Shmoozo's Sewing Kits FAQ

Shmoozo's Sewing Kits FAQ

What were the original sewing kits and how can I get one?

Originally there were only 2 kinds of sewing kits -- small (2 slots) and large (8 slots). Both are available on vendors. See this page for info on where to buy these sewing kits.

Tailoring Supplies

The small sewing kits can also be made by a smith. See this page for the recipe.

Small Sewing Kit Recipe

What about halfling and wood elf cultural sewing kits?

When cultural tailoring first entered the game in the fall of 2000, Verant introduced the cultural tailoring kits for halflings and wood elves, each of which had 10 slots because there were recipes that had more than 8 ingredients. These can ONLY be used to make cultural tailored items.

Where can I find a halfling cultural sewing kit?

Halfling sewing kits can only be made by halfling smiths in the Vale Forge in Rivervale. This is located near the bard in that town who stands not too far from the Inn. The recipe for the halfling Vale Sewing Kit can be found here.

Vale Sewing Kit Recipe

The stackable pieces of HQ ore mentioned in the recipe are now believed to drop only from the Goblin Janitor who sometimes wanders around in Runnyeye. Reports seem to indicate that he is an uncommon spawn and that the stackable pieces of HQ ore an uncommon drop. Expect to spend some time collecting these if you plan to make a Vale Sewing Kit.

Note also that the smithing steps used to make the Vale Sewing Kits include a step that trivials at 162. With that being the case, you will want to find a very skilled halfling smith to perform that combine for you.

Where can I find a wood elf cultural sewing kit?

Wood elf cultural sewing kits (known more formally as Fier'dal Sewing Kits) can only be made by wood elf smiths in the cultural forge in Kelathin. The recipe for these kits can be found here:

Fier'dal Sewing Kit Recipe

The materials for the Fier'dal Sewing Kits can all be purchased. Like the halfling Vale Sewing Kits these also include a combine that trivials at a smithing skill of 162, so a highly skilled wood elf smith will be required for this step.

What about the Coldain tanning Kit?

After Velious came out and we got the Coldain Tanning Kit (8-slots) which is required to make the Velious fur and leather tailoring recipes. These are sold by a vendor in Thurgadin.

What about the Erudite cultural sewing kit?

According to Shoogie, Erudite cultural sewing kits have 8 slots, weigh 4.0, and went in sometime after Velious but before the changes to the large kits began. Unlike the halfling and wood elf cultural sewing kits they are purchasable from vendors in Erudin, Paineel, and for no apparent reason Cabilis.

Where can I buy a 10 slot Deluxe Sewing Kit to make the Wu's Fighting Armor recipes?

Before I answer this question permit me to provide a bit of background.

According to Oakwood Moonblaze, in the patch of 8 May, 2001, in a move that initially puzzled a bunch of people, the Large Sewing Kits mysteriously gained 2 slots and became 10 slot containers. At the time they were very light in weight, so this had the potential to destroy the tailored backpacks market.

In an apparent response to the gales of complaints from the tailoring community, Verant raised the weight on the Large Sewing Kits to partially restore the market for the tailored backpacks.

Then the recipes for the Wu's Fighting armor were discovered. This explained the reason why the Large Sewing Kits were now 10 slotters.

Not long after this Verant made the decision to reduce the number of slots on the Large Sewing Kits back to 8. According to Oakwood Moonblaze his happened in the patch of 30 May, 2001. They couldn't do this on the ones people already had without destroying the contents of the last two slots, so another step had to be taken. They renamed the existing stocks of 10 slot sewing kits to Deluxe Sewing Kits and placed a new, 8-slot Large Sewing Kit on the appropriate vendors to replace the 10 slot kits they had been selling.

At that time they also introduced 10-slot Looms into the starting cities so people could still make the recipes that required more than 8 slots.

At this time the only 10 slot sewing kits in game are the in-town looms, and the existing, player held supply of Deluxe Sewing Kits. You cannot buy a Deluxe Sewing Kit from a merchant at this time. It seems unlikely that you will ever see 10 slot sewing kits sold by merchants again.

The only source for 10 slot Deluxe Sewing Kits at this time is other players who happen to have an extra or two. People who are lucky enough to have more than one of them seem to be hanging on to them, however, as they seem to be gaining value as more and more people develop an interest in Tailoring as the result of the introduction of the Prayer Shawl quests in Thurgadin.

How much is a Deluxe Sewing Kit worth?

That is a difficult question to answer. One doesn't see these being auctioned often enough to draw any real conclusions. Some people have given them to friends and guild mates at no cost. Others have auctioned them for thousands of plat. Prices can vary wildly from server to server and even from moment to moment on a given server. In the end the value of a Deluxe Sewing Kit at any given time on a given server is the amount a buyer and seller agree upon.

Are there other 10 slot storage containers available?

Yes, actually, there are several and they vary widely in price. You can pay less than 2 plat for a Deluxe Toolkit sold by the gnomish pirates at the igloos in the Iceclad Ocean. You could also pay 5250 plat (or more depending on your faction and CHA) for a Bag of the Tinkerers which is sold by a gnomish vendor in the castle in the Solusek's Eye (Sol A) dungeon. The former is heavy and suitable mainly for bank storage. The latter is light and has 100% weight reduction which makes it a very prized item.


Information in this FAQ has come from many sources. Niami Denmother (Bless Her Furry Feet) has been very generous in this regard, of course, and the same is true of numerous other people like Oakwood Moonblaze, Shoogie and Pasketti who have contributed important bits and pieces. Honor belongs to all of them for sharing these things so selflessly.

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