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A Brief Guide for Tradeskills in Rain of Fear

A Brief Guide for Tradeskills in Rain of Fear

As I listen to the chatter in the general chat on my server and in the serverwide.eqtraders channel (password:eqtraders, come join us!), I thought maybe putting together a quick summary of the tradeskill basics associated to the Rain of Fear expansion might actually help folks out a little bit. If you see anything here that you think needs editing, please feel free to post your suggestions in the Rain of Fear discussion forum and we can decide what to edit.

Rain of Fear related Tradeskill Books

As with every expansion, there is a set of books to help those that want to get started on tradeskill exploration and experimenting without waiting for others to turn those discoveries in to us here at EQ Traders or any other help site. Those books can be found in Shard's Landing on Craftkeeper Bobus Tindlefoot. Most of them aren't very expensive and even then, the most expensive ones are under 500 platinum. Some can be scribed in order to learn recipes without experimenting, some MUST be scribed before you can attempt the recipes and others must simply be read and intrepreted and you must experiment to learn the recipe.

  • Books that can be scribed:
    • Extradimensional Luggage: A Guide (required to make/unexpand the new crafted bags)
    • Regal Charms (required? to make charms)
    • Regal Recurve Bow Diagrams (required? to make bows)
    • Regal Weapon Smithing (required? to make smithed weapons)
    • Regal Weapon Tailoring (required? to make tailored weapons)
    • Relic Replica II Weapon Ornament Skethes (required? to make new weapon and shield ornaments)
    • Smithed Armor Step XVIII (not required, but will give you all the scorched chain and plate template recipes in your forge search window)
    • Tailored Armor Step XVIII (not required, but will give you all the befouled leather and silk template recipes in your sewing kit search window)
    • Smithing Transcendent Cultural Symbols (required to make the armor symbols with smithing)
    • Tailoring Transcendent Cultural Symbols (required to make the armor symbols with tailoring)
    • Tinkering Transcendent Cultural Symbols (required to make the armor symbols with tinkering)
    • Regal ______________ Smithing (required to smith Regal armor)
    • Regal ______________ Tailoring (required to tailor Regal armor)
    • Transcendent Weapon Augmenting (required to make the Weapon augments)
    • Transcendent Reaching Weapon Augments - Jewelers (required to make the bow augments with Jewelcraft)
    • Transcendent Reaching Weapon Augments - Fletchers (required to make the bow augments with Fletching
    • Soloist Planar Seals - Book One (required? to make some of the soloist seals)
    • Soloist Planar Seals - Book Two (required? to make the rest of the soloist seals)
  • Books that can only be read
    • A Fearful Peace (poison recipes)
    • Compendiums on Regal Weapon Creation Pt. I
    • Divine Drinks (brewing recipes)
    • Fear Powered Fletching (arrow recipes)
    • Fearlinked Seals (guide to raid seals)
    • Fun with Fear Machines (tinkering recipes)
    • Jewels of Fear (jewelcrafting recipes)
    • Planar Delights (baking recipes)
    • Planar Potions (alchemy recipes)
    • Planar Pottery (pottery recipes)
    • Systematic Research Addendum: Numen Plaques

Tradeskill Ingredients on Vendor:

In the same tent as Craftkeeper Bobus Tindlefoot, you'll also find Craftkeeper Irus Tindlefoot who carries tradeskill ingredients for Rain of Fear recipes. Some of these items can also be found in other zones like Plane of Knowledge and Crescent Reach, while others can only be found on her.

  • Alchemy Ingredients (also found in other zones)
    • Infused Balm Leaves
    • Infused Blue Vervain Bulb
    • Infused Leaves of Bugbane
    • Infused Pollen of Bugbane
    • Infused Sticklewort
  • Sketches:
    • Gembladed Axe Ornament Sketch
    • Greatstaff of the Four Winds Ornament Sketch
    • Kranigan's Fist Ornament Sketch
    • Krattk the Lion Tamer Ornament Sketch
    • Mindreaper Club Ornament Sketch
    • Naraithus Ornament Sketch
    • Rod of the Ruined Ornament Sketch
    • Runic Bloodstained Maul Ornament Sketch
    • Shield of Bane Warding Ornament Sketch
    • Shinai of the Ancients Ornament Sketch
    • Split Blade of Destruction Ornament Sketch
    • Swiftcleave, the Flesh Carver Ornament Sketch
    • Timeless Coral Greatsword Ornament Sketch
    • Validus Custodus Longbow Ornament Sketch
    • Vanazir, Dreamer's Despair Ornament Sketch
  • Weapon Ores (also found in other zones)
    • Block of Luminescent Weapon Grade Ore
    • Large Brick of Luminescent Weapon Grade Ore
    • Small Brick of Luminescent Weapon Grade Ore
  • Regal Armor ore and thread:
    • Luminescent Adamantite
    • Luminescent Adamantite Thread
    • Luminescent Ancestral Acrylia
    • Luminescent Ancestral Acrylia Thread
    • Luminescent Antonican Ore
    • Luminescent Antonican Steel Thread
    • Luminescent Brellium
    • Luminescent Cold Iron
    • Luminescent Cold Iron Thread
    • Luminescent Crystalwing Ore
    • Luminescent Crystalwing Steel Thread
    • Luminescent Feir'Dal Mithril
    • Luminescent Feir'Dal Mithril Thread
    • Luminescent Fortified Bronze
    • Luminescent Fortified Bronze Thread
    • Luminescent Iron
    • Luminescent Iron Thread
    • Luminescent Koada`Dal Mithril
    • Luminescent Koada`Dal Mithril Thread
    • Luminescent Mercurium
    • Luminescent Mercurium Thread
    • Luminescent Northman Ore
    • Luminescent Northman Steel Thread
    • Luminescent Rilsteel
    • Luminescent Rilsteel Thread
    • Luminescent Skyiron
    • Luminescent Skyiron Thread
    • Luminescent Titanium
    • Luminescent Titanium Thread
    • Luminescent Valorite
    • Luminescent Valorite Thread
  • Pottery ingredients:
    • Soloist Planar Water

Tradeskill drops/forages:

The tradeskill drops for this expansion pretty much follow the same pattern as the last expansions. There are new poison drops, baking drops, animal pelts, silks, marrows and spinners, new ore and loam etc.

  • Multiple trades:
    • Planar Goo
    • Planar Energy Shard (this is the expansion reagent like Essence of Alaris, Dream Dust, Cosgove Powder, etc)
    • Befouled Animal Pelt
    • Befouled Marrow
    • Befouled Silk
    • Befouled Spinneret Fluid
    • Scorched Ore
    • Corrupted Loam
  • Fletching
    • Animal Fearbone
    • Fractured Shard
    • Tainted Feather
  • Jewelcraft
    • Energized Gemstone
  • Make Poison
    • Distilled Grade A Nigriventer Venom
    • Distilled Grade A Gormar Venom
    • Distilled Grade A Chorsine Sample
    • Distilled Grade A Mamba Venom
    • Distilled Grade A taipan Venom
    • Tainted Delphinium
    • Tainted Laburnum
    • Tainted Larkspur
    • Tainted Muscimol
    • Tainted Oleander
    • Tainted Privit

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