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Cross-Reference: Old Spell Research Drops

These are the pages, runes, words, and other components needed for researching level 1-49 spells, with a list of what can be made from each. It is intended to as a guide for researchers who want a quick reference for what items they should save, and for both researchers and non-researchers who want to know the value of the research items they find. This list includes some ingredients that are also available from vendors as well as items that are drops only. See the Spell Research Trade Supplies list for information on what is available on vendors and where.

Pages can only be used by enchanters while runes can only be used by wizards. Words, on the other hand, are used by both necromancers and magicians. None of the same words are used by both classes, so they have been listed with their respective classes so that necros and mages have more tailored lists for their own uses. The level at which a spell can be used by that class is noted in parenthesis after the spell name. Components that can be used to tailor robes have the name of the swatch they produce noted after the spells.

If you find any mistakes, please point them out on the message boards and we'll get em fixed.

enchanters -- mages -- necros -- wizards


Spells It Makes

Enchanter Pages
The pages marked (Faded) drop as items without numbers and must be combined by themselves in your tome to become pages with legible numbers. Recovering faded pages can fail.

Nilitim's Grimoire 35 Pillage Enchantment (44)
Nilitim's Grimoire 36 Pillage Enchantment (44)
Nilitim's Grimoire 115 Color Skew (44), color skewn scribed swatch
Nilitim's Grimoire 116 Color Skew (44)
Nilitim's Grimoire 300 Shiftless Deeds (44)
Nilitim's Grimoire 301 Shiftless Deeds (44)
Nilitim's Grimoire 351 Extinguish Fatigue (44)
Nilitim's Grimoire 352 Extinguish Fatigue (44)
Nilitim's Grimoire 378 Allure (49)
Nilitim's Grimoire 379 Allure (49)
Nilitim's Grimoire 400 Paralyzing Earth (49)
Nilitim's Grimoire 401 Paralyzing Earth (49)
Nilitim's Grimoire 415 Blanket of Forgetfulness (49)
Nilitim's Grimoire 416 Blanket of Forgetfulness (49)
Nilitim's Grimoire 449 Reoccurring Amnesia (49)
Nilitim's Grimoire 450 Reoccurring Amnesia (49)
Salil's Writ 60 (Left) Insipid Weakness (34)
Salil's Writ 60 (Right) Insipid Weakness (34)
Salil's Writ 64 (Left) (Faded) Radiant Visage (34)
Salil's Writ 64 (Right) Radiant Visage (34), radiant scribed swatch
Salil's Writ 90 (Left) Mana Sieve (34)
Salil's Writ 90 (Right) (Faded) Mana Sieve (34), mana scribed swatch
Salil's Writ 153 (Left) (Faded) Resist Magic (39)
Salil's Writ 153 (Right) Resist Magic (39)
Salil's Writ 174 (Left) Gravity Flux (39)
Salil's Writ 174 (Right) Gravity Flux (39)
Salil's Writ 282 (Left) Immobilize (39)
Salil's Writ 282 (Right) (Faded) Immobilize (39)
Salil's Writ 288 (Left) (Faded) Mind Wipe (39)
Salil's Writ 288 (Right) (Faded) Mind Wipe (39)
Tasarin's Grimoire 23 (Left) Levitate (16)
Tasarin's Grimoire 23 (Right) Levitate (16)
Tasarin's Grimoire 24 (Left) Disempower (16)
Tasarin's Grimoire 24 (Right) Disempower (16)
Tasarin's Grimoire 26 (Left) Mesmerization (16)
Tasarin's Grimoire 26 (Right) Mesmerization (16)
Tasarin's Grimoire 30 (Left) Berserker Strength (20)
Tasarin's Grimoire 30 (Right) Berserker Strength (20)
Tasarin's Grimoire 312 (Left) Color Shift (20)
Tasarin's Grimoire 312 (Right) Color Shift (20)
Tasarin's Grimoire 375 (Left) Endure Magic (20)
Tasarin's Grimoire 375 (Right) Endure Magic (20)
Tasarin's Grimoire 390 (Left) Strip Enchantment (24)
Tasarin's Grimoire 390 (Right) Strip Enchantment (24)
Velishoul's Tome 8 Tepid Deeds (24)
Velishoul's Tome 9 Tepid Deeds (24)
Velishoul's Tome 16 (Faded) Invigorate (24)
Velishoul's Tome 17 Invigorate (24)
Velishoul's Tome 43 Ultravision (29)
Velishoul's Tome 44 Ultravision (29)
Velishoul's Tome 67 Nullify Magic (29)
Velishoul's Tome 68 Nullify Magic (29)
Velishoul's Tome 75 Enstill (29)
Velishoul's Tome 76 Enstill (29)
Velishoul's Tome 108 (Faded) Feedback (29)
Velishoul's Tome 109 Feedback (29)

Magician Items & Words
Recipe ingredients that are only researched or on vendors are not included.

Aviak Feather Minor Summoning Air (16)
Blood of Velious Nullify Magic (34)
Bloodstone Summon Heatstone (16)
Breath of Ro Conjuration Fire (44), Greater Conjuration Fire (49), breath etched swatch
Breath of Solusek Greater Summoning Fire (29), Minor Conjuration Fire (34)
Essence of Rathe Conjuration Earth (44), scent etched swatch
Eyes of Serilis Summon Coldstone (29)
Flame of Vox Greater Summoning Water (29), Lesser Conjuration Water (39)
Gloves of Rallos Zek Summoning Earth (24), Greater Summoning Earth (29), Lesser Conjuration Earth (39)
Ice of Velious Lesser Summoning Water (20), Summoning Water (24)
Jade Shard Lesser Summoning Fire (20), Summoning Fire (24)
Pearl Shard Lesser Summoning Air (20), Summoning Air (24)
Scent of Marr Greater Summoning Air (29), Minor Conjuration Air (34), Conjuration Air (44)
Words of the Element Summon Heatstone (16)
Shark Skin Minor Summoning Water (16)
Star Rose Quartz Summon Ring of Flight (39)
Tears of Prexus Conjuration Water (44), Greater Conjuration Water (49), tear scribed swatch
Topaz Lesser Summoning Earth (20)
Wing of Xegony Greater Conjuration Air (49), wing etched swatch
Words of Bondage Greater Conjuration Air (49), Greater Conjuration Fire (49), Greater Conjuration Water (49)
Words of Coercion Greater Summoning Air (29), Greater Summoning Earth (29), Greater Summoning Fire (29), Greater Summoning Water (29)
Words of Collection (Azia) Dagger of Symbols (39), Summon Ring of Flight (39)
Words of Convocation Lesser Conjuration Earth (39), Lesser Conjuration Water (39)
Words of Detention Nullify Magic (34)
Words of Dimension Summoning Air (24), Summoning Earth (24), Summoning Fire (24), Summoning Water (24)
Words of Dominion Summon Heatstone (16), Lesser Summoning Earth (20), Lesser Summoning Fire (20), Lesser Summoning Water (20)
Words of Duress Minor Conjuration Air (34), Minor Conjuration Fire (34)
Words of the Element Summon Heatstone (16)
Words of Incarceration Conjuration Air (44), Conjuration Earth (44), Conjuration Fire (44), Conjuration Water (44)
Words of Sight Summon Coldstone (29)
Words of Transcendence Cornucopia (24), Everfount (24)
Words of Tyranny Minor Summoning Air (16), Minor Summoning Earth (16), Minor Summoning Fire (16), Minor Summoning Water (16)

Necromancer Words

Abatement Surge of Enfeeblement (34), abatement scried swatch
Absorption Harmshield (20), Intensify Death (24)
Acquisition (Azia) Renew Bones (29)
Aquisition (Beza) Invoke Death (49)
Allure Haunting Corpse (24)
Anthology Identify (20)
Bidding Malignant Dead (39)
Burnishing Dead Man Floating (44), burnish scried swatch
Cazic-Thule Word of Shadow (20), Breath of the Dead (24), Surge of Enfeeblement (34), Word of Souls (39)
Cloudburst Breath of the Dead (24)
Collection (Beza) Malignant Dead (39)
Collection (Caza) Cackling Bones (44)
Crippling Force Paralyzing Earth (49)
Dark Paths Invoke Shadow (34)
Derivation Banshee Aura (16)
Descrying Nullify Magic (39)
Detachment Haunting Corpse (24)
Discernment Shadow Sight (24)
Disillusionment Nullify Magic (39)
Dissemination Vampiric Curse (29)
Dissolution Shadow Vortex (20)
Duration Invoke Fear (34)
Efficacy Surge of Enfeeblement (34)
Endurance Call of Bones (34)
Enlightenment Identify (20)
Eradication Banshee Aura (16)
Ethereal Lich (49), ethereal scried swatch
Eventide Shadow Sight (24)
The Extinct Animate Dead (20)
Grappling Bond of Death (49)
Haunting Summon Dead (29), Invoke Shadow (34)
Imitation Feign Death (16), Shadow Vortex (20)
Incorporeal Renew Bones (29)
Materials Hungry Earth (16)
Mistbreath Breath of the Dead (24)
Motion Call of Bones (34)
Neglect Call of Bones (34), neglect scribed swatch
Obligation Cackling Bones (44), obligation scribed swatch
Odus Bond of Death (49)
Parasitism Vampiric Curse (29)
Possession Voice Graft (16), Haunting Corpse (24), Summon Dead (29), Vampiric Curse (29)
Projection Word of Souls (39)
The Psyche Dead Man Floating (44)
Purification Renew Bones (29)
Quickening Animate Dead (20)
Quivering Invoke Fear (34)
Radiance Word of Shadow (20)
Recluse Intensify Death (24)
Refuge Harmshield (20)
Requisition Invoke Death (49), requisition scried swatch
Resolution Feign Death (16)
Resolve Invoke Fear (34)
Reviviscence Restless Bones (16)
Rupturing Summon Dead (29)
Sentient (Azia) Restless Bones (16)
Sentient (Beza) Intensify Death (24)
Seizure Nullify Magic (39)
The Spectre Word of Souls (39)
The Spirit Hungry Earth (16)
The Spoken Voice Graft (16)
Suffering Invoke Shadow (34), Malignant Dead (39)

Wizard Runes

Al'Kabor Fire Spiral of Al'Kabor (20), Shock Spiral of Al'Kabor (29), Force Spiral of Al'Kabor (39)
Ap'Sagor Wrath of Ap'Sagor (49)
Arrest Nullify Magic (29)
The Astral Ice Comet (49), Super Nova (49), astral runed swatch
Attraction Column of Lightning (24), Gravity Flux (44)
Banding Circle of Force (34)
Catalyst Circle of Force (34)
The Combine Tox Portal (24), Common Portal (39)
Conception Thunderclap (34), Common Portal (39)
Concussion Circle of Force (34), Lava Storm (34), Wrath of Ap'Sagor (49), concussion runed swatch
Consumption Nullify Magic (29)
Contortion Thunderclap (34)
Crippling Paralyzing Earth (49)
The Cyclone Lava Storm (34), cyclone runed swatch
Disassociation Cast Force (24)
Dismemberment Tox Portal (24)
Embrace Common Portal (39)
Expulsion Column of Lightning (24)
Fahalem Identify (16)
Frost Ice Comet (49)
Fulguration Project Lightning (16), Energy Storm (29)
The Helix Force Spiral of Al'Kabor (39)
Howling Thunderclap (34)
Impetus Super Nova (49)
Infraction Force Spiral of Al'Kabor (39)
The Inverse Gravity Flux (44), inverse runed swatch
Karana Lightning Storm (24), Energy Storm (29)
Nagafen Pillar of Fire (16)
Neglect Enstill (20)
Oppression Enstill (20)
Paralysis Immobilize (39)
Periphery Project Lightning (16)
Petrification Immobilize (39)
Presence Cast Force (24)
Proximity Pillar of Fire (16)
Rallos Zek Shock Spiral of Al'Kabor (29)
Rathe Gravity Flux (44), Paralyzing Earth (49)
Regeneration Tox Portal (24)
Solusek Ro Lava Storm (34)
Sorcery Nullify Magic (29), sorcery runed swatch
Substance Identify (16)
Trauma Column of Lightning (24)
Tyranny Immobilize (39)
Velious Fire Spiral of Al'Kabor (20)
Xegony Column of Lightning (24), Lightning Storm (24), Energy Storm (29)

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