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Augments, What They Are & How To Use Them

Here's the lowdown for first-time augment users.

The concept is very basic, with some twists, so I'll start with the simplest scenario. Augmentation items are labelled as such, and are used to "boost" other items by adding stats or functions or such to them. If you right-click an augmentation, it'll give you all the information you need to use it. On the other side, virtually every item in game has augmentation slots. If you right-click the item, you'll see one or more slots available for augmentation. There are three things of importance:

Augmentation Type: Every augmentation will specify which slot types it will fit. Some augmentations fit in any slot, but some augmentations are slot-restricted, such at "fits type 4 slot" or such. If your augment and your item have at least one slot type in common, you can use it (assuming it matches the other conditions below). If an item has more than one slot that matches a particular augment, you can choose which slot it goes in when you insert it.

Restrictions: Augmentations are sometimes limited as to which gear types (that is, inventory slots) they can augment. If an augment has something like "BACK HEAD NECK WRIST" listed, only gear that fits those gear types can hold the augment. In my example, even if your augment fits a type 7 slot, you couldn't augment a type 7 slot on a breastplate with it since "CHEST" isn't in the gear type list. Both the augmentation type and restrictions must match to use it.

Distiller type: This will tell you what grade of distiller you need to use to remove the augment safely from your gear. More below on that.

Using your augments

To "use" an augment, simply take it to an Augmentation Sealer, which is a stationary container at any of the LDoN camps (it looks like a rectangular birdbath). Click it to open it like any stationary container, and put in the gear you're augmenting. On the right, you'll see a list of available slots. Drop your augment in the container, click to select the slot if there's more than one, and click "Insert" (and confirm). You'll get your gear back on your cursor, with the augment installed. At this time, all augments once installed are nodrop, so the gear you put it on will be nodrop while it's augmented. If it's not normally nodrop, it'll become tradeable again once all the augments are removed. To add multiple augments, you'll need to add them one at a time, since the Augmentation Sealer only has two slots.

Removing augments

When you decide it's time to remove your augment, you have two options. If you wish to destroy the augment to remove it, then you'll need an augmentation solvent. Each Magus at the LDoN camps sells augmentation solvent, for about 11 pp. Be warned, using the solvent will eliminate the augment. You'll get the unaugmented gear back, but the augment is gone when you're done. Very few people choose this option any more, but it's here in case you decide to do it.

The other, more favorable option, is to remove it with a distiller. As stated above, every augment specifies which distiller will remove it, and it varies based on the power of the augment. The only source for distillers is a gnome in the Butcherblock LDoN camp named Mimzit Furnov. Check the augment, and buy the appropriate distiller from him (the lower-end ones are quite cheap, but the top-end distillers can cost up to 4000 pp so be aware that it may be costly-see the list below for prices). Open the Augmentation Sealer, put your augmented gear in one slot, and the proper distiller in the other. Click "Remove" and confirm, and you'll get your gear and the augment stacked on your cursor. If you used a solvent, you'll just get your gear back. If you have multiple augments on a piece, you'll be able to select which augment to remove, assuming the distiller you put in is able to remove more than one of the augments. If you want to remove multiple augments you'll need to do them one at a time. Also, use exactly the grade of distiller required by the augment, and not one that's "higher" (don't use a Class III distiller on an augment that needs a Class I distiller, for example). Solvents can be used to remove any augment.

Solvent/Distiller Prices, with Best Faction/Charisma:
Augmentation Solvent: 11pp
Class (whatever) Augmentation Distiller:
Class 1: 1pp
Class 2: 5pp
Class 3: 10pp
Class 4: 25pp
Class 5: 50pp
Class 6: 75pp
Class 7: 100pp
Class 8: 125pp
Class 9: 150pp
Class 10: 250pp
Class 11: 500pp
Class 12: 750pp
Class 13: 1000pp
Class 14: 1250pp
Class 15: 1500pp
Class 16: 2000pp
Class 17: 3000pp
Class 18: 4000pp

An Example or Two

For my first example, I choose the Cracked Pearl of Magical Warding, since it's a very common augment and since it's very easy to use.

Cracked Pearl of Magical Warding
Augmentation Type: All Types
Weight: 0.0 Size: TINY
Magic Resist: +2
Classes: All Classes
Races: All Races

You must use the solvent Class I Augmentation Distiller to remove this augment safely.

Since its Augmentation Type is all slots, it'll fit any item, from a sword to a ring to a breastplate, that has an open slot. The Slot Restriction is such that the only type of gear you can't augment with it is a charm. It's allowed to all classes and races as well, so everyone can use it. It takes a Class I distiller to remove.

Next is a much higher-end augment, with more restrictions on its use.

Radiant Cut Stormflow Stone
Augmentation Type: 7, 8
WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
SV COLD: +12
Class: All Classes
Race: All Races

You must use the solvent Class IV Augmentation Distiller to remove this augment safely.

This item is not NODROP like the first, but is ATTUNEABLE, and is a magic item, so if you augment a non-magic item with it, that item will become a magic item until the augment is removed. It fits only slot types 7 or 8, and is restricted to face, neck, shoulders, back or waist. It takes a Class IV distiller to remove.

There you have it. Happy augmenting!


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