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With the Night of Shadows expansion, a new feature has been introduced that will help tradeskill ingredient hoarders enthusiasts: Tradeskill Component Depot (also known as Tradeskill Depot).

At the initial launch, the Personal Version will be available. There may be plans to add a Guild version later.

From the official patch notes:
  • With the purchase of the new expansion, your account will gain a Tradeskill Component Depot that comes with 250 - 490 slots (depending on the expansion edition purchased) for stacks of tradeskill items. You can purchase additional slots via the marketplace.
  • Each slot ignores the standard stack sizes and can hold up to 99,999 of each item.
  • To withdraw or deposit items from/to your Personal Tradeskill Depot, you'll need to be at a bank, however, you can consume items from anywhere as long as you have Personal Depot checked in the Tradeskill Window.
  • You will only be able to deposit stackable tradeskill items that are not attunable, temporary, lore, no trade (and also not heirloom), containers, or no storage.
  • Items in your Personal Tradeskill Depot can only be used in normal tradeskill combines. You cannot experiment using your depot, the items must be in your inventory.
  • Your Personal Depot can only contain a single stack of each item. For example, if you have 99,999 Cup of Flour in your Personal Depot, you will not be able to deposit any more [Cup of Flour].
  • All characters on an account on the same server will share the same Personal Tradeskill Depot, much like the shared bank. When a character is transferred to a different server, their Personal Depot will not be included.
  • Updated /outputfile inventory to include items from your Personal Tradeskill Depot if it is loaded (either by opening it at a bank or using it for tradeskill combines).

What is the Tradeskill Depot?

The Tradeskill Depot is a new storage solution for stackable items that are flagged as “This item can be used in tradeskills”.

It is a cross between Dragon’s Hoard and a Shared Bank, with extra perks.

It uses a similar UI as Dragon’s Hoard, but the Tradeskill Depot is shared across all characters from the same account on the same server.

How do I obtain the Tradeskill Depot?

You must purchase one of the Night of Shadows Expansion Editions/Bundles.

How do I interact with the Tradeskill Depot?

Viewing Items

You can view the contents of the Tradeskill Depot by clicking on the Tradeskill Depot button in the banker window or by clicking the Tradeskill Depot button in any Tradeskill container UI.

Depositing Items

You can only deposit items into (and withdraw items from) your Tradeskill Depot while you are interacting with a banker.

To deposit items, you can pick them up one stack at a time and drop them into the Tradeskill Depot Window OR you can pick up a bag and click it over the Tradeskill Depot window to move all eligible items from the bag into the Tradeskill Depot at one time.

Withdrawing Items

You can only withdraw items from your Tradeskill Depot while you are interacting with a banker.

When you are removing items from your Tradeskill Depot, you can only withdraw up to the inventory stack limit at one time. So if you need 2,000 Exquisite Silk, you'll need to pull two 1,000 stacks out.

Using Items

If you are making a known recipe that can be searched in a Tradeskill Container UI, you can click the "Personal Depot" box on the right hand side of the UI, under the ingredients. This will force the container to also look for ingredients in your Tradeskill Depot as you attempt combines. Items in your Tradeskill Depot will have a blue background (with the standard UI).

If you do not already know the recipe, or the recipe cannot be learned, then you must withdraw the ingredients from your Tradeskill depot while at the banker and then use experiment mode.

How many items will the Tradeskill Depot hold?

There are two dimensions to storage in the Tradeskill Depot:
  • the number of available slots
  • the size of the stack

Tradeskill Depot Slots

Initially, the number of slots that are available to you will depend in which expansion bundle version you purchased:

Expansion EditionNumber of TSD slots
Friends and Family490

Additional slots can be purchased from the Marketplace.

They are currently priced 10 slots for 250DB Cash and 20 slots for 500 DB Cash (before the All Access Discount).

It is reported that the Tradeskill Depot can be expanded to a total of 5,000 slots.

Tradeskill Depot Stacks

The Tradeskill Depot does not limit stack sizes like they are limited in your inventory, bank or real estate storage. In the Tradeskill Depot, items will stack to 99,999, but you can only have one stack of each item.

What can I put into the Tradeskill Depot?

Any stackable item that is flagged as “This item can be used in tradeskills” that does not have one of the additional attributes listed below can be placed in your Tradeskill Depot.

Items that cannot be placed in the Tradeskill Depot even if they are flagged as “This item can be used in Tradeskills”:

  • Non-Stackable Tools (e.g., smithy hammer)
  • Tradeskill Containers (e.g., spell research kit or mixing bowl)
  • Temporary Items (e.g., Ice)
  • Attunable Items
  • Lore Items
  • No Trade items
  • Heirloom Items
  • No Storage Items

Lastly, there are some items that are used in tradeskills, but lack a tag that confirms “This item can be used in Tradeskills”.

This is mostly limited to Pottery glaze ingredients like Solidified Magma or Tormentor’s Hoof. These cannot be placed in the Tradeskill Depot.

Can I search my Tradeskill Depot?

There is a search box at the top of the Tradeskill Depot window. You can also search using the Find Item feature from your inventory window or your bank window. To include your Tradeskill Depot from those two features, you must click the Tradeskill Depot toggle at the bottom of the window.

Is there an output file for the Tradeskill Depot?

The contents of the Tradeskill Depot will be part of the normal /outputfile Inventory file, but you must load the Tradeskill Depot first. This can be done by opening the Tradeskill Depot from a tradeskill container or the bank. Once it's loaded the /outputfile inventory command should include the contents of the Tradeskill Depot with the other items.

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