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A Brief Guide of Call of the Forsaken Tradeskills

A Brief Guide of Call of the Forsaken Tradeskills

A Make All button has been added to tradeskill containers that automatically combine the selected recipe until you run out of ingredients and/or bag space for the successful combine results.

They've made things a little easier so far in the Call of the Forsaken expansion. All of the new tradeskill books discovered so far can be obtained very easily in the Plane of Knowledge on Scribe Zikett.

Books that can be scribed to learn recipes:

  • Equipment of the Ethernere (tailoring, smithing and fletching recipes are obtained in this book)
  • Arms & Armor of Ethernere (a new set of tailored, smithed and fletched items that came out in May 2014)
  • Charged Ethernere Arrows
  • Cooking with Ethernere
  • Drinks from Another World
  • Ethernere Portal Device Blueprints
  • Improved Ethernere Seals
  • Jewelry Essence Manipulation
  • Notes of Essence Tinctures
  • Poison Maker's Scrawl

Books that can be read for recipes/guidance:

  • Ethernere Mechanics - Tinkering
  • Glass of Ethernere - Brewing
  • New Era of Peace - Poison Making
  • Pottery of the Ethernere - Pottery
  • Systematic Research Addendum: Orphic Cards - Spell Research
  • Time Potion - Alchemy
  • Timeless Jewelry - Jewelcraft
  • Timely Treats - Baking

There maybe other books out there, but they haven't been discovered yet.

The new tradeskill drops for this expansion are:

  • Cloth Bolt
  • Ethernere Essence
  • Steel Ingot

Many of the recipes use the tradeskill drops that were added late with Rain of Fear:

  • Lumber Plank
  • Leather Roll
  • Fine Feathers

This expansion does not have a new set of cultural armor and seals with it as far as we can tell. There is new "group" craftable armor including shoulders, backs and waist slots in addition to the visible slots.

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