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Costs of Smithed Items

This page is out of date, with no plans to update it. It is left here for reference, but lacks many good skillup options from more recent expansions.

Prices listed are using best charisma and faction, in platinum pieces in decimal form with no currency label: 9.524 would mean 9pp 5gp 2sp 4cp.

Please note that the followng items are not yet listed on this page due to incomplete data. They will be added as info is gathered.:

  • small piece of HQ ore
  • block of HQ ore
  • sheet of velium
  • forging hammer
  • brick of black acrylia
  • bloodling carapace

Smithing suppliesSmithing recipes
On this page: Ingredient Costs Smithing Prices: Basic MetalworkingSmithed Tools

Smithing Ingredients
Item Price
small piece of ore 0.052
small brick of ore 0.525
large brick of ore 1.575
block of ore 4.725
sheet metal 1.050
small piece of MQ ore 0.013
small brick of MQ ore 2.257
large brick of MQ ore 6.825
block of MQ ore 20.527
MQ sheet metal 4.515
small brick of HQ ore 5.749
large brick of HQ ore 17.325
small piece of velium ore 0.052
small brick of velium ore 11.497
large brick of velium ore 34.650
block of velium ore 40.950
coldain velium temper 26.250
small piece of acrylia 0.618
small brick of acrylia 11.497
large brick of acrylia 34.650
block of acrylia 103.950
brick of deathsteel ore 1.050
oak shaft 1.050
hickory bow staff 0.211
oak bow staff 2.110
fiery ore 1.260
nepeta oil extract 0.157
carapace shield frame 0.306
swirling shadows 0.267
chunk of condensed shadow 0.618
chunk of condensed ice 0.618
chunk of condensed flame 0.618
flask of water 0.010
sharpening stone 0.003
resin 5.250
laquer 0.105
jar of acid 0.105
empty vial 0.210
smithy hammer 10.500
velium smithy hammer 10.500
smithing chisel 2.625
Molds & Patterns
Item Price
file mold 0.010
hinge mold 0.010
small container base mold 0.052
container base mold 0.115
large container base mold 0.178
small container lid mold 0.052
container lid mold 0.115
large container lid mold 0.178
toolbox mold 0.420
hilt mold 0.525
scaler mold 0.052
cookie cutter mold 0.367
lantern casing mold 0.152
muffin tin mold 0.420
pie tin mold 0.420
cake round mold 0.420
smoker base mold 0.315
smoker support mold 0.105
skewer mold 0.084
pot mold 0.367
standing legs mold 0.157
needle mold 0.189
thimble mold 0.189
bread tin mold 0.420
lockpick mold ! ! !
frying pan mold 1.312
shears mold 78.750
dagger blade mold 0.010
throwing knife mold 0.010
pummel mold 0.525
spearhead mold 9.450
throwing axe mold 0.010
javelin mold 0.010
shuriken mold 0.010
dualedged blade mold 1.575
pick head mold 0.010
short blade mold 0.105
spiked ball mold 2.100
heavy steel blade mold 3.150
curved blade mold 4.200
axe head mold 8.400
halberd head mold 27.300
mace head mold 10.500
long blade mold 10.500
thin blade mold 11.550
hammer head mold 4.200
SML buckler mold 0.031
SML round shield mold 0.031
SML targ shield mold 0.031
SML kite shield mold 0.031
SML tower shield mold 0.031
SML gorget sectional mold 0.031
SML bracer sectional mold 0.315
SML boots sectional mold 1.680
SML belt sectional mold 0.630
SML cloak sectional mold 1.260
SML helm sectional mold 0.630
SML mask sectional mold 0.315
SML mantle sectional mold 0.934
SML sleeves sectional mold 0.420
SML gauntlets sectional mold 0.315
SML leggings sectional mold 1.050
SML mail sectional mold 1.260
neckguard chainmail pattern 0.525
bracelet chainmail pattern 2.100
veil chainmail pattern 1.575
skirt chainmail pattern 2.100
coif chainmail pattern 4.200
mantle chainmail pattern 7.350
sleeve chainmail pattern 4.200
glove chainmail pattern 7.350
boots chainmail pattern 7.350
pants chainmail pattern 7.350
cloak chainmail pattern 4.200
tunic chainmail pattern 8.400
SML plate bracer mold 6.300
SML plate visor mold 5.250
SML plate gorget mold 0.735
SML plate belt mold 7.350
SML plate helm mold 10.500
SML plate pauldron mold 21.000
SML plate vambrace mold 10.500
SML plate gauntlets mold 3.150
SML plate boots mold 12.600
SML plate cloak mold 10.500
SML plate greaves mold 18.900
SML plate breastplate mold 21.000

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