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Costs of Foraged Items

This page is out of date, with no plans to update it. It is left here for reference, but lacks many forages from more recent expansions and updates to these.

Costs listed are using best charisma and faction. They are listed in platinum pieces in decimal form with no currency label: 9.524 would mean 9pp 5gp 2sp 4cp.

"Cost" is the price of foraged items purchasable from vendors.

Buying foraged items from players will obviously impact the prices greatly. "NA" denotes an ingredient which is not NO DROP, nor will it sell to vendors, so it has no vendor cost.

Zone-specific Foraged Items

Foraged Ingredients
Zone Item Cost
All Fruit NA
All Berries NA
All Vegetables NA
All Rabbit meat NA
All Roots NA
All Pod of Water NA
All Fishing Grubs 0.003
All Karanas Plains Pebble NA
East Commons Griffon Egg 0.157
East Karana Tea Leaves 0.157
Everfrost Frost Turnips 0.157
Feerrott Alligator Eggs 0.157
Jaggedpine Forest Plant Shoot 0.262
Kithicor Forest, Warslik Woods Oak Bark NA
Lake Rathe Rathe Berries 0.157
Lavastorm Ashweed 0.157
Misty Thicket Black Root 0.157
Misty Thicket Misty Acorn NA
Nektulos Forest Glow Lichen 0.157
North Karana Wild Cabbage 0.157
North Ro Cactus Pulp 0.157
Oasis of Marr Bag of Sea Salt 0.157
Ocean of Tears Marr Cherries 0.157
Qeynos Hills Surefall Sap 0.157
Rathe Mountains Basilisk Egg 0.157
All Faydarks Morning Dew NA
Butcherblock Aviak Egg 0.157
Dagnors Cauldron Cauldron Prawns 0.157
Greater Faydark Cinnamon Sticks 0.157
Lesser Faydark Sylvan Berries 0.157
Steamfont Steamfont Springwater 0.157
Erud's Crossing Sea Horse Roe 0.157
Toxxulia Forest Bag of Caynar Nuts 0.157
Stonebrunt Mountains bamboo shoot NA
Emerald Jungle, Trakanon's Teeth Emerald Oranges 0.073
Field of Bone Deadbone Barley NA
Frontier Mountains, Swamp of No Hope Moss Root NA
Lake of Ill Omen Water Reed NA
Overthere, Trakanon's Teeth Cockatrice Egg 0.078
Skyfire Earth Dragon Crystal NA
Skyfire Fire Dragon Crystal NA
Skyfire Ice Dragon Crystal NA
Skyfire Wind Dragon Crystal NA
All Velious Tuft of Dire Wolf Fur 0.003
Cobalt Scar, Crystal Caverns,
Iceclad Ocean, Skyshrine, Thurgadin
Arctic Scallops 0.630
Cobalt Scar, Crystal Caverns, Great Divide,
Iceclad Ocean, Skyshrine, Thurgadin
Arctic Mussels 0.315
Cobalt Scar, Iceclad Ocean Arctic King Crab 0.472
Cobalt Scar Small Clam 0.525
Cobalt Scar Cobalt Rock Crab 0.367
Cobalt Scar Cobalt Abalone 0.840
Eastern Wastes, Great Divide Fresh Fish 0.026
Eastern Wastes, Wakening Lands Branch of Sylvan Oak 1.679
Plane of Growth Branch of Planar Oak 1.680
Skyshrine, Temple of Veeshan, Western Wastes Drake Egg 0.079
Skyshrine, Temple of Veeshan, Western Wastes Wurm Egg 0.078
Temple of Veeshan, Western Wastes Dragon Egg 0.079
Wakening Lands Yew Leaf 0.105
Most Luclin Mushroom 0.010

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