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You have probably heard people looking for or advertising themselves as "expert potter", "master brewer", or "grandmaster smith", etc. You have probably also seen people with titles like that with their names over their heads. The usage of the various titles for tradeskill skill level have changed over the history of Everquest, with the result that different people might mean different things in different contexts.

Skill Levels

The original use of tradeskill titles was from the Skills window. Alas, this is even confusing because what you see there will depend on whether you have the Omens of War expansion. If you do have it, this is what you should see:
Master 300
Expert 299-250
Journeyman 249-200
Apprentice 199-100
Excellent 99-91
Very Good 90-81
Good 80-71
Above Average 70-61
Average 60-51
Below Average 50-41
Bad 40-31
Very Bad 30-21
Feeble 20-11
Awful 10-0

If you do not have the Omens of War expansion, the list will be the same from skill 0 to skill 100, which will still be Excellent, and will then be Master for 101+. (The exceptions to this are language skills, which become Master at 100.)

Tradeskill Titles

If you do have Omens of War, you will then have the option of adding a tradeskill title to your name when you reach Apprentice level in any tradeskill. These titles are displayed over your head with your name and guild. Only Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Master titles are available for display, as you reach the appropriate levels of skill. Using the Titles window, you can see the titles available to you and choose whichever one you want to display. So a fletcher with 300 skill can use the title Master Fletcher, while an alchemist with 208 skill can use the title Journeyman Alchemist. Furthermore, if all seven of your tradeskills (excluding those that are race or class restricted) get to Apprentice level or better, you will have the option to be titled as whatever level of Artisan. So having all of your skills at 100 or better makes you an Apprentice Artisan, 200 or better makes you a Journeyman Artisan, etc.

So what about Grandmaster??

The word "grandmaster" does not appear anywhere in relation to players, but rather as the name of items (specifically tradeskill trophies and the DoN cultural armor). Its use as a title was entirely player invented and generally used to mean 250+. That was before floating above your head titles existed and before the caps rose to 300, when everyone at 100 was entitled by the Skills window to call themselves "master", so players created "grandmaster" for some distinction beyond that. Its use as a player title is now is somewhat anachronistic and misleading as its not properly defined anywhere. It is possible that if tradeskill caps are raised above 300 at some time, Grandmaster may be used as a title then.

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