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New Bags: A Guide to House of Thule bags

Guide to the new bags

The House of Thule expansion has brought a new set of bags for players to craft and use. They are referred to as Tailored bags and have varying capacities and varying weight reductions. The highest level bags have 14 slots! To guide you in your search for these new bags, there are two books available from Garik Nogflop in Sunrise Hills. The first book, The Articles on Holding, can be purchased and scribed in order to learn the recipes without having to experiment. The second book, Garik�s Secrets of Bag Expansion, is actually required to be purchased and scribed in order to expand the Unexpanded Tailored Legendary items, more on that later.

Bag �Classes�

There are eight different classes of bags that can be made with these new patterns: Tattered, Crude, Pristine, Excellent, Immaculate, Fantastic and Legendary. Each class of bag has a different number of slots, weight and weight reduction combinations.

Bag Class Number of slots and weight reduction range between bag types
Tailored Tattered 8 slots, no weight reduction
Tailored Crude 8 slots, 10 � 40% weight reduction
Tailored Pristine 8 slots, 20 � 60% weight reduction
Tailored Excellent 10 slots, 35 � 70% weight reduction
Tailored Immaculate 10 slots, 50 � 80% weight reduction
Tailored Fantastic 12 slots, 70 � 90% weight reduction
Tailored Legendary 14 slots, 100% weight reduction
Tailored Heavy Legendary 14 slots, 0% weight reduction

Bag �Types�

Within each class of bag, there are nine available patterns. Each pattern has the same number of slots, they are all giant and they all hold giant items. They each have a different graphic, some have different weights and some have different weight reductions as described above. It appears that only the backpacks and packs can be dyed. More on that below.

Bag Type Pattern Name
Backpack A Tailored Backpack Pattern
Bag A Tailored Bag Pattern
Belt Pouch A Tailored Belt Pouch Pattern
Haversack A Tailored Haversack Pattern
Pack A Tailored Pack Pattern
Rucksack A Tailored Rucksack Pattern
Sack A Tailored Sack Pattern
Satchel A Tailored Satchel Pattern
Tool Belt Pattern A Tailored Tool Belt Pattern


The patterns to make the new bags can be purchased in several different places. Garik Nogflop has them, but so do many other tailoring vendors throughout Norrath. The Matrick brothers in the Plane of Knowledge carry them (the two wood elven vendors near the Tanaan Looms). The bags are made with some of the same pelts and silks that are used to make the armor templates.

The general pattern for the recipes are: two silks, one animal pelt, a filament and the desired pattern. The 14 slot Legendary bags also take three (3) Dream Dust. These recipes can be combined in any sewing kit or loom that has at least 8 slots.

Bag Class Silk Animal Pelt Filament
Tailored Tattered Tacky Tattered Twisted
Tailored Crude Thick Crude Cord
Tailored Pristine Pristine Pristine Wire
Tailored Excellent Excellent Excellent Fine
Tailored Immaculate Immaculate Immaculate Faysilk
Tailored Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic Reinforced
Unexpanded Tailored Legendary Fantastic Fantastic Reinforced

Coloring the bags

Some of the new bags can be dyed different colors. To date, it appears that only Backpacks and Packs in each class of bag can be colored. They can be dyed black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. These bags are dyed differently than the Handmade Backpacks were. To dye these bags you combine the appropriate dye ingredients with the completed bag in a tailoring container to change the color. For example, if you combine black dye with a Tailored Fantastic Backpack, you will make a Tailored Fantastic Black Backpack.

Making the BIG ones

If you�re making or buying the 14 slot bags, the Unexpanded Tailored Legendary items are the ones that are still tradeable. In order to complete the transformation into the desired 14 slot container, you must combine the Unexpanded Tailored Legendary item with either Inverse Arcane Solution (to make the Heavy Tailored Legendary 14 slot, very heavy, no weight reduction bank bag) or Abu-Kar�s Arcane Solution (to make the Tailored Legendary 14 slot, very light, 100% weight reduction bag). Once you Expand the item, it is now bound to your character and becomes no trade. You must purchase and scribe �Garik�s Secrets to Bag Expansion� in order to perform the combine to expand the Unexpanded Tailored Legendary bags. As far as I am aware, that is only available from Garik Nogflop in Sunrise Hills, which means you must own House of Thule in order to use the Unexpanded Tailored Legendary items.

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