Skilling up 301 to 350: Spell Research

Basic Guide for raising research to 350

As with all trade skills from 301 to 350, your journey starts with purchasing Alternate Advancement Points. You will need to earn an additional 425 AA points and have a minimum level of 105 to take your skill all the way to 350. See the Alternate Advancement Points – Research post for the full breakdown. You CAN start to learn the recipes before you have purchased the AA points. Your skill will automatically advance to the corresponding level once you buy the AAs.

You must learn a minimum of 2,570 research recipes in order to raise your skill all the way to 350. You will advance one skill point for roughly every 53 recipes learned. Remember, not all recipes count – you will only advance your skill with recipes that count. Because of the sheer volume of recipes and AAs that are required to advance your Research skill, if you are just looking to maximize the stats on your Artisan’s Prize, it is recommended that you raise other skills higher (340+) and then do just the minimum needed in research to max the Artisan’s Prize. Research can be particularly grueling because of the number of recipes that require dropped items that can be less than common.

Starting your journey:

These should bring your known/learned recipe total up to 1,033 or about 19 skill points.

  1. Purchase and scribe Research: Sortilege Sheets & Battle Diagrams (Can Scribe). (570 recipes)
  2. If you didn’t do the Crescent Reach Spell Research Freebie quest to raise your skill to 54, go to Crescent Reach, find Researcher Akila and tell her [Recipes] (4 recipes)
  3. Inks (55 recipes)
  4. Quills (20 recipes)
  5. Solutions (51 recipes)
  6. Scrolls and Tomes (200 recipes)
  7. Thickeners (16 recipes)
  8. Other Basic Ingredients (7 recipes)
  9. Spellcaster's Essences (65 recipes)
  10. Legacy of Ykesha Swatches (36 recipes)
  11. PoR Mana Vials (5 recipes)
  12. Buried Sea Odds and Ends (4 recipes)
From this point you will need to start learning spells and tomes. In order to keep costs down, I highly recommend that you work your way from the lower level spells and tomes to higher level spells and tomes, but ultimately the most important thing at this point is what ingredients you have available and the speed at which you want to raise your skill. If you choose to go low to high – you will need to make all the known spells/tomes through level 71 or so. Find large populations of casting mobs (Undershore, Relic, Fortress Mechanotus and LDoNs are good) and start farming the various parchments, vellums and papers. LDoNs can also be a decent source for Crystallized Sulfur if you want to make your own solutions. Fortress Mechanotus (and other SoF zones) is a good source for Saltpeter as well as Charta Arcanums.

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