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A Brief Guide for Tradeskills in Ring of Scale


Ring of Scale brings changes to armors created with tradeskills. Traditional Cultural Armor is being replaced by crafted armor that is only differentiated by class.

All Armor, Gear and Weapons are branded or labeled as Conflagrant.

Plate and Chain armors are still produced with Smithing
Cloth and Leather armors are produced with Tailoring
Weapons and Shields are crafted by either Smithing or Fletching
Earrings, Rings and Pendants are made with Jewelcraft
Face, Charm and Range items are crafted with Pottery
Back and Shoulder items are tailored from ingredients produced via fishing
You’ll be needing to befriend a tinkering gnome for a waist item
Powerful augmentations are created with Spell Research

It's also possible to upgrade the Conflagrant version of tradeskilled gear into raid quality gear.
You will need to obtain two Flawless Conflagrant Diamonds per item you wish to upgrade to “Phlogiston” and have high skills to make the kits used in the upgrade.

There is a nice selection of Baking and Brewing Recipes to bring even more powerful nibbles and libations to boost your stats.
New Potions and Poisons are also available to bring more power to your daily grind.


There are a whole army of vendors in The Overthere that can help you with ingredients that are specific to this expansion (as well as general useful items that can be found on other vendors in other zones).


Foraging: Berries, Cooked Rabbit Meat, Fruit, Lava Larva, Pod of Water, Roots, Vegetables
Fishing: No Fishable Water
Sathir's Tomb:
Foraging: Berries, Bile Drippings, Fishing Grubs, Fruit, Rabbit Meat, Roots, Vegetables
Fishing: No Fishable Water
The Howling Stones:
Foraging: Berries, Bile Drippings, Fishing Grubs, Fruit, Pod of Water, Rabbit Meat, Roots, Vegetables
Fishing: No Fishable Water
The Overthere:
Foraging: Berries, Cockatrice Egg, Cracked Shell, Fishing Grubs, Pod of Water, Roots, Shimmering Vigna, Wet Clay, Vegetables,
Fishing: Overthere Threadfin, Timorous Deep Toothfish, Danak Grouper, Fresh Fish, Fish Scales, Rusty Dagger, Tattered Cloth Sandal,
The Skyfire Mountains:
Foraging: Berries, Cooked Rabbit Meat, Drakefire Vetch, Fishing Grubs, Fruit, Roots, Vegetables
Fishing: No Fishable Water
Veeshan's Peak:
Foraging: Berries, Cooked Rabbit Meat, Fishing Grubs, Fruit, Lava Mold, Roots, Vegetables
Fishing: No Fishable Water


If you want to read for yourself the recipes provided in the books, they are listed below. None can be scribed and all the recipes can be found by using the recipe links at the end of this guide.


Tradeskill Quest

There is a tradeskill quest arc in this expansion that has a nice ear slot for those with the patience to get through it. Find Crestra in The Overthere to start your adventure.

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