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Overseer Summary

Overseer Summary

A new alternate quest system called Overseer was introduced to Everquest on March 11, 2020.

It is a game within a game. A passive, alternate activity that you play in your downtime.

It is accessible by players that are level 85 or higher (and for TLP servers Seeds of Destruction must be unlocked).

The Overseer quest system is shared across all characters on the same server.
You need to choose on which character to redeem the rewards, but can start quests from any character on the same server that meets the criteria.

You can access it several ways:

  • Typing /overseer
  • EQ Button > Quests > Overseer
  • Pressing Ctrl-O

You must complete quests to obtain agents, increase Overseer Experience and obtain other rewards. Different types of quests offer different reward sets.

We are mentioning this on EQTraders because one of the possible rewards from Crafting, Harvesting and Research type tasks are Tradeskill Ingredients.

This can be a viable way to obtain ingredients from non-current expansions.

All the possible rewards are below.

Character Experience
- Regular Experience Only (not AA) plus Mercenary Experience
Mercenary Experience
- Note: You get more mercenary experience from the Character Experience option
Overseer Tetradrachms
- An Alternate Currency that can be spent on various items at from a mysterious presence located in the Plane of Knowledge
Collection Item Fragments
- Four fragments will yield one Collection Item Dispenser. The Collection Item dispenser can be redeemed for one collection item from any non-current expansion set
- This option also rewards some Overseer Tetradrachms
Overseer Ornamentation Dispenser
- Choose one ornament from various sets
Tradeskill Items
- Various sets of tradeskill ingredients that vary based on expansion
- Overseer Agents
- Via Recruitment Tasks
- A critical success on some tasks will also result in a random Common Agent
Recover Agents
- Bring incapacitated agents back faster than the standard recovery time
Overseer Experience
- Experience awarded to the category of the quest, e.g., an Exploration task awards Exploration Experience.
- Gaining experience levels results in being offered higher level tasks.

For detailed instructions on how to play check out these external links:

Once you have reached Level 5 in Crafting, Harvesting and Research, these are the items you can expect receive in various quantities depending on which type of quest you do and whether you have a Success or a Critical Success.

Click on the expansion name to open a new page with detailed reward information.

  • Seeds of Destruction
    • Chronal Resonance Dust
    • Basilisk Parts
    • Bear Parts
    • Earth Elemental parts
    • Fairy Parts
    • Kobold Parts
    • Skeleton Parts
    • Vanadium Ore
    • Immaculate Animal Pelt
    • Immaculate Silk
    • Immaculate Marrow
    • Immaculate Spinneret Fluid
    • Spongy Loam
  • Veil of Alaris
    • Al-Metes
    • Alaris Gemstone
    • Essence of Alaris
    • Smudged Rough Spell Tablet
    • Sooty Spell Tablet
    • Sooty Fine Spell Tablet
    • Smudged Runic Spell Tablet
    • Stained Fine Runic Spell tablet
    • Goral Fins
    • Selyrah Bones
    • Braxi Horn
    • Exotic Animal Pelt
    • Exotic Silk
    • Palladium Ore
    • Exotic Marrow
    • Exotic Spinneret Fluid
    • Mysterious Loam
    • Distilled Grade B Nigriventer Venom
    • Distilled Grade B Gormar Venom
    • Distilled Grade B Mamba
    • Distilled Grade B Taipan
    • Distilled Grade B Choresine Sample
  • The Darkened Sea
    • Relic Fragments
    • Smudged Rough Sortilege Sheet
    • Sooty Sortilege Sheet
    • Sooty Fine Sortilege Sheet
    • Smudged Runic Sortiledge Sheet
    • Stained Fine Runis Sortilege Sheet
    • August Ore
    • August Animal Pelt
  • Ring of Scale
    • Distilled Grade AA Mamba Venom
    • Distilled Grade AA Nigriventer Venom
    • Conflagrant Ore
    • Conflagrant Reptile Skin
    • Conflagrant Raw Silk
    • Conflagrant Wood
    • Conflagrant Diamond
    • Lava Lizard Meat
    • Succulent Flesh
    • Lacertilia Meat
    • Conflagrant Bone Dust
    • Lacertilia Ectoplasm
    • Slime
    • Lacertilia Venom
    • Kunark Conflagrant Powder
    • Conflagrant Fish Scale
    • Distilled Grade AA Gormar Venom
    • Distilled Grade AA Taipan Venom
    • Distilled Grade AA Choresine Sample
    • Conflagrant Platinum
  • Underfoot
    • Purified Grade AA Nigriventer Venom
    • Purified Grade AA Gormar Venom
    • Purified Grade AA Mamba Venom
    • Purified Grade AA Taipan Venom
    • Purified Grade AA Choresine Sample
    • Pristine Muscimol
    • Pristine Oleander
    • Pristine Larkspur
    • Pristine Caladium
    • Pristine Laburnum
    • Pristine Privet
    • Pristine Delphinium
    • Vanadium Ore
    • Immaculate Animal Pelt
    • Immaculate Silk
    • Immaculate Spinneret Fluid
    • Cosgrove Powder
  • Rain of Fear
    • Smudged Rough Numen Plaque
    • Sooty Numen Plaque
    • Sooty Fine Numen Plaque
    • Smudged Runic Numen Plaque
    • Stained Fine Runic Numen Plaque
    • Planar Energy Shard
    • Planar Goo
    • Distilled Grade A Nigriventer Venom
    • Distilled Grade A Gormar Venom
    • Distilled Grade A Mamba Venom
    • Distilled Grade A Taipan Venom
    • Distilled Grade A Choresine Sample
    • Befouled Animal Pelt
    • Befouled Silk
    • Scorched Ore
    • Befouled Marrow
    • Befouled Spinneret Fluid
    • Corrupted Loam
    • Tainted Feather
    • Animal Fear Bone
    • Fractured Shard
  • The Burning Lands
    • Gnomework Adaptive Plating
    • Whispering Twilight Fish Scale
    • Primordial Dynastic Radiance
    • Indigenous Mephit Meat
    • Primordial Fish Meat
    • Primordial legume
    • Primordial fruit
    • Primordial Leaves
    • Indigenous Mephit Blood
  • House of Thule
    • Dream Dust
    • Fantastic Animal Pelt
    • Fantastic Silk
    • Osmium Ore
    • Fantastic Marrow
    • Fantastic Spinneret Fluid
    • Shimmering Loam
    • Distilled Grade C Nigriventer Venom
    • Distilled Grade C Gormar Venom
    • Distilled Grade C Mamba Venom
    • Distilled Grade C Taipan Venom
    • Distilled Grade C Choresine Sample
  • Call of the Forsaken
    • Smudged Rough Orphic Card
    • Sooty Orphic Card
    • Sooty Fine Orphic Card
    • Smudged Runic Orphic Card
    • Stained Fine Runic Orphic card
    • Lumber Plank
    • Fine Feathers
    • Leather Roll
    • Ethernere Essence
    • Steel Ingot
    • Cloth Bolt
  • Torment of Velious
    • Raw Velium Ore
    • Velium Impacted Raw Diamond
    • Velium Infused Pelt
    • Velium Infused Spider Silk
    • Velium Infused Logs
    • Velium Spotted Fish Fillets
    • Velium Permeated Vegetables
    • Restless Meat Slurry
    • Velium Clouded Fish Blood
    • Cloudberry
    • Restless Ice Slush
    • Velium Laced Nigriventer Venom
    • Velium Laced Mamba Venom
    • Velium Laced Gormar Venom
    • Velium Laced Taipan Venom
    • Velium Laced Choresine Sample
    • Velium Laced Muscimol
    • Velium Laced Oleander
    • Velium Laced Larkspur
    • Velium Laced Caladium
    • Velium Laced Laburnum
    • Velium Laced Privet
    • Velium Laced Delphinium
    • Velium Infused Fish Scales
  • Claws of Veeshan
    • Restless Velium Ore
    • Restless Velium Tainted Diamond
    • Restless Velium Tainted Pelt
    • Restless Velium Tainted Silk
    • Restless Velium Tainted Logs
    • Restless Fish Fillets
    • Restless Vegetables
    • Glires Meat
    • Velious Crowberry
    • Velious Honeyberry
    • Restless Ice Water
    • Restless Velium Powder
    • Restless Velium Fish Scales
  • Terror of Luclin
    • Bloodied Luclinite Ore
    • Bloodied Luclinite Corrupted Garnet
    • Bloodied Luclinite Corrupted Hide
    • Bloodied Luclinite Corrupted Silk
    • Bloodied Luclinite Corrupted Gtimber
    • Bloodied Fish Fillets
    • Bloodied Vegetables
    • Caliginous Meat
    • Luclin Chokeberry
    • Luclin Barberry
    • Blood-Tainted Water
    • Bloodied Luclinite Powder
    • Bloodied Luclinite Fish Scales

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