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These are the recipes to make the symbols for use with DoN cultural armor. The Dragons of Norrath expansion brought a whole new system of cultural armor with individual sets of armor available for every race. The general idea is that you make a piece of cultural armor that only your race and make and use. Then you make a symbol that only worshippers of your deity can use. You put it on your armor and end up with quite a nice piece of armor custom made for you.

Listed below are all the different deities we can worship in Norrath, plus a category for Agnostics. Click on a deity to get a list of recipes for their symbols. (The only part of the recipe that is different for each deity is the water used to make it.) Each deity gets four tiers of symbols (journeyman's, expert's, master's, and grandmaster's). Each tier, in turn, has a symbol for each slot of armor that can be made with DoN cultural. The armors also have corresponding tiers, but can be mix-and-matched across tiers with the symbols. You can apply an expert's symbol to a master's piece of armor if you wish. The slot must match, however. A boots symbol must go on boots.

Note that the mere act of applying a symbol to a piece of armor will make it No Trade. That is because they are attunable, and applying any attunable augment to a piece of armor attunes it. So even if you put the symbol on the armor but never equip the armor (which is also attunable), the symbol will still be permanently no trade. The moral of the story is, only the person destined to actually wear the armor and augment should apply the augment. (Although if the armor has never been equipped and you remove the augment with a solvent, the armor will remain tradable until actually equipped. But that's just a waste of a costly solvent, and the symbol remains untradeable.)

One more thing: these same symbols can also be made via Smithing, with recipes that have the same trivials but require slightly different ingredients. You make exactly the same item whether it is smithed or tailored, and can therefore apply it to either smithed or tailored armor. You can choose the method depending on your skills (or the skills of folks who will make them for you) and which ingredients you can more easily obtain).

For recipes to make DoN cultural armor, see the Cultural Recipes Index. Select your race and then DoN Smithing or DoN Tailoring. You can also get more in-depth information about the entire armor and symbol making process, including the quests for the necessary books, from the DoN Cultural Armor Quest Overview.

Brell Serilis
Cazic Thule
Erollisi Marr
Mithaniel Marr
Rallos Zek
Rodcet Nife
Solusek Ro
The Tribunal

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