or quest specific containers count

You must learn a set number of recipes in each tradeskill to max your skill.

The number of possible recipes to make has been increasing with each expansion after the ability to raise your skill was introduced into the game.
The list below has been updated through Night of Shadows.

  • Baking: 698 out of 783
  • Blacksmithing: 1,939 out of 2,260
  • Brewing: 302 out of 363
  • Fishing: 122 out of 160
  • Fletching: 879 out of 1,028
  • Jewelcraft: 1,279 out of 1,498
  • Pottery: 2,014 out of 2,209
  • Spell Research: 2,570 out of 4,108
  • Tailoring: 2,078 out of 2,2324
  • Alchemy: 564 out of 616
  • Make Poison: 543 out of 680
  • Tinkering: 793 out of 862


You can start learning recipes before you have purchased the additional levels of Mastery in a specific tradeskill (or obtained the level to even be able to buy the next level of Tradeskill Mastery). Keep plugging away at learning those unique recipes and your skill will increase accordingly once you buy the AAs.

One of the key things you'll need to do as you embark on this journey is to keep track of what recipes you've made. You can use the standard command in game to create a text file of the recipes you already know.

Type /outputfile recipes [Tradeskill name] and you'll receive a file formatted as CharacterName_Server-tradeskill-recipes.txt.

You can click directly on the hyperlinked text in your chat window to open the text file.

Several players have created guides and/or parsers or tracking spreadsheets that can help with tracking your progress.

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