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More definitions will be put in place as time goes on, but here's a quick sampling of some terms in common use on these boards:

cultural tradeskill: any recipe that is race-restricted so that only persons of one race may craft the items. Cultural sewing kits and forges are not fooled by illusions, and will only consider the actual race of the player when determining if the person is allowed to use the kit/forge.

DNC: an invalid recipe. This is a holdover from the days when placing the wrong items in a tradeskill container and trying to combine them would tell you that those items "do not combine in those quantities". Now, the DNC term is still used for recipe experimentation when describing failed recipes.

enchant: to imbue with magical energy. In Norrath, only raw metals may be enchanted, and only by members of the Enchanters' Guild. Enchanted metals are used in Jewelcraft to create potent stat-enhancing jewelry and in Smithing to give forged weapons the "Magic" tag, which allows the weapon to damage certain creatures (e.g., Ghouls). Of course, Planes of Power has changed this slightly, in that "enchanted" PoP metals are actually made by a skilled blacksmith, but generally it means something made magical by an enchanter.

grandmaster: there is no consistent agreement on the meaning of this term. For some, it means anyone who has attained a skill of 250 in a tradeskill. For others, it means one who has specialized in a tradeskill by attaining a skill of 200+.

imbue: to infuse a gem with the power of a deity. Each deity (other than Veeshan) has it's own gem that can be imbued, and only healers (cleric, shaman, druid) that worship a deity may imbue gems for that deity. (The exception to this is Solusek Ro, which uses a wizard imbue.) Imbued gems are used in jewelcraft, pottery, tailoring and smithing to make items that can only be worn/used by followers of that deity. More information can be found by reading the Imbued Gem List. Once again, PoP has changed the rules on this, and planar imbues are done to imbue the power of a plane, not a deity, and multiple classes can cast the spells ...

master: someone who has gained a skill of 100+ in a tradeskill. While there are many personal preferences on titles for tradesfolk of varying skills, this is the generally accepted definition.

nerf: when a part of the game is changed in a way that players do not like. (Increasing the weight of large sewing kits was considered to be a "nerf" by many.) This term was originally used for extreme problems, such as for changes that made a class, tradeskill, etc. unusable. Due to term popularity, it is now used for any perceived detrimental change in any aspect of the game.

specialization: tradesfolk are allowed to specialize in only one tradeskill, by bringing that skill above 200. After a person has specialized in a tradeskill, they cannot increase any of their other tradeskills above the 200 mark (unless they use the PoP AA ability New Tanaan Crafting Mastery). Certain skills are not included in this specialization limit, but have their own skill limits, level limits and/or race/class restrictions. These skills that are not included in the specialization limit are: Alchemy, tinkering, poison making, spell research and fishing.

trivial: the point at which you can no longer gain skill increases by making a certain item. You can/will still fail, and you will not see a significantly decreased failure rate on an item until your skill is about 20 points above the trivial point for an item.

troll: when mentioned in reference to the message boards, a troublemaker. Someone that is wreaking havoc, causing arguments, spewing garbage, or otherwise trying to cause a mess in our tradeskill community. Such troublemakers aren't welcome here, and folks found causing trouble can/may be banned from posting on the message boards without warning.

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